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When people learn no tools of judgment and merely follow their hopes, the seeds of political manipulation are sown.
—Stephen Jay Gould

I normally don’t like to think along these lines, but when I researched and looked at the facts, it made me wonder whether our government is really on our side.  Do you really think “Mother Nature” or God is responsible for all these destructive and deadly weather changes we’ve been experiencing?  I doubt it.  With all the scandals facing Obama and his administration recently, are they deliberately putting diversions out there to distract America and the media from all of Obama’s scandals?  As the saying goes, “desperate times call for desperate measures”…

HAARP Pooned Humanity – We Are Being Exterminated – Scripted Doom

I used to be an avid watcher of Jesse Ventura’s show, “Conspiracy Theory”, as the premise of the show is to try and answer conspiracy questions regarding specific topics that most of us are wondering about.  Without warning, Time Warner stopped airing the show, even though the ratings were great.  Time Warner went so far as to put it in lousy time slots, but still the ratings soared.  Then they eventually pulled the show.  Why?  Alex Jones talked with ex-Governor Jesse Ventura to find out what happened (video).

One topic on “Conspiracy Theory” that really stood out was the High-Frequency Active Aurural Research Program (HAARP) episode.  The government tells us that the HAARP program is for research and communications, but I beg to differ.  I think it goes way beyond that.  I think HAARP is a massive weapons system against humanity itself.  Here’s the full “HAARP” Episode.  Watch and learn (the rest of my post follows this video)…

Last year, as Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” was starting its third season, TruTV deliberately waited until the day after the 2012 election to air the season premier.  Hmmm…What was the subject matter?  The episode was called “Death Ray”, and here is the basis of the episode…

“Ventura looks into rumors that the government is using directed-energy weapon technology, not only for strategic missile defense, but as a tool for assassination and possible flag operations.  Ventura feels he’s on to something when he learns numerous people involved in the project have died under mysterious circumstances (including whistle-blower Fred Bell, who died two days after an interview), and a theory that a ray may have been used to disintegrate and collapse the World Trade Center towers on 9/11.”

I’ve blogged about 9/11 in past posts, but I want to stay on the subject.  Look at what happened to Dr. Fred Bell, NASA Rocket Scientist, Inventor and Healer who died shortly after an interview with Jesse Ventura.  May God rest your brave soul, Dr. Bell…

The Mysterious Death of Dr. Fred Bell (Jesse Ventura on C2C) HD

Here is the controversial “Death Ray” episode—the episode that put the proverbial nail in the coffin of “Conspiracy Theory”, and now it is no more.  This “directed energy” actually started with Nikola Tesla, the early 20th Century inventor who was well-known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system, oftentimes going against Thomas Edison along the way.  The FBI raided Tesla’s apartment upon his death and confiscated all documents, including the “Death Ray” documents so it is safe to assume they have been in our government’s hands since the 40s.  The question is, would our government use it against our enemies or would they have the balls to use it against us.

I am by no means a “9/11 Truther”, but I can’t help but wonder if maybe this was what vaporized Flight 93 on September 11, 2001, let alone the Twin Towers.  I do believe Flight 93 was shot down for some reason.  The crash site had no plane—there were only small pieces of debris and something that looked “just like a big pile of charcoal”, according to one person who was at the site.  I sincerely hope I’m wrong…

I have found that every time Obama and / or his administration gets into hot water, major weather events magically occur that diverts America and the media’s attention to them.  Case in point…

Let’s start with Tropical Storm / Hurricane Isaac.  Isaac developed from a tropical wave located east of the Lesser Antilles on August 21, 2012 and hit hurricane strength when it reached the U.S. on August 28th.  On August 26, Isaac re-intensified while entering the Straits of Florida—the state that hosted the 2012 Republican Convention which ran from August 27-30, 2012.  The convention had to start a day late (on the 28th) because of the severity of the storm.  I believe this storm was purposefully manipulated to intensify.

Another that comes to mind is Hurricane Sandy which debuted from October 22-31, 2012.  The path and intensity of Hurricane Sandy didn’t just happen.  I truly believe it was manipulated by our government because Obama’s numbers were starting to fall and everything was looking good for the Romney / Ryan ticket just before the November 2012 election.  Obama couldn’t have that—not with his massive ego.  Hurricane Sandy’s path was so strange that you’d have to be a complete idiot not to even entertain the possibility that it was manufactured or manipulated, hence the term “Frankenstorm”.  Don’t forget this was the turning point for Obama when he “historically” reached out to Gov. Chris Christie in the aftermath, which swayed many voters, and unfortunately swayed the election (along with voter fraud).  After Obama’s brief photo op with Christie, New Jersey had to wait a very long time for that help promised by Obama…

HAARP Engineering ‘FRANKENSTORM’ Hurricane Sandy – CAUGHT on SATELLITE and RADAR!!!

Now here it is May 21, 2013 and we had massive deadly tornadoes hit Kansas and Oklahoma, including a two-mile wide tornado that killed 51 people, including 20 children—May God rest their innocent souls.  These horrific tornado stories overtook the airwaves 24/7 over the weekend and continuing this week which is a big diversion away from the trilogy scandal that’s been rocking Obama and his administration.  I am, by no means, trivializing the catastrophic damage done to those states from the tornadoes or saying our government caused this disaster, but I do believe our government enhanced it.  Obama is facing intense scrutiny over the Benghazi, IRS and AP scandals; and the often forgotten “Fast and Furious” scandal as well.  Why is it that every time Obama is under intense scrutiny, something catastrophic happens to divert most of America’s attention, even for a short time?

Of course, the Democrats and Liberals can’t let an opportunity go by without blaming the Republicans for something.  Just as Rahm Emanuel famously said, You never want a serious crisis to go to waste, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI‑D) actually went onto the Senate floor recently and claimed that it’s the Republicans who are responsible for the fallout from our weather disasters because, in his words…

“…When cyclones tear up Oklahoma and hurricanes swamp Alabama and wildfires scorch Texas, you come to us, the rest of the country, for billions of dollars to recover.  And the damage that your polluters and deniers are doing doesn’t just hit Oklahoma and Alabama and Texas.  It hits Rhode Island with floods and storms.  It hits Oregon with acidified seas, it hits Montana with dying forests.  So, like it or not, we’re in this together.”

“I don’t want a Republican Party disgraced, that let its extremists run off the cliff, and an America suffering from grave economic and environmental and diplomatic damage because we failed, because we didn’t wake up and do our duty to the people, and because we didn’t lead the world…”

Really?  Obama has nothing to do with the state our country is in?  You have got to be kidding me!  He is the cause of it!  Of course, Obama’s hands are clean when there’s a scandal and he’s responsible for it; yet he’s front and center when something good happens, even if he’s not the one responsible for it.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s scapegoat spiel reminded me of Susan Rice’s scapegoat spiel—To dodge a scandal, they’ve got to find fault elsewhere.  The Left are actually calling these legitimate scandals, “faux scandals”.  Their ignorance of the facts reminded me of a good quote…

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

—Martin Luther King, Jr.

As long as the Democrats and Liberals are running this country, America will not prosper.  Why hasn’t Obama been impeached???  There are mounting devastating scandals surrounding this administration, and as long as Obama survives politically, America will not survive financially…

God, You’re the only One who can help us…



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Jesse Ventura is a Luciferian shill and while I do accept that HAARP can do evil things, including manipulating weather, I am NOT convinced that it is behind the weird noises that are being heard all around the world.


I guess it’s, as they say, “open to interpretation”, but as far as Ventura, I agree with you, especially after what he did with Chris Kyle’s widow, but I did like his show. Thanks for buzzin’ by…


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