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Friday, March 7, 2014 — 9:05 PM (My original post follows my update)

Today, I’m posting a two-fer.   I’m posting a link to new pics of Michelle Obama (Obama #2).  This is also my “Friday Funnies” because when I saw that Obama #2 was desperately trying to channel Beyoncé’s look, I couldn’t control my laughter.  Maybe she’s trying to get Obama to give her a second look as he did the attractive blonde Prime Minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt.  She’s even trying the “pout”, with not much success, I’m afraid.  With Obama’s new highlighted wig, you just can’t tell her and Beyoncé apart [sarcasm here].  They both wear wigs, but Beyoncé’s wigs are of higher quality.  If Michelle Obama were smart, she’d invest in one of those high-quality wigs that have a lace front, using her own money, of course

Highlighting work? First Lady Michelle Obama who appears to have a lighter shade of hair, talks at the Jessie Trice Community Health Care Center in Miami on Wednesday, highlighting ObamaCare

I’m not knocking her.  I’d just like her and the media to acknowledge it’s not her real hair and for her to be honest for once in her life.  The pics shown in the link below were taken a couple of days ago in Miami.  She’s sporting “blonde highlights”, although if you look at the pics, this is not her real hair.  It’s as fake as she is, which is very evident in the Rachael Ray video within this story…

Is Michelle Obama going blonde? First Lady of hair makeovers debuts new honey-hued highlights at an event in Miami

Maybe it’s me, but I don’t think too many black women look good as blondes.  If they were happy with their ethnicity, wouldn’t they embrace it?  Instead they hide it and embrace the Caucasian look.  Take a look at this photo.  It looks like Obama #2 doesn’t like what she sees when she looks at Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife, Carla Bruni.  I wonder what she’s thinking.  Perhaps she’s coveting Bruni’s real Caucasian hair and flawless features…



Here is my Original Post…

Does she or doesn’t she?  First, Michelle Obama goes through the “bangs” hair transformation, from this…

obama fashion keywords laura bush fashion keywords michelle obama vacation

to this…

Michelle Obama makes the talk show rounds, visiting 'Good Morning America' on February 21 before stopping by 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' 

…and expects us to believe as she claims, that “This is my mid-life crisis.  I cut my bangs because I can’t get a sports car and won’t be allowed to bungee jump.”  The Web is all abuzz with numerous stories in blogs, on news and celebrity sites about how Michelle Obama was “having a mid-life crisis and cut her bangs”.  My first reaction was “All this for a d**n wig?”

My remark reminded me of when Michelle Obama said “All this for a d**n Flag?”  Of course, they all denied it, but she did say it.  After her words, she shakes her head and purses her lips.  They continue to defend her and her husband’s reckless actions, no matter what.  Even Snopes’ explanations were so way off base, they should be renamed “Dopes”.  It was a derogatory statement, especially with the shaking of the head and the pursing of the lips.  You don’t have to be a body language specialist to know what that means.  The hype for her (and her husband) is so pathetic and misguided.

Even Barack Obama has enormous disrespect for Americans and the American Flag.  Ironically, these pictures were taken exactly four years ago today—June 6, 2009, on the 65th Anniversary of D-Day.  How revolting is that?  This disgusting display of disrespect for the United States Flag was a precursor of what was to come…well, some of us knew.  Others were low-information idiots who couldn’t see past their noses…

Obama and Sarkozy attend a bilateral meeting at the Prefecture of Caen on June 6, 2009. Obama joins the leaders of Britain and France and hundreds of World War II veterans Saturday to mark the 65th anniversary of D-Day the beaches of Normandy

Michelle’s a poor example of a First Lady.  If you ask me, she comes in last place.  She even lies about her hair!  Anyone with two eyes (or even one) can see that it’s a wig—a very expensive wig—or two.  Those first two pictures tell the truth.  Even with the best styling aids, your hair doesn’t transform like the second two pictures in real life without some “help”.  The last two pics are definitely two different wigs.  They’re trying to cover up that fact by advertising that her stylist has “noticed her bangs have grown out since a month ago“.  Please!  Do you think we all just fell off the gullible boat yesterday—or even a month ago.  Lots of women have wigs, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Why doesn’t she come forward and admit it?  Maybe because she wants people to think she’s so awesome and perfect—which she is NOT!

Do you think all those news anchors and celebrities are sporting their real hair?  No!  It’s hair weaves, hair pieces, hair extensions, you name it.  They’re meant to look real, but some are quite obviously fakes.  Heck, even I have a few wigs—one’s an updo, and two are different lengths, and I don’t hide that fact.  I had to get them when I was put on that awful anti-estrogen drug, Arimidex, as part of my Invasive Breast Cancer treatment.  That crap sucked out all my estrogen like a giant Hoover vacuum cleaner, and made my hair come out in clumps.  After being off the drug for many months, my hair’s just starting to fill in, and wigs are great accessories.  On another note…

OK, so now it’s official—they’ll give talk shows to just about anyone.  Even the E-Trade baby is getting his own late-night, 1/2 hour talk show soon on TBS—OK, I like the kid, but that doesn’t mean this guy’s show will be worth watching.  Same for a talk show hosted by Michelle Obama.  There have been talks about her getting her own talk show, and it may come to fruition.  Great, now people will be able to watch her spew her faux smile and equally faux talent, and her frequent guest will most likely be—drum-roll, please…Barack Obama, and also their list of equally self-absorbed celebrities.  She’s been getting lots of practice by going on 5 shows one right after the other, with another one shortly after that.  Her husband won’t need any practice at all, though.

Michelle Obama will be getting lots more face time, and that’s just what she craves.  She’s just as narcissistic as her husband and just as overexposed and over-adjulated, at this point.  Maybe it’ll wipe that permanent scowl off her face.  One thing is for sure, she has expensive taste so this can maybe supplement some of the money she takes from us taxpayers for her frequent extravagances and excursions.

Her Oscars “performance” was so over-the-top, even for her.  Fox News Radio reporter, Todd Starnes, said it best when he stated “She probably felt like she was entitled to upstage the event”.  Entitled…now that’s a word the Obamas embrace.

The good news is that I can always change the channel or block the station she’ll be on.  My money’s on her signing on with the not-so-Big “O” Network.  After all, Oprah rallied around Obama during his 2008 campaign, and now it’s payback time.  Calling Oprah…

Now we have Michelle Obama showing her true colors while at a Democratic fundraiser where she locked horns with Ellen Staurtz, a Lesbian who was pushing for her to talk about—what else—gay rights (video below).  Michelle Obama’s obnoxious behavior was certainly not becoming of a FLOTUS.  It was more like a CACTUS on steroids.  The only time I see her smile is when she’s either on another expensive vacation, entertaining the celebrities at all those taxpayer-funded White House parties or trying to pull the wool over our eyes.  Hey, Michelle, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of politics…



CNN exclusive: Michelle Obama confronts heckler





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Alice you need to tell your ivory sistas, to stop tanning and braiding their hair because TRULY that’s not a great look on their PALE UGLY ASS WHITE SKIN!!!


Wow, Janet. Calm down, will ya? Since when is tanning and braiding the hair is a black thing? I wasn’t aware that blacks held a patent on those two activities. BTW, who’s Alice? Just asking…


Obviously you aren’t African American or a democrat or a human being.


Alice, you need to come up from that rabbit hole, take a deep breath and stop drinking the Progressive Kool-aid…


Nowadays people (black and white) choose whatever hairstyles they want. People like changes. Some choose to have other colors and can either permanently dye their hair, temporarily dye their hair, or just wear wigs with the color they want. Some want shorter hair, others want longer hair and sometimes wigs can is just the solution…

Famous people always get comments on their hairdo, good or bad but who cares? What is the point of criticizing the look someone decided to wear. It’s obvious that Michelle likes to switch things up, but her hairstyle is her damn business. Her hair, her choice.

Obviously you took all this time to write this non-sense because for some reasons, you just don’t like her (and you don’t have to). Your post is just a way to express your feeling (“…It’s as fake as she is…”). And yes you’ve the right to give your opinion and I hope you feel better “about yourself” now. It was probably a liberation.

Remember that your opinion does not change a thing to who she is, she’s not even aware of your existence. Remember that she was far from being poor before being the first lady. Being the first lady comes with privileges, and all you have to do is to live with that.

I hope you get paid for writing garbage, if not it was a real waste of your time you should have use to take care of your family…Who knows maybe it’s also a therapy for you, then feel better.


Brenda Pill, you really need to take a “Chill Pill”. I don’t care about Michelle Obama as a person or as a so-called first lady or her hair. My point is that she’s lying about her hair. If she were honest and open about wearing wigs, and not lying saying those wigs are “real”, this post wouldn’t have been written at all…


Chimpelle is ugly and bald; chimpelle wearing wigs = lolz


She is not wearing a wig. African-American women get their hair chemically processed to straighten their hair-it is called a relaxer. Also, black women use semi-permanent and permanent coloring. In the picture where she is walking the dog, she has her hair pulled back and twisted and tucked in the back-you can not tell the length of it r fullness. Are you that jealous? Get a life-who really cares!!!


Look, Kim, instead of critiquing my post, do your homework. that’s her real hair in the walking the dog picture. She is definitely wearing wigs, and I stand by my comments. There’s nothing wrong with that, but she vehemently hides that fact. Instead of lying about “cutting her bangs”, she should just come out and admit it. I am certainly not jealous of her as my life is as full as her wig selections. Move along, please…


Your’re completely in denial if you think your comments are not based on racial remarks. If I was to comment on white people tanning, receiving butt lifts and plastic surgery to plump up theur lips would I be implying that they too hate themselves and are indeed inferior to the black women for possessing these natural assests?? As you did coyly implied how feel regarding black women feeling inferior to white women. #Racistprick go get a life queen bee of animal kingdom


Suchalady, stating the obvious that Michelle Obama lied about “cutting her bangs” and that’s why her hair looks like it does is clearly true. That is NOT a racial comment; it is a FACT! If it was a white woman, I would have made the same comment! In my post, I even admitted to wearing wigs. There’s nothing wrong with that! If someone comments on my hair, I ADMIT IT’S A WIG!!! Stop twisting my words around to suit your own frantic agenda. That’s all you have—baseless racial attacks. The Liberal pool seems to be getting deeper and deeper. Trying so desperately to cover up all the evil steps Obama has taken to deliberately take down America. It’s been a full-time job for you Liberals, to defend him. In the end, all those who have covered up for Obama will be so weighted down, they will all sink. Unfortunately, you’re taking the rest of us down along with you. Smarten up! Educate yourself before it’s too late. Can’t you see Obama has deliberately caused racial tension in this country? Racial strife pre-Obama was not as rampant as it is today. Even YOU can’t deny that…


It doesn’t matter how much you malign Michelle Obama really as she is still and has been the first lady of the USA for 2 terms. Many of our previous first ladies were unattractive and had personal issues, Betty Ford anyone? Barbara Bush looked 100 years older than George, Nancy Reagan admitted to an affair with Frank Sinatra (blowing him in his backseat) and consulting astrologers and of course there is Hillary who while blond is hardly attractive. It doesn’t matter what I think because all of those ladies lived in the public eye and were criticized for many things. Your post was interesting from a sociological standpoint. It must gall you to have blacks in the white house with more education and money than you. I’m sure it does. But, it is what it is. I actually enjoyed your post. Thank you for making me laugh…..at you.


“Yawn” Creole, yours is just another racial rant that doesn’t hold water. As I was reading your own hateful words against people who are off-topic here, I can only surmise that you are battling some demons. This is a recording…I don’t care what Michelle Obama does with her hair. My ONLY argument was that she’s LYING ABOUT IT. She’s not truthful, and I called her on it. As far as your comment about a black guy in the White House, you are totally wrong! Are you so irate because Obama didn’t walk on water as he so callously professed from the pulpit? Are you so upset that he didn’t deliver as promised to all his clueless followers? This is a recording…I don’t dislike him because he’s black; I dislike him because he has ruined this great country of ours, one executive order at a time. Look around you, Creole. Open up your mind. Step outside of the bubble you encased yourself in with all that is Obama. You’d have to be a freakin’ idiot not to see that Obama has doomed not only America, but the world as well. EDUCATE YOURSELF…


I am not irate actually and as an educator I educate myself on a daily basis. I’m so happy that we are in America and have freedom of speech. In that vein I say bravo to you for expressing your passionate beliefs. I respectfully disagree. See how easy it is to be civil?


I hear you, creole38. My question is…did you hear me?…


You’re a racist and you suck.


Samara, your racist rant doesn’t hurt me a bit. As a matter of fact, this form of attack is losing its ground. Put your hate where it should go—to the Democrats who have been enslaving not only blacks, but everyone since they formed the KKK. Educate yourself and smarten up…


Your opinion about “blond” blacks is just another excuse to abuse black women. NO ONE SAYS F***ING WORD ONE when a white woman colors her hair. It’s called fashion, idiot. Would you love it if someone told you you were racially confused for wearing capri pants or wedge sandals??? Yes, that’s how rediculous you sound. Black women are greatly targeted and abused constantly by others and their own kind for fashion choices they make. It’s become a second nature “normal” tactic, I’m here to challenge you to get your head out of your ass and maybe go dye it blonde because black ladies should like other ladies be allowed to do whatever the f**k they want with their hair and you shouldn’t have a f***ing thing to say about it. Racist much? but you know what they say? you can’t help stupid people like you.


How do you really feel?

First of all, why bring race into wearing capris or wedge sandals? What does being “racially confused” have to do with those? You’re statement makes no sense at all.

I didn’t say ALL black women. I merely stated that some black women don’t look good as blondes, and that’s my opinion. How is that abusing them? I don’t care what black women do to their hair as long as they don’t lie about it. As I stated in my post, I did not call out Michelle Obama for wearing wigs. I called her out for lying about it by saying she just “cut her bangs”. Even a roaring idiot like you can see she wears wigs and/or hairpieces. That’s a fact, but she continuously lies about it. That’s not very becoming of a so-called first lady, is it? Don’t go putting words in my mouth or call me a racist because that’s far from the truth. I’d be surprised if you weren’t a Liberal because only a flaming Liberal would talk using foul language and exhibit some anger issues as you have, using the “race card” at every turn when you don’t like to hear the truth about something or an opinion unlike your own.

I had to clean up your language with some “***” because I don’t like bad language on my Blog, but I did post your comment in its entirety. Maybe you just need to take a deep breath, step away from your keyboard every once in awhile and think before you post any racial rants that have no significance. May I suggest you seek counseling because your anger and language are not only a disgrace to you, but they’re a disgrace to ALL women.

BTW, thanks for buzzin’ by…


you are racist.


OK, Marseeuh, I’ll bite. What is it about my post that makes you think like that?




You can’t name one item, can you? There is nothing wrong with what I wrote here. As a matter of fact, I went light on the facts as there are plenty more of them to justify my words. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?…


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