I am the product of my upbringing and the people I surround myself with—Thankfully, I learned to associate with people better than myself and I always tell it like it is (as you can gather from my blog).  Surprisingly, more people appreciate my candor than not.  I appreciate good humor, even at my own expense.

I welcome any comments on my site that stimulate good discussions with others, whether like-minded or not.  As a result, I’m always learning something new…




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4 Responses to “About”

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Dear Queen Bee, does the fact that white women lie on tanning beds mean that they are not happy with their ethnicity? Does the fact that white women get curly perms mean they are not happy with their ethnicity? First off, Michelle got a very, very good hairdresser when she went to the WH in 2008, as seen from before & after pics. My personal opinion is she does not have a wig, but has a few tracks sown into her hair to thicken and give it bounce.


You are certainly entitled to your opinion, Hope. In my humble opinion, my mother used to own her own hair salon and I can spot wigs, hairpieces and weaves from a mile away, no matter how expertly they’re applied. Michelle Obama wears wigs, weaves and hairpieces. As I stated in my post, I’m not knocking her. They beautify women, and that’s a good thing. She’s so secretive about it, though. I’d like for her to be honest about herself for once in her life.

As far as tanning, I am a green-eyed blonde and I don’t do tanning beds–too expensive and bad for your skin. I don’t lie in the sun, but when I did, I got sun to raise my vitamin D level and to look healthy. You won’t see white people trying to hide their ethnicity, but blacks and Hispanics do try and hide theirs—think Jennifer Lopez, Tamar Braxton, Dawn Richard, Nicki Minaj, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Lil Kim, Vybz Kartel, to name just a few. Kartel even has his own line of skin bleaching products. The others claim it’s “makeup tricks”, “lighting” or a “skin disease”. Yeah, OK, whatever gets you through the day. Most of these blacks and Hispanics lost their ethnicity many surgeries ago. I’m very honest about and proud of my ethnicity and heritage, but for some reason, white people have to hide that pride, yet embrace and accept every other race.

The way I see it, we’re all the same beneath our skin, Hope, and that’s where I look when judging someone’s character. Just because someone’s black, I’m not going to get all “politically correct” and call them a good person to avoid being called a racist. I wouldn’t call a person good just because they’re white either if they’re a dirtbag. I judge people by their actions, not their skin color. I’m going to stop here because I’m not going to get into a racial argument with you. There are far more important things going on in my life right now. Anyway, I thank you for buzzing by. I hope you enjoy your day…


Enhancing yourself cosmetically is usually just a matter of preference. A black woman putting streaks in her hair no more wants to be Caucasian than a white woman on a tanning bed. Saying that white women tanning does not equate with a black woman streaking her hair is silly. If one represents someone trying to be something she is not, than so does the other? Is the white woman who tans and perms not happy and proud of her white skin and straight hair? I for one, plan to put some wine-colored streaks (extensions) in my own hair this summer, just to mix it up, and so as not damage my own hair.

As for black actresses, yes, many have had nose jobs. If you are interested in my take go to my blog: http://hopeliz57.wordpress.com/ What Bitstrips Taught me About Colorism.

And FYI I am a VERY proud and satisfied with my race. How many white women still turn heads and get flirted with by men decades younger when they are kicking 60 as I am? (And yes, that’s a recent pic of me). I thank God every day he gave me that melanin in my skin, and most blacks feel the same way. Queen Bee, you need to educate yourself.

I BTW stand behind every thing I say on every forum, therefore use my real name, identity and photo. Et tu?


You are to be applauded for being a proud black woman, Hope. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many proud black women in my life. Michelle Obama is not a happy, proud black woman, though. She is an unhappy black woman, and it shows. If she had some of your zest and love for her position in life, she’d be more likeable. Recently, she complained that her life was too hard. To hard??? Come on, Hope! Even you can see she has nothing to complain about, and everything to be happy about, but she isn’t. You are happy with yourself as I am, and we should be! We are beautiful women, yet we have so much less than she has, yet she complains. I have many scars from a double mastectomy and tram flap reconstruction after being diagnosed with Invasive Breast Cancer (read my posts on that, if you want), but when I look at these scars, I thank Almighty God that He blessed me with a loving and wonderful husband who helped me through my darkest days. Through God, I managed to pick myself up and live my life to the fullest, and although I have one more surgery to get through sometime after July (my 7th surgery), I feel blessed beyond words.

I, for one, think Affirmative Action is no longer necessary in the black community because we are all equal, and we should all be treated as equals. If you want to point a finger, point it to the Democrats who are bent on keeping blacks under their rule the way they pander. Unless we all rise up against all this indignity, there will never be true equality.

I know lots of white women who aren’t happy with themselves for one reason or another. We all have those bouts of unhappiness at times. It’s what to do about it that separates the losers from the winners. BTW, I did post a picture of myself when I first started my blog, fully clothed with no sex pose, and the few perverts who instantly posted gross, lewd comments made me take it down right away. My husband wasn’t too happy about it either. I hear you about turning heads, Hope. Not to boast, but I once caused an accident while watering my mother-in-law’s plants outside her home. Please allow me to share what happened a couple of days ago. My husband was in the house and I was outside cleaning around some of our bushes, trimming back the dead branches, etc., when I received some beeps and catcalls from male admirers driving by. I was, of course, flattered, and more so when I went into the house when I was done. My husband smiled and mentioned my “drive-by admirers”, and I came back with, “Yeah, I guess they must have admired the way our yard looks”, and we both laughed. I was dressed with a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. I don’t get why women have to practically undress to get attention. Your photo is quite flattering, and you have a beautiful warm smile, and that’s coming from a heterosexual woman. You certainly don’t look your age! You didn’t have to pose half undressed to look good. Maybe a lot of women can take a tip from us, huh, that you can look attractive if you feel attractive, and you don’t have to show off your goodies. I think it’s best to leave much to the imagination. As far as age, I believe age is just a number, and that’s probably why I’m aging so well. Loved talking with you, Hope. Consider me educated, and might I suggest the same to you 😉 May bountiful blessings surround you and your family…


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