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  QueenBeeWorld’s “Friday Funnies”…


“Laughter is the perfect tax-free remedy for a taxed life…”


Hope you all have a great Independence Day.  Don’t forget to laugh.  Robust health depends on it…




From:  uberhavoc

The 16 Best Funny News Bloopers That Have Ever Happened

2. Purple Teeny Weeny Wet Willie

reporter has sex toy shoved in ear
Source: MakeAGif

Remember when you used to get drunk with your friends and the first person to pass out would get a penis drawn on his forehead? This is basically the live TV version of that prank.

This poor sports reporter was just trying to cover the latest soccer news when some fans in the background decided to get a little, well, frisky. I’m not sure why someone was carrying around a big purple vibrator at the time, but apparently he thought the best way to use it was to try and give the reporter a truly terrifying wet willie. Props to the reporter for not letting the prank break his concentration. Luckily, security was nearby to stop the stunt quickly.


3. Sweet Bike Moves

Guy Eats It On Bike during broadcast
Source: MakeAGif

Sometimes, the background is the best part of a funny news blooper.

I’ll give credit where credit is due; the woman reporting this story is doing a solid stand up for what looks like an otherwise boring story. Luckily for her, and for viewers everywhere, her story gets a lot more interesting thanks to a bicyclist who doesn’t quite seem to have mastered the concept of the sidewalk. I would tell the guy “chin up,” but he’s already chin down in the concrete. That has to hurt.


4. What Is She Hiding?

Source: yourepeat

Anyone have any idea what is going on here?

This live News room blooper still has the world wondering what this news reporter was looking at and then hiding between her legs. It is weird enough that she would be lifting up her dress to look in between her legs in a public setting in general. But to know that the coworker next to you is on live television and still do it, is mind-boggling. Then again, didn’t the cameraman know she was busy? We all know what it sort of looks like, but why in the world would she have anything hidden under her dress while on the clock. her face is absolutely classic and she even fakes like she is looking at her screens right when she realizes she is caught red-handed. I doubt she can even read what’s on her screens anyway. Anyone have any idea what is going on here?


5. Revealing It All….Well Damn Near

Source: WN

Her name is Laila Abid, and she is a Moroccan-Dutch news anchor, journalists, and presenter.

It’s a bit hard to tell whether this amazing news anchor knew whether her chest was as exposed as possible (without being NSFW) or not, but I guarantee the News viewers didn’t care. The gut feeling is that she definitely knew what she was wearing and did so on purpose, which makes it even better. Her name is Laila Abid, and she is a Moroccan-Dutch news anchor, journalists, and presenter.

In 2011 she was named 88th on the Top 100 Most Powerful Arab Women list. Which brings up the initial thought that, “How can an Arab woman dress so scandalously?” It’s quite the opposite of the stereotype dress code that most female arabs are given, even controversial in many minds. What are you thoughts?


6. This Little Piggy…

Reporter Receives Pig Head Treatment
Source: MakeAGif

Do not call women pigs, especially on live TV.

OTS stands for the over-the-shoulder graphics that pop up next to anchors in the newsroom. Depending on the camera being used in the studio, the OTS is programmed to automatically show up on the part of the screen where you don’t see an actual person. Someone didn’t explain this to the tech director at one local news station, so a photo of a pig showed up in place of the face of the female anchor reading the story. Women don’t want to be compared to animals in general, but this is an especially low blow.


7. Uh Ma’am, Is Your Shirt On Properly?

Source: yourepeat

Is This a New Style or a Wardrobe Malfunction?

This jolly news anchor is showing quite a bit of skin while on Live television but only of one breast…I think. It is pretty difficult to tell whether was a fashion statement gone bad or a total wardrobe miscue. The blouse looks to come down quite a bit on her right (our left) side. Either way, it would be an interesting new cast to catch on live TV. Everyone was definitely waiting for something to happen…


8. Idiot Tries to Ruin the Broadcast

Reporter knees guy in the nads
Source: MakeAGif

This weather reporter dodges an idiot storm while reporting on an actual storm.

Weather reporters go through hell as it is. Any time there’s an extreme storm on the way, they’re put outside in a giant raincoat while the producer – safe in the newsroom – hopes they get blown over by wind or rain because it makes for great TV. The last thing they want to deal with is some loser trying to video-bomb their shot, or what looks like maybe worse. This South Carolina reporter has deflection down to a science. He anticipates the prankster from a few feet away and gets his knee ready for impact. He gives the guy a well-deserved butt kicking.


9. Flying Skateboard

Mike Amor catches skateboard to back of the head
Source: MakeAGif

Dude, check out my sweet sk8r moves, dude!

In any other circumstance, this would be a perfectly planned live shot: panning from a dynamic skater riding through the park to a young reporter covering the event. Unfortunately, Mike Amor became part of the story when the skate trick went awry and the skater’s board went flying in his direction. You wish you could watch this gif in slow motion, if for no other reason than to shout “noo!” as a word of warning to Amor.


10. The Erykah Badu Push Aside

Reporter Stiff Arms singer Erykah Badu
Source: MakeAGif

Do you have any idea who you just pushed aside? Well, singer-songwriter Erykah Badu, that’s who!

Erykah Badu may already be famous, but that doesn’t mean she can’t still have a little fun on camera. Unfortunately, this TV news anchor wasn’t in on the fun. Granted, she already executes a near-perfect smiling video bomb before trying to take it up a notch my giving the reporter a hug – and possibly a kiss on the cheek. But he pushes her away like she’s just some crazy person on the street! Hey guy, Erykah Badu is probably more famous than you. Show a little respect!


11. Spider-Man “Drops” In

Reporter Passes Out On Spider-Man in time square
Source: MakeAGif

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is here, rescuing news reporters in need!

Spider Man, Spider Man

Does whatever a spider can.

Can he scare reporters and make them faint?

(I think that’s how the theme song goes.)

This Good Morning America reporter obviously wasn’t having such a good morning when Spider-Man paid her an unexpected visit. That scream is definitely real, but I can’t tell if she actually faints or not. Either way, Spider-Man is there with an ever-so-daring rescue. I just hope Mary Jane didn’t get jealous while watching at home.


12. Get Plowed

Reporter Hit By Snow Plow
Source: MakeAGif

While reporting on a recent snowstorm, this reporter missed the big story that was coming up right behind him!

How would you fare against a wave of heavy, dirty snow? Probably not much better than this poor reporter. While reporting on recent snowfall, he didn’t notice the snow plow speeding up behind him. A frozen tidal wave ensues, and for a minute you think the reporter gets knocked clean off his feet. But no! He’s still standing! Given the weather, does that count as a Christmas miracle?


13. Get A Room Already!

Rabbit Makes Love to Other Rabbit's Face live on air
Source: MakeAGif

Want to watch two mammals get it on on live TV?

A local news station brought two bunnies into their newsroom for a story that completely escapes me. The bunnies, well, proceeded to do what bunnies do best.  The reactions of the three anchors are a perfect case study in human behavior. The older guy on the left seems to get the biggest kick out of it. The woman seems to think that if she starts acting prim and proper, it will cancel out the dirty deed going on right in front of her. I’m not entirely sure the younger male anchor knows what’s happening.


14. Serious Butter Fingers

Guy Drops Kid During Broadcast
Source: MakeAGif

Breaking news: Man drops baby and ball on live TV, and no one notices.

Don’t pay attention to the actual interview happening here. It’s boring. The real blooper beauty is, once again, in the background.

I’ve heard there’s this unofficial “man code” that states whenever someone throws a ball at you, you have to catch it. But if you’re also carrying a baby at the time, I think you let the ball go in favor of making sure you don’t drop your kid head first on the ground.


15. Not So Sneaky

Studio Attendee Mission Impossible Fail
Source: MakeAGif

Good technical directors are neither seen nor heard. This guy is a bad technical director.

Apparently, the man in the background didn’t realize the cameras had already started rolling while he was in the studio. So what’s a stunned, camera-shy technical director to do? Stop, drop and… out of there as quickly as possible. Too bad his escape is far from subtle. Luckily, the anchor doesn’t make a big deal about it and continues right on with the story. Too bad nobody’s paying attention to him at this point.


16. Debate Gone Bad

Foreign News Reporters Go At It
Source: MakeAGif

Who expected three old guys to turn a boring news talk show into a WWE showdown?

This isn’t so much a news blooper as it is an unorthodox way to make dry political talk very, very interesting. This clip leaves you with more questions than answers. What could possibly make these three old men so angry? Why was that studio desk so cheap in the first place? Seriously, it came apart faster than my resolve while assembling similar furniture from Ikea. Most importantly, who won the fight? I think we have an answer to that final question: When old geezers fight, the internet wins.


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QueenBeeWorld’s “Friday Funnies”…



“We have a president for whom English is a second language. He’s like ‘We have to get rid of dictators’, but he’s pretty much one himself.”

—Robin Williams



It wouldn’t be appropriate if I didn’t have a “Friday Funnies” this week without showcasing some of the comedic genius of Robin Williams. I doubt there will be another actor / comedian like him again.

I thank him for all the joy and laughter he’s given me while facing my own obstacles that I’m dealing with. He’s been a ray of sunshine on many cloudy days, and for that I am grateful. His family should be proud of the man he was. May his soul finally be at peace…



Here’s Robin Williams’ first appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson…


Robin Williams Crazy First Appearance on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show


The next three videos are of Robin Williams entertaining our troops, whom I’ve always held in high regard. May God continue to bless and keep them all safe so they can soon safely return home to their loved ones…


Robin Williams as troops “Retreat” at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait





Robin Williams At Kandahar AirField: Part 1 of 2



Robin Williams At Kandahar AirField: Part 2 of 2


Robin Williams Hilarious FULL Interview on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show – 1991


Here’s two videos of both Robin Williams and his mentor, Jonathan Winters, another equally gifted comedian…


1986: Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams improvise


Jonathan Winters & Robin Williams in Funniest Moments on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show


Robin Williams on politics…


Robin Williams and Obama’s “line”


Robin Williams breaks down the last ten years of U.S politics


Robin Williams On American Idol


Robin Williams Salutes Robert De Niro at AFI Life Achievement Award


Robin Williams Kicks Off the AFI Life Achievement Award For Al Pacino


Robin Williams – Impersonation of a Smart Kid


VERY Favorite Whose Line Moments – Robin Williams


Here’s a skit Robin Williams did with Carol Burnett, entitled “The Funeral”. You may think this video is in poor taste, but as Robin stated in Patch Adams…


“What’s wrong with death, sir?  What are we so mortally afraid of?  Why can’t we treat death with a certain amount of humanity, dignity and decency, and God forbid, maybe even humor.  Death is not the enemy, gentlemen.  If we’re going to fight a disease, let’s fight one of the most terrible diseases of all, indifference.”—Robin Williams, “Patch Adams”


Carol Burnett and Robin Williams -The Funeral


Top 10 Robin Williams Performances


Here’s a clip from my favorite movie of all time, “Patch Adams”, a movie that helped me kick the “why me” attitude after I was diagnosed with Invasive Breast Cancer. I laugh (and cry) every time I watch this movie. Even watching this clip, I get a lump in my throat…


Wow, I’m going to miss him…





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“Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers.  Once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.”  —Bill Cosby

Let’s start off the weekend with a little political humor.  Have a great weekend…




A young black guy with his pants hanging half off his butt, two gold front teeth, and a half-inch thick gold chain around his neck, walked into the local welfare office to pick up his check.  He marched up to the counter and said, “Hi.  You know, I just HATE drawing welfare.  I’d really rather have a job.  I don’t like taking advantage of the system, getting something for nothing.”

The social worker behind the counter said, “Your timing is excellent!  We just got a job opening from a very wealthy old man who wants a chauffeur and bodyguard for his beautiful daughter.  You’ll have to drive around in his 2012 Mercedes-Benz CL, and he will supply all of your clothes.  Because of the long hours, meals will be provided.  You’ll also be expected to escort the daughter on her overseas holiday trips.  This is rather awkward to say, but you will also have, as part of your job, the assignment to satisfy her sexual urges as the daughter is in her mid-20’s and has a rather strong sex drive.”

The guy, just plain wide-eyed, said, “You’re bullshittin’ me!”

The social worker said, “Yeah, well, you started it.”




Air Force One crashed in the middle of rural America. Panic stricken the Secret Service mobilized and descended on the farm in force. When they got there, the wreckage was clear. The aircraft was totally destroyed with only a burned hulk left smoldering in a tree line that bordered a farm.

Secret Service descended upon the smoking hulk but could find no remains of the crew or the President’s staff. To their amazement, a lone farmer was plowing a field not too far away as if nothing at all happened. They hurried over to surround the man’s tractor.

“Sir,” the senior Secret Service agent asked, panting and out of breath.

“Did you see this terrible accident happen?”

“Yep. Sure did.” The man muttered unconcernedly.

“Do you realize that is the President of the United States airplane?”


“Were there any survivors?” the agent gasped.

“Nope. They all kilt straight out.” The farmer sighed cutting off his tractor motor. “I done buried them all myself. Took most of the morning.”

“The President of the United States is dead?” The agent gulped in disbelief.

“Well,” the farmer sighed, obviously wanting to get back to his work. “He kept a-saying he wasn’t, but you know what a liar he is.”





President Clinton is out jogging, and he encounters a man with some puppies. Clinton asks the man what kind of puppies they are, and the man responds, “They’re Democrat puppies, Mr. President.”

Clinton thinks that is so great that the next day he brings the first lady to see these puppies for herself. He asks the man to tell Hillary what kind of puppies they are, and the man responds, “They’re Republican puppies.”

The president looks puzzled and says, “Yesterday, you told me they were Democrat puppies.” The man smiles and says, “Yesterday, they were. But today, they have their eyes open!”




“President Bush briefed President-elect Obama on the state of the nation this week. You know, look, I don’t want to say things look bad, but Barack Obama’s new slogan? ‘Maybe We Can.’ ”

Jay Leno

Two political candidates were having a hot debate.  Finally, one of them jumped up and yelled at the other, “What about the powerful interest that controls you?”

And the other guy screamed back, “You leave my wife out of this!”

“Daddy, do all Fairy Tales begin with Once Upon A Time?”

“No, there is a whole series of Fairy Tales that begin with ‘If Elected I promise’ ”

On July 8, 1947, witnesses claim a spaceship with five aliens aboard crashed on a sheep-and-cattle ranch outside Roswell, an incident they say has been covered up by the military.

March 31, 1948, nine months after that day, Al Gore was born.

That clears up a lot of things.

“Barack Obama said he may negotiate with the Taliban.  A lot of people are saying okay, but be careful.  But I said this guy has experience negotiating with the enemy.  For gosh sake, he lives with his mother-in-law, you know.”

David Letterman

Even crime wouldn’t pay if the government ran it.

“I tell you, the economy is in bad shape.  In fact, the economy is so bad, President Barack Obama’s new slogan is ‘Spare Change You Can Believe In.’ ”

Jay Leno

How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb ?
Two. One to change it, and another one to change it back again.

“Many people are complaining, though, that Obama is becoming too scripted.  Last night, he was having an intimate moment with Michelle, and she said, ‘Wait, are you reading the teleprompter?’ ”

Jimmy Fallon

We need either less corruption or more chance to participate in it.

“Barack Obama said yesterday that the economy was ‘going to get worse before it gets better.’ See, that’s when you know the campaign is really over.  Remember before the election?  ‘The audacity of hope!’  ‘Yes, we can!’  ‘A change we can believe in!’  Now it’s, ‘We’re all screwed.'”

–Jay Leno

“Did you see this on ’60 Minutes’ last night? Michelle Obama is planting a vegetable garden on the White House lawn.  You know the economy’s bad when the Obamas are afraid of running out of food.”

Jimmy Fallon

People who love sausage and respect the law should never watch either of them being made.

How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?
Four, one to change it and the other three to deny it.

Monica walks into her dry cleaning store and tells the guy, “I’ve got another dress for you to clean.”

Slightly hard of hearing, the clerk replies, “Come again?”

“No,” says Monica.  “Mustard.”






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I just got home from my latest surgery—that would be surgery #5 (I’ll post details next week about this and surgery #4 from a couple of months ago).

I needed a good laugh when I got home so I’m posting here today’s “QueenBeeWorld’s Friday Funnies”.

Enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to laugh…





One day, a man came home and was greeted by his wife dressed in a very sexy nightie.

‘Tie me up,’ she purred, ‘and you can do anything you want.’

So he tied her up and went golfing. 


A woman came home, screeching her car into the driveway, and ran into the house.  She slammed the door and shouted at the top of her lungs, ‘Honey, pack your bags.  I won the lottery!’

The husband said, ‘Oh my God!  What should I pack, beach stuff or mountain stuff?’

‘Doesn’t matter,’ she said. ‘Just get out.’


Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right, and the other is a husband.



A wife was making a breakfast of fried eggs for her husband.

Suddenly, her husband burst into the kitchen.

‘Careful,’ he said, ‘CAREFUL! Put in some more butter! Oh my gosh! You’re cooking too many at once.  TOO MANY!  Turn them!  TURN THEM NOW!  We need more butter.  Oh my gosh!  WHERE are we going to get MORE BUTTER?  They’re going to STICK!  Careful. CAREFUL!  I said be CAREFUL!  You NEVER listen
to me when you’re cooking!  Never!  Turn them!  Hurry up!  Are you CRAZY?  Have you LOST your mind?  Don’t forget to salt them.  You know you always forget to salt them.  Use the salt.  USE THE SALT!  THE SALT!’

The wife stared at him.  ‘What in the world is wrong with you?  You think I don’t know how to fry a couple of eggs?’

The husband calmly replied, ‘I just wanted to show you what it feels like when I’m driving.’



Fifty-one years ago, Herman James, a North Carolina mountain man, was drafted by the Army.

On his first day in basic training, the Army issued him a comb.  That afternoon the Army barber sheared off all his hair.  

On his second day, the Army issued Herman a toothbrush.  That afternoon the Army dentist yanked seven of his teeth.  

On the third day, the Army issued him a jock strap. The Army has been looking for Herman for 51 years.




I’m 50% Polish, 50% Italian and 100% Catholic so the last three really tickled my funny bone…


A Polish immigrant went to the DMV to apply for a driver’s license. First, of course, he had to take an eye sight test.  The optician showed him a card with the letters, ‘C Z W I X N O S T A C Z.’

‘Can you read this?’ the optician asked.

‘Read it?’, the Polish guy replied, ‘I know the guy.’




Mother Superior called all the nuns together and said to them, ‘I must tell you all something.  We have a case of gonorrhea in the convent.’

‘Thank God,’ said an elderly nun at the back.  ‘I’m so tired of chardonnay.




And last, but certainly not least, my personal favorite…


Italian Businessman

An Italian businessman on his deathbed called his good friend and said, “Luigi, I want you to promise me that when I die you will have my remains cremated.”

“And what,” his friend asked, “do you want me to do with your ashes?”

The businessman said, “Just put them in an envelope and mail them to the IRS—and write on the envelope, ‘Now you have everything.'”


Badap Bap!!!

I’ll close now so I can concentrate on the healing process after my surgery with my wonderful husband.  Have a great weekend, everyone, and thank you so much for stopping by…




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celebrity politicians

celebrity politicians

celebrity politicians

celebrity politicians

celebrity politicians

celebrity politicians

celebrity politicians

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As you may know, when I was actively blogging, I would take every Friday to post something funny to start off the weekend with a laugh.  Because this is my first “Friday Funnies” in a long time, I thought it only fitting to post about the “Empty Chair”, especially since this week marks the end of the RNC and DNC Conventions.

When I watched as Clint Eastwood took the stage at the RNC, I never expected his unscripted performance to be so true, so funny and so contagious.  His performance of the “Empty Chair” gives new meaning to “Chair Lift” because his performance lifted my spirits and Made My Day!  Thank you so much, Mr. Eastwood!

Clint Eastwood Talks To “Obama” At The RNC



Here is a very funny compilation of what others brilliantly put together after Clint Eastwood’s CHAIRished performance…

Look What’s Happened To Eastwood’s Empty Chair


Finally, here is my contribution to the “Empty Chair”… 

          Liberal’s Ode To The Empty Promises Of The Empty Suit In The Empty Chair…

          Liberals pledge allegiance to Obama,

          of their United Socialist States.

          They ignore the Republic for which the rest of us stands…

          “One Nation Under God”

          When Obama’s invisible, we’ll have liberty and justice for all.

Remember in November…


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I believe this to be a pretty accurate analogy.  LOL!  Have a great weekend, everyone, and continue to smile…



 A man and his wife were spending the day at the zoo.  She was wearing a loose-fitting, pink dress, sleeveless with straps.  He was wearing his usual jeans and a tee shirt.

As they walked through the ape exhibit, they passed in front of a large, Silver Back Gorilla.  Noticing the wife, the gorilla went crazy.  He jumped on the bars, and holding on with one hand and two feet, he grunted and pounded his chest with his free hand.  He was obviously excited at the pretty lady in the pink dress.

The husband, noticing the excitement, thought this was funny.  He suggested that his wife tease the poor fellow some more by puckering her lips and wiggling her bottom.

She played along and the gorilla got even more excited, making noises that would wake the dead.

Then the husband suggested that she let one of her straps fall to show a little more skin.

She did, and the gorilla was about to tear the bars down.

“Now— show your thighs and sort of fan your dress at him,” her husband instructed her.

This drove the gorilla absolutely crazy and he started doing flips.

Then the husband grabbed his wife, ripped open the door to the cage, flung her in with the gorilla and slammed the cage door shut…

Now…tell him you have a headache!” 


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