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Marine Lance Cpl. Christian Brown Gets Help From Fellow Vets Following Delta Treatment

Facebook: Marine Lance Cpl. Christian Brown

First, the Good…

I recently received this video in an email. I know it’s about a year old, but I felt it was news that should be brought front and center again, plus I added additional info at the bottom of this story.  It’s a video showing Delta Airline employees’ “Honor Guard” showing honor and dignity as one of our Brave Fallen Heroes is transferred from one of their planes.  May God rest his heroic soul.  It filled my heart with such emotion that I wanted to post it here.  It seems they treat our Fallen Heroes with the dignity they deserve as they are returned to the country they so valiantly served…

Delta Honor Guard

Now, the Bad and Very Ugly…

It’s a habit of mine to dig deeper into subject matters that interest me, and I am a proud military supporter.  I wanted to know what started this dignified ceremony and what I found wasn’t what I expected…

According to a story I read on TheBlaze, on December 13, 2011, Marine Lance Corporal Christian Brown was leading his squad on foot patrol in an area in Afghanistan.  He stepped on an IED and lost both his legs; one above the knee, the other below his hip.  He also lost part of his right index finger.  At a later date, on a Delta Flight from Atlanta to Washington, he was humiliated and treated with such disrespect that even passengers on the plane complained.  Marine Lance Corporal Brown was then escorted to the back of the plane.

People offered to give up their seats, even in First Class, but Delta Airlines would have none of that patriotism!  You would think that they would have put him either in First Class or at the front of the plane in an effort to show their support for his heroism and because of the extent of his injuries, but they did neither, and as an added insult, wouldn’t even permit others who wanted to show him their respect for his service to our great nation.

I hate to bring race into this story, I really do, but had this been even a black civilian, do you really think he would have been escorted to the BACK OF THE PLANE???  I don’t think so.  Anyway, here’s the link to that story…

I couldn’t believe this story, but it is true.  After reading it, I now know why Delta Airlines formed their “Honor Guard” in what I call “damage control”.  I hope all airlines take note and not follow Delta’s disgraceful actions and inactions.  They should be thanking and embracing every military service personnel who boards their planes, both living and deceased, because if it weren’t for our military, they’d all be sitting on camels instead… 

I found it appalling that Delta Airlines, because of public scrutiny, now honors our Fallen Heroes.  Here’s an idea, how about also honoring those that survived the evil, and give them the hero’s welcome which they deserve when you are fortunate enough to have them sitting in your planes?  I wonder if even one of the crew thanked him for his service to our country.  I wonder if they now look back and correct their bad mistakes and honor our military when they see them.  Our heroes deserve it!

But wait, there’s more…

Just five months ago, former Marine Sergeant Joseph Smith, filed a lawsuit against United Airlines and their airport workers at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, stating that airline workers “tipped over his wheelchair while boarding a plane, which caused his catheter bag to spill and left him to soak in his own urine on the flight”, as CBS Chicago reported.  I wonder how many others have suffered the same humiliation, but is not reported.

Marine Lance Corporal Christian Brown was rightfully honored in April with the help of Operation Open Arms and many others in SWF, Fort Myers, FL; Sanibel Island, FL and  Captiva Island, FL.  Click on the link below for the complete story, including pictures, and sadly, stories similar in nature suffered by other heroic warriors.  The actions of these airline employees is absolutely disgraceful, but I’m sure our military knows just how proud the rest of us are of their service to this great country and the sacrifices they have made…

Marine Lance Cpl. Christian Brown, a disabled veteran was honored with the help of Operation Open Arms and many others today here in SWF, Fort Myers, Fl, Sanibel Island, Florida and Captiva Island Florida

Now, here’s what we can do about it.  It explains what Veterans AirLift is and what they have done for our veterans, and the link is also listed at the bottom of my Blog at QueenBeeWorld.  The Veterans AirLift Command (VAC) provides free air transportation to post 9/11 combat wounded and their families for medical and other compassionate purposes through a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots.

Who needs the airlines when patriots are willing to help patriots.  That’s why I love this country!  America is strong—not because of our government—but because of everyday Americans who go above and beyond to help their brothers and sisters who go above and beyond every day to fight for the freedoms we sometimes take for granted.

I think it’s high time this country stops honoring so-called celebrities who care only for themselves, stop supporting the illegal dead weight that has been festering in this country always looking for a handout, and start honoring and supporting the true heroes who have always gone above and beyond to ensure America remains the greatest nation on God’s earth…

Before you read the story I posted below, I’m posting the video of 23-year old Navy EOD Tech, Taylor Morris, a courageous soldier who lost his arms and legs protecting our freedoms that so many take for granted.  His loving girlfriend, Danielle Kelly, also gets my applause for being the loyal girlfriend who truly does love,  honor and support her heroic boyfriend, as evidenced in this beautiful video.

Taylor’s and Danielle’s picture is also at the bottom of the story below.  May God bless them both, and may God continue to Bless The United States Of America…


Taylor Morris and Danielle’s Love Story



To Honor Our Veterans Please Boycott Delta Airlines

Submitted by rcwhalen on 12/24/2012 12:36 -0400

“On Dec. 13, 2011, Marine Lance Cpl. Christian Brown was leading his squad on a foot patrol in Afghanistan’s Helmand province when he stepped on an explosive device that blew off both his legs, one above the knee, the other below his hip,” the Washington Post reported on December 13, 2012.  “He also lost part of his right index finger.”

“Last Sunday, almost exactly a year since those grievous injuries forced him to learn to walk on two successive pairs of prosthetic legs, Brown was ‘humiliated’ to the point of tears on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Washington after being clumsily wheeled to the back row of the plane, according to a complaint sent to the airline by an outraged fellow passenger.”

What is outrageous is that when several passengers on the Delta flight offered to give Brown their seats in first class, the Delta crew refused.  The Washington Post reports that “Flight attendants insisted no one could move through the cabin because the doors were being closed for takeoff.”

Now you are probably wondering why a financial analyst and banker is taking an interest in wounded veterans.  The answer is that my employer, Carrington Holdings, participates in a voluntary network of private companies and individuals known as the Veterans Airlift Command (VAC) that donate our Flight Crew and aircraft to move wounded veterans around the country.  The VAC organized and flew over 1500 trips last year and has a growing list of over 1800 planes and pilots that are standing by to help out.

The work of the VAC and its volunteers makes a big difference.  A couple of days before Christmas, our flight department at Carrington had the honor of flying Taylor and Danielle Morris home from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to their home in Iowa.  Like Chris Brown, Taylor was grievously wounded in battle and required months of rehabilitation before being discharged from military service.  You can see their story on YouTube.

Carrington tries to fly 15-20 missions a year and like all the participants in the VAC, supplies flight crew, aircraft, fuel, maintenance and insurance all free of cost to the Veteran and family.  We believe that it is our fundamental obligation to take care of those that have sacrificed so much while protecting our freedom.

Unfortunately while the Department of Defense generally does a good job of rehabilitation of wounded veterans, the last detail – namely getting these heroes home safely and with dignity – somehow is missed.  We were fortunate to be able to help this brave young man and his beautiful wife travel those last miles home in comfort and dignity that they deserve.  Like all veterans, they thank us profusely.  Our answer is simple: “No, thank you.”

The VAC tries to serve as many veterans as possible, but the sheer number of young men and women who return from Afghanistan, Iraq and other conflicts missing arms and legs among other severe injuries is still too great for this volunteer effort.  Hundreds of wounded veterans are still compelled to fly on commercial airlines and endure the same humiliation and disrespect that Chris Brown suffered at the hands of Delta Airlines.

In fact, when the VAC cannot fulfill a mission directly with a volunteer aircraft and crew, they buy and donate airline tickets to the Veteran and his or her family.  You guessed it, even on Delta Airlines in the past – not anymore.

The goal overall though, is to make certain that when commercial airlines have travelers like Chris Brown or the other thousands of severely wounded Veterans, they make generous accommodations available to treat these heroes with the respect and dignity that they deserve.  Or they can refer the veterans to organizations like the VAC for more customized transportation.  Working together, the commercial airlines and private organizations like the VAC can get the job done; take care of America’s Heroes.

Unfortunately when my colleagues at Carrington and many of the other organizations that participate in the VAC contacted Delta Airlines to complain about the treatment of Chris Brown and to ask for a change in policy, they were rebuffed.  They sent us a form letter. But this is a case where we are not going to take no for an answer.

The only reason that the commercial airlines aren’t interested in referring and taking care of the veterans is in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar.  Then in further pursuit of the fictitious “On Time Departure,” they treat these brave young soldiers like excess cargo.  Companies like mine won’t stand for that.

Those of us who travel as part of our jobs rightly hate commercial airlines as a business model, but my colleagues and I vehemently resent their treatment of this special group of passengers.  We need your help to get this bad situation fixed.  And until Delta Airlines changes its policies, the 2,500 employees of our company will no longer fly on Delta.

When our CEO, Bruce Rose put the policy out to all of our Associates, he was met with overwhelming support and expressions of pride from all corners of the country where we work.  Our Company “get’s it”.

Will you join us in expressing your outrage?

First, we want you to contact Delta Airlines CEO Richard H. Anderson and his colleagues. You can click here to get the contact information for Delta (NYSE:DAL).  But frankly all of the major airlines need to hear the same message.

If you share our sense of outrage at the way wounded veterans are treated by Delta Airlines and other commercial carriers, then please get involved. Something as simple as forwarding this post to you friends and colleagues is the first step.   And you can tell them, as we have, that you will not fly on Delta until they change their policy towards wounded veterans.

Second and perhaps more important, we need to contact members of Congress to demand that they pressure the White House, the Transportation Safety Administration and related federal agencies to make adjustments in law and regulation to change the way that Veterans are treated when they travel on commercial airlines.  The VAC web site has a number of horror stories about how wounded vets are humiliated by commercial airlines and the TSA.  Perhaps it has been lost on the TSA that these are the same people that are fighting on the front lines for what the TSA is pretending to protect.  This situation is outrageous and completely unnecessary, but it will be rectified when we get enough voices to demand change.

The good news is that thanks to the VAC and other organizations, a growing number of private companies and individuals are making their time and resources available to help address the needs of thousands of wounded soldiers coming home from war.  We don’t yet have enough volunteers and planes to get the job done privately, but the cases where we can take these brave men and women home in comfort and dignity make the effort worthwhile.

Just look at the photo below of Taylor and Danielle Morris  on their way home with our flight crew flying the VAC organized mission last week.  This is about honoring our veterans and doing the right thing.  Carrington and the VAC can’t do it alone – please help us to take care of the true American Heroes that have sacrificed so much protecting our freedom by making their lives just a little bit easier.

Merry Christmas

Christopher Whalen



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I agree that Delta and other airlines seem to have made a ton of “mistakes” when dealing with our heroes but I also want to point out that based on my research the Delta Honor Guard was started in 2005 before all these instances you are talking about. So it was not started as a reaction to mishandling of veterans/military. It was started by a group of volunteers in 2005 to honor the fallen, it had nothing to do with making up for past mistakes.


Todd, you say you did your research? If you had “researched” the comments section of this post, you would have seen that I posted all the names of the volunteers who started this honorable tradition. I’m surprised you didn’t list their names here since you stated you research this yourself. Wouldn’t you have wanted to add their names as a sign of deep respect? If you read the comments, you’ll see that I posted an excerpt from a link I received from a commenter. I wanted to honor the men who started this honorable tradition for our Fallen Heroes so I posted their names. Educate yourself and read a post in its entirety before commenting. The point I was trying to make is that our veterans were treated with the utmost disrespect from some Delta employees. Although most employees are not this disr4spectful, unfortunately the actions of some reflect the company as a whole. I stand by every word I posted here. Thanks for buzzing by…


I really enjoyed reading this post


Thanks for this, well written and great view point


By the way, I am not anti military, just anti war. And I am wondering what years you served in the military?
Support our troops. Bring them home.


I am anti-war as you are. This country has become quite war-weary and it has to stop somewhere. I didn’t serve in the military, but my wonderful father did. I honor his memory every day and I also honor and support all those (past and present) who serve this great country. They deserve our respect and they deserve our prayers…


As a former employee, I decided that I wanted to find out more information on the honor guard. It was not started by the company but by an employee of the company.
I am not a supporter of Delta Airlines because they are anti union and I was a union organizer, so I know their practices are not stellar. However, Delta is not responsible for the actions taken to that military man, but the fault of the gate agents and flight attendants. That would NEVER have happened on one of my flights. I’m sure they heard about it from the office. Each employee is responsible for their actions and it is deplorable.
As I said before, I am not a pro Delta former employee. Being a flight attendant during the Vietnam war, the people I flew and worked with were always respectful and overly solicitous of our military personal.


Olivia, you say you were a flight attendant during the Viet Nam war. You must have experienced a lot back then. If I may ask…Were the military personnel treated differently then than today upon their return? I heard some horror stories about how they got no respect whatsoever upon their return, which must have been devastating to them. I’m so glad you buzzed by with this info. Please allow me to post here an excerpt from the link you sent. It tells who started it, as you correctly stated. I would like to honor him by posting his name here, along with the man who carried on the great tradition…

–>>Volunteers in blue jumpsuits line up holding flags — including one for each branch of service and an American flag — and dip them to a 45-degree angle as the casket emerges. Afterward, they read a prayer, give the escort a special Delta Honor Guard coin to be passed onto the next of kin, and the casket is transferred to a special flag-painted cart.

It’s an effort started back in 2005 by Thomas Schenk, who was a Delta baggage handler and military veteran. After Schenk left Delta, another baggage handler, Brian McConnell, took over coordination of the ceremonies. He has been organizing the group of volunteers from various departments at Delta for the past 2½ years.

McConnell didn’t serve in the military, but he has a very personal connection to the armed forces: His father was a veteran, and his son is serving in Afghanistan in the Air Force.

“Growing up in a military household, I was always taught to respect those who provide us safety and security,” McConnell said.

McConnell, who has worked for Delta for 27 years, said the most meaningful Honor Guard ceremony he has coordinated was his own father’s final trip home last year, with his son as an escort.<<–


The Vietnam war was such a volatile subject. It was a war that was not popular for the reasons we even went to war in the first place. Much like the conflict we are involved in now. It was not a war fought for our freedom as is a misconception in both wars. Many blamed the soldier, wrongly, as they were drafted. And therein lie the reasons why there was so much anger. If the Bush administration had established a draft in this war there would have been a totally different reaction by the people. And they knew that. So, this has been a war filled with propaganda, instead. That and sending the same troops back repeatedly has kept the draft at bay.
We always treated the military with respect on the aircraft. I had, just this evening, written my nephew about an incident I had when I was flying. “….When I started flying in 1971 the Vietnam war was in the process of ending. For that reason, all of the younger airline pilots were Vietnam vets, (there was a surplus of pilots which was why Bob had such a difficult time getting hired in 1976). We were flying into Idaho Falls and had been informed we were carrying a military casualty in cargo. At the time Idaho Falls airport was a little outdoor airport, like Long Beach. The first officer and second officer were, of course, military pilots having served in Vietnam. They both deplaned when we arrived to assist in receiving the body and pay their respects and salute the soldier as his body was carried off the plane and transferred to the hearse”.
This was not an uncommon occurrence. We were just so grateful it was coming to a close. Now, most of the pilots I know, who were former Vietnam pilots and very pro military have ,with time and wisdom, become very anti war and very liberal. They lived the war. They see the senselessness of loosing young men and women for reasons that they now realize were not for the good of the people but about money. The companies like Monsanto and Dow were producing chemicals for war and there is a lot of money in that. Now because of Agent Orange and other chemicals they used the results have come back to harm their own men. Mentally and physically. My husband was a pilot and now has Parkinson’s disease. Thank you Monsanto and Dow for giving us Agent Orange.
OK, see, now you got me going!


Olivia, I can’t believe that people were against the servicemen/women when there was a draft. That doesn’t make any sense to me. They were drafted! They were chosen to go so they didn’t have a choice in the matter, except for those “conscientious objectors” and those who fled to Canada to avoid the draft (think Bill Clinton). How sad that they were chastised for serving their country when they were asked to serve. How times have changed.

May I offer a suggestion for your husband? I am very much into natural health, which my Blog was originally going to be about, but the turn of events in 2008 lead me down a different path. Although, my focus has been on politics, my heart belongs to Natural and Alternative Health, and healing through humor and spirituality. Anyway, I suggest your husband have his blood levels checked for Iron, Vitamin D and CoEnzymeQ10 (CoQ10). Too much iron in the blood could be a contributing factor. It is suggested to give blood which is a way to reduce one’s iron level. Low levels of Vitamin D and CoQ10 are evident in people who have (or are pre-disposed to) Parkinson’s. He would need a base level check before supplementing to see how much he needs to take.

Another thing…see if his body is acidic because that will only make Parkinson’s worse. Get some pH strips online and check his urine in the AM and again in the PM. One thing I do to keep my body alkaline (I’m battling Invasive Moderately Differentiated Ductal Carcinoma) and I always green salads with a squirt of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Lemon Juice–that’s my salad dressing) and I’m doing well, in addition to my own protocol which I put together myself. I’ll bet he’s over-acidic. Notice I didn’t suggest adding lemon to water. Some people may get canker sores from too much citric acid in their system (even though lemons are actually alkaline in the body). Please let me know how it goes because I really do care.

I’m not a doctor, but I’ve read so many medical journals and Alternative Health journals instead of celebrity trash mags that I believe I’m on to something. Please ask his doctor first, but do some research yourself if you don’t believe me. Some doctors don’t like anything alternative to their toxic prescriptions. You seem to be highly educated, Olivia, so you’ll have no problem seeking this info out. Well, look at me going on and on. Now you’ve got ME going! LOL Good luck to you and your husband!!!


For the life of me I can not understand why our vets are not taken care of better than any other gov. Employee .There should never be anything that is not taken care of for them if they are in need.


I agree, wildwill. If our government took care of our vets the way they take care of the welfare population, this country would be a lot stronger, and our government would be more respected. It hurts to see welfare recipients get more than our vets do. If they investigated and stopped even SOME of the welfare fraud in this country, all that money could go toward honoring our vets with the care they need and deserve. We owe it to all of them for their sacrifices. We may not understand callous behavior toward our heroic vets, but we do know that in the end, God rewards good behavior and punishes bad behavior…


QueenBee, Thank you for researching after Olivia brought you the real reason for the Honor Guard, I have been doing this now for over 8 years and have had the honor of caring for our military fallen, a job I take most seriously, I have had the honor of bringing home MIA’s from the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, just this week had the absolute honor of assisting in the return of a WWII fighter pilot missing over 70 years. if you are ever traveling through ATL please look me up. Respectfully Brian McConnell


My son escorting my father.


I watched the link you sent to me…

As a matter of fact, I watched it a few times. The immense admiration and respect that your father deserves can be seen in everyone in attendance. I’m a strong woman, but my heart breaks every time I see another fallen hero come home to be laid to rest. Please know that your father is in God’s hands and there is no safer or better place for him to be. May God rest his brave soul and may He help you and your son to heal. My prayers are with you and your family. God bless you, Brian, and thank you for buzzing by and taking the time to respond to this post…



You have a tough job, Brian. You must be a very strong man with immense character to do such loving work, and as a volunteer, to boot! Your son seems to have inherited your character and strength. My deepest condolences on the loss of your father. How happy and proud he must be of you and your son. It’s a reflection on the man he is, I’m sure. I’m using present tense here because he will never be forgotten. He is always with you, Brian, every moment of every day. Every once in awhile, you’ll get a warm, loving feeling. That will be him wrapping his arms around you, and will cause you to smile. Happens to me all the time, and I always know my dad is right by my side, and yours is, too.

I would certainly look you up if I’m ever in the Atlanta area. I always love meeting warm and caring people. That’s what makes life much richer and fuller. May God bless you and your son, and May He watch over and protect you both…



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