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100 arrested in sex sting 

“Invest In Children”

—On Saleem’s license plate

“You can’t rehabilitate pedophiles. Like other predators, once they get a taste, they crave it all the more. The only solution is to put them down…”



The Orlando, FL leader of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, Ahmad Saleem, was arrested along with 100 other pedophiles who were “allegedly” trying to have sex with children. Seems he’s been taking “relations” to a whole new despicable level.

Some of the worst offenders of women’s and children’s rights are Muslims, yet the media and politicians defend them.  Why is that?  Are they afraid of them?  When I read this article (a related story follows this post), my blood boiled.  Ahmad Saleem, who’s connected to CAIR, was one of 101 filthy pedophiles who were arrested in this child sex sting.

Pedophiles probably target children because it’s easy to control a child. There are more and more stories like this one happening at an alarming rate. As disturbing as it is, with all the sex and graphic images surrounding us, morality is lost among the masses, and oftentimes, sexual gratification becomes rampant, with some targeting innocent children. I’ve often wondered how some perverts can be attracted to a little kid, or even worse, an infant. I don’t understand pedophilia at all. There’s something wrong within their DNA. I don’t think they can be rehabilitated. I don’t think any medication is strong enough to take away their appalling urges.

My heartfelt prayers go out to all child-abuse victims. I can’t imagine the horror they’ve been subjected to or the pain their parents go through. My prayers are always with them. As far as the pedophiles who stalk and abuse children, I pray that their lives are riddled with strife morning, noon and night, and after their worthless lives end, may their souls go to hell and never know peace for all eternity…


From:  101 arrested in child-sex sting

101 arrested in child-sex sting

Muslim leader among those busted

Published: 14 hours ago

The two-week joint sting, known as

The two-week joint sting, known as “Operation L and P,” netted 101 arrests in both Lake and Polk counties. The investigation concluded late last week. (Photo: Dave D’Marko, News 13)

More than 100 people, including the Orlando leader of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, were arrested in a two-county Florida sex-sting operation, many of whom for allegedly trying to have sex with children.

The investigation concluded last week, authorities announced Tuesday.

Many of those arrested had jobs working with children, including theme-park workers at Universal Orlando and SeaWorld, and a former Walt Disney World cast member who left the job before his arrest. SeaWorld said the men charged were no longer employed at the theme park.

“These are very dangerous people and they are after our children,” said Grady Judd of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Ahmad Saleem

During the first week of the sting, investigators say, 22 people traveled to Clermont, Florida, thinking they were going to have sex with a child between ages 10 and 14. Seventy-nine others were arrested on charges connected to prostitution.

Ahmad Saleem, a Muslim youth coordinator, was also one of the men arrested. Investigators said the men all went to a home in Clermont with the hopes of having sex with a child. The car Saleem traveled in had a license plate that said, “Invest in children,” according to investigators.

Saleem is also  founder of the Saleem Academy, an organization “empowering Muslim youth globally” and also served as the Orlando coordinator for CAIR.

A note posted at the Saleem Academy website Tuesday stated, “Closed. May God bless you, guide you, and illuminate the right path for you, and keep you firm on it. Keep me in your prayers.”

“He’s well known as a community outreach leader interacting with teens in and around the Orlando area,” said Judd.

Judd said the operation was designed to send a strong message to anyone in Internet chat rooms that sex with minors won’t be tolerated.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office released the following in a statement:

“The first week of the operation targeted adults who were looking for sex with a child. During this phase, the detectives posed as either a child or a parent of a child as they were solicited by those interested in sexual activity with the child. As this phase progressed, 22 individuals were arrested after traveling to the location to have sex with who they believed to be a child, two of whom were already registered sex offenders. The age range for the target child was 10-14 years old in these cases.

“During the second week of the operation, detectives targeted those involved in crimes related to prostitution. As this portion of the operation progressed, 79 individuals were arrested on charges related to prostitution. Some of those arrested in this phase were also in possession of drugs and were therefore charged accordingly.”


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I am disappointed at your article.

101 people were arrested on similar charges. Many worked at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios. Does that mean that Disney has a connection to pedophilia and terrorism and mistreatment of women and children? What religious faiths did the other 100 people belong to? Why was it necessary to bring up the Muslim faith?

You place the focus of your article on one individual arrested: Ahmad Saleem, including pointing out his short-term connection to CAIR: The Council for American Islamic Relations. This is clearly a gesture of Islamophobia – especially since NO OTHER names were mentioned in the article.

I strongly urge you to remove portions of your article, edit it, and be fair by including others in the act or to mention no names at all in order to preserve the futures of these individuals who will now be scrutinized by their communities.

Because Saleem was a community leader and worked with the youth, his story immediately becomes juicer than the others. Did the crime really occur? He was actually communicating with an ADULT detective online who lied and posed as a youth, probably using coercive and entrapment methods to lure him into this act. The story also fails to mention that he was in a mild, bi-polar and depressive state when this happened.

Here is the other side of the story, that you have failed to mention:

Grady Judd’s sex stings under microscope with officers breaking rules
Detectives are crossing the line & sweeping up law-abiding men in sex stings. Sometimes, cops violate the law in an effort to boost arrest numbers…

FL Cops Exposed: Running “Sexual Predator” Entrapment Scam to Steal Property & Boost Stats | The Free Thought Project
An investigation into police sex stings conducted by Florida police found over 1,200 cases in which officers routinely entrapped innocent victims, stole their property, and came close to ruining people’s lives. RT.com As part of a year-long investigation, the Tampa, Florida-based news station 10 Investigates found through court records that part of the Central Florida…

10 Investigates: law enforcement may have entrapped alleged sexual predators | wtsp.com

Sheriff Judd remains secretive on sex sting questions
When it came to 10 Investigates’ questions about the inner-workings of his latest sex sting, Sheriff Grady Judd balked, providing few answers…

Report: Florida cops regularly entrapped men in sex predator stings…

Officers accused of bending rules on sex sting arrests
BARTOW, Fla. — In the decade since Dateline NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” segments popularized Internet sex stings, more than 1,200 men in Florida have been arrested, accused of preying on underage teens and children for sex… http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/08/08/sexual-predator-stings/13770553/

A Sketchy Florida Sheriff Says Child Molesters Have Been Working at Disney World | VICE | United States
During a lengthy, unnecessary press conference, Sheriff Judd delivered a long sermon, reassuring the people of Central Florida that he would double his efforts to protect their children. He’s cagey on the details of his operation, though, and he’s not cooperating…


Sina, first of all, don’t ask me to censor parts of my Blog, and don’t use that Islam phobia on me! The reason Saleem was arrested was because he was looking for children to have sex with, and being affiliated with kids as he is, it is extremely newsworthy. The reason this sting was put in place is because the police had been receiving a multitude of tips stating that this was going on, and it was RAMPANT. This was a good way of trying to put a stop to pedophilia and prostitution in their juristiction, and for that I applaud them.

The reason Saleem was singled out is because he was well known in the area and worked closely with kids, NOT BECAUSE HE’S A MUSLIM, so stop with the phobia BS! As you know, in this country, when there’s headline news, the media ALWAYS singles out people who are well-known. That’s who gets the “spotlight treatment”. As far as the other 100, if you clicked on the link at the bottom of my post, you would have seen more people who were arrested, their pictures and their names. You say Saleem “was actually communicating with an ADULT detective online who lied and posed as a youth”. Really??? THAT’S your defense? Saleem thought he was conversing with a child! Nobody put a gun to his head and told him to look for children to have sex with. He did it of his own accord, and I thank God Almighty that it was an adult he got in touch with, and not a child! I don’t know about you, but I have NEVER, EVER gone online looking for children to have sex with. It’s a sick perversion, and for you to even insinuate that he was coerced into pedophilia by the police is totally outrageous and sickening! Then you go on to state that the article “failed to mention that he [Saleem] was in a mild, bi-polar and depressive state when this happened”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, SINA!? So that makes his pedophilia OK in your mind?

I can’t believe you’re defending him and the other 100. If you were a victim of pedophilia, I’m sure you’d have a very different opinion on this story. I’m just a messenger here, Sina. If you have a beef with the facts, tell it to the media. Better yet, try convincing a child who’s been sexually assaulted by a pervert pig…


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