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 Monday, September 2, 2013 — 9:12 AM (My original post follows my update)

Former Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow, is now a free agent.  The New England Patriots released him on Saturday, August 31, 2013. 

Tebow was 11-for-30 passing for 145 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions in three preseason games for the Patriots before coach Bill Belichick released him during Saturday’s final cut downs.  True, it wasn’t his best, but they should have played him in more games before making that fateful decision.

I remember Tom Brady got the chance of a lifetime when Drew Bledsoe was injured.  Brady replaced him while Bledsoe “nursed his wounds”, and the rest is history.  I thought Tebow was going to get the same chance recently when Tom Brady hurt his left knee, which turned out to be a “knee sprain”.  Even though an MRI showed Brady’s knee didn’t suffer structural damage, he did tear his ACL at the beginning of the 2008 season so his knee isn’t all that great.  I’m sure that injury will come back to haunt him.  If you ask me, I believe it was Tom Brady’s ego that got in the way of Tim Tebow’s “chance to shine”.  We’ll see what happens now to the not-so-mighty Shady Brady.

Tebow has been a very positive role model, considering the fact that the NFL has been a “Network For Losers”.  Now there’s some talk that maybe Tebow should join the Canadian Football League, the route Doug Flutie took.  Flutie played with the New England Patriots, and he ended up in the CFL.  If that happens, it will be our loss, and Canada’s gain.  I hope Tebow gets a shot with another NFL team because in my heart, I know he belongs here.

Wherever he goes, I’m sure Tebow will have God’s blessing.  Good luck, Tim, wherever you end up…

Is Tim Tebow the “fall guy”?  Maybe this is why Belichick and Brady are so ticked off (story below)…



From:  http://espn.go.com/boston/nfl/story/_/id/9593567/tom-brady-says-new-england-patriots-lessons-learn-humbling-loss-detroit-lions


Mess rehearsal humbles Brady, Pats

Updated: August 23, 2013, 10:20 AM ET

By Mike Reiss | ESPNBoston.com

Patriots Panic Meter
Eric Allen measures the level of panic that the Patriots should be feeling over their offense.Tags: New England Patriots, Eric Allen

Patriots Panic Meter

DETROIT — New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady got right to the point in assessing the damage after an embarrassing 40-9 preseason loss to the Detroit Lions on Thursday night.

“We had a couple good weeks against Tampa and Philly, we had some good practices, then we have a week like this when you figure out that we aren’t anywhere where we need to be,” he said. “If we are going to kick off in two weeks, we are going to have to play a helluva lot better than this. That’s a good lesson for all of us; I don’t care who you are. It’s the NFL. It’s a very humbling game, and if you don’t bring it every single night, every week, you get your butt kicked.”

Zach Sudfeld

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
Zach Sudfeld fumbled to end the Patriots’ opening drive against the Lions.

That’s what happened to the Patriots at Ford Field. The third preseason game is often referred to as the dress rehearsal, but as one witty follower on Twitter opined, this quickly turned into a “mess” rehearsal. It was, in many ways, reminiscent of the third preseason game in 2011 when the Patriots traveled to Detroit and were pummeled 34-10. They went on to win 13 regular-season games that year and play in the Super Bowl, which reminds us not to overreact to preseason results.

But they also can’t just be ignored, and it doesn’t take an advanced degree in football-ology to dissect what went wrong.

Mainly, the Patriots couldn’t hold on to the ball. Fumbles by rookie tight end Zach Sudfeld and running backs Brandon Bolden and Shane Vereen, all of which were recovered by the Lions, came within the first 16 minutes of the game.

Add in a Brady interception on a slant to rookie receiver Aaron Dobson early in the second quarter, and that’s no recipe for winning football.

“We didn’t do anything in the first half other than turn the ball over,” said Brady, who finished 16-of-24 for 185 yards and was sacked twice in playing the entire first half (totaling 46 overall snaps, including penalties). “You’re not going to score points in the NFL unless you string together a bunch of big plays. We would make one or two, but then we would shoot ourselves in the foot. We have to figure out how to correct that in a couple weeks, or it’s the same result.”


What was the worst part about the Patriots’ 40-9 loss to the Lions?

  • 67%

    Turnovers — Three fumbles and an interception made for a nightmarish first half for Tom Brady & Co.

  • 14%

    Lack of preparation — in the final real tuneup for the regular season, the Pats didn’t look ready at all

  • 19%

    Tim Tebow didn’t get a chance to play

(Total votes: 16,522)

Chances are they will, and this will turn out to be a valuable learning experience for several of the younger players the Patriots will be counting on this season. They are learning on the fly in many ways, and a crash-and-burn performance can be a powerful teacher of what it takes to succeed in the NFL.

No question, it won’t be pretty when Bill Belichick breaks down this film, especially since he will be seeing some of the plays for the first time, as he was fully engaged coaching the defensive linemen on the sideline while the offense was on the field.

“Obviously when you turn the ball over four times in the [first 16 minutes], it will knock you out in most any game, and it practically knocked us out of this one,” he said afterward.

The only reason the Patriots were still in it was because of the first-unit defense, which was without defensive tackle Vince Wilfork (he was seen going through extra stretching on his legs before the game) and employed starting linebacker Jerod Mayo only in its dime package (six defensive backs). The defense held the Calvin Johnson-less Lions to 2-of-9 on third-down conversions in the first half, and three of the holds came at the New England 5-, 19- and 13-yard lines because of the turnovers.

Belichick often refers to those situations as “sudden change” because the defense has to react quickly after a miscue by the Patriots’ offense. If not for the strong work of the defense in that area, it could have been a lot worse than what it was: 16-3 Lions at the half.

“Any time, boom, you’re off the field, and then bang, you have to be on the field, you have to go play football. That’s our job,” said defensive end Rob Ninkovich (six tackles, half-sack), who looked like the Patriots’ best defender Thursday night. “You look at the last couple of games in the preseason, [and] we haven’t had that situation come up.

“I think it just comes down to knowing what part of the field you’re on; in the red zone, it’s a little bit tighter down there, so everything has to be tighter.”

While the Patriots’ defense tightened its grip, the offense dropped the ball. Three times. That’s uncharacteristic for a team that has been near the top of the NFL in turnover differential in recent years.

Afterward, the word “lesson” came up in interviews with several players.

“The one thing you learn from a game like this is that you can’t just expect to come in and have a great game unless you’re 100 percent in all three phases,” Ninkovich said. “It opens our eyes up to realize that.”


Here is my Original Post…

My prayers have been answered…

Tim Tebow just signed with Boston’s New England PatriotsTim possesses everything that makes our Boston and New England Number One…great team spirit, unwavering faith, and the strength to overcome any obstacles that may (and have) come our way.

Welcome to Boston, Tim, where miracles abound.  This is really where you belong…


From:  http://ftw.usatoday.com/2013/06/new-england-has-always-been-the-perfect-place-for-tim-tebow/

New England has always been the perfect place for Tim Tebow

Tebow is going where he belongs.

By  – June 10, 2013 at 5:31pm EDT

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(Original photos via USA TODAY Sports; Photo illustration by Rubie Edmondson)

(Photo illustration of Patriots jersey on Tebow by Rubie Edmondson, USA TODAY Sports. Original photos via USA TODAY Sports)

The New England Patriots are — and have always been — the perfect fit for Tim Tebow.

Let’s run through the reasons, first laid out back in April:

*Josh McDaniels, the Patriots’ offensive coordinator, is Tebow’s original NFL rabbi — and has a vested interest in proving Tebow to be a solid NFL contributor.

*Bill Belichick loves to tweak — conventional wisdom, the media — almost as much as he loves a strategic advantage, which Tebow gives him.

Watch Belichick get Tebow 10 TDs, just to show he can. (And if you doubt that, just consider that Belichick got 8 receiving TDs for linebacker Mike Vrabel from 2002-2007, including 3 in 2005, which gave him more TDs than, say, Andre Johnson.)

Belichick’s penchant for playing the percentages and going for it on 4th-and-short only makes him that much more sympatico with Tebow, who is optimized for aggressive play-calling on 4th-and-short.

*Belichick is also best buddies with Tim Tebow’s mentor at Florida, Urban Meyer. If Belichick says he will not embarrass Tebow like Rex Ryan did — no guarantees about playing QB, but an earnest commitment to getting him the ball in a position to score or get key first downs — Tebow will (and should) believe him.

*Belichick is unconcerned enough about his treatment in the media – and secure enough in his place with the team — to handle everything about Tebowmania that Ryan and John Fox/Elway couldn’t. (It will help that Belichick will get Tebow some early TDs to quash any schadenfreude.)

*There is no QB controversy: No QB in the league is as secure in his position as Tom Brady.

*Tebow has always been willing to do whatever it takes for the team. If there was ever a situation in which he would defer his dreams of being an NFL QB, it would be for Belichick — especially when Belichick lays out his plan to get Tebow TDs by lining him up all over the field.

*Finally, keep in mind the No. 1 rule of Tebowmania: Just when you think things can’t get any more crazy, they do. Forget how last season played out and consider the long game: Given the widespread animus for both Tim Tebow and Boston sports teams/fans, it would take the Tebow insanity to new levels.

Tebow wants to be an NFL quarterback — count me in the camp that thinks he has earned the chance to compete for a spot. But in the absence of a team willing to give him a starting role, Tebow has never not been willing to do whatever it takes to help his team win — the failure last season was entirely Rex Ryan’s, not Tim Tebow’s.

In that case — Tebow as “football player,” not Tebow as “quarterback,” he will go with the coach secure enough to deploy him innovatively and clever enough to join Tebow in wanting to prove the doubters wrong.

Of all the opportunities out there, New England fits best. For Tebow fans, it will be a mixed bag if you don’t like the Patriots. If you dislike Tebowmania, you haven’t seen anything yet.

See Also:  http://espn.go.com/boston/nfl/story/_/id/9362801/tim-tebow-signs-new-england-patriots


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