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Thursday, August 8, 2013 — 8:05 PM (My original post follows my updates)


Two other Middle East dirtbags are connected to the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing and will be joining both Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Hell when their useless lives end:  Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov, both 19 and from Kazakhstan…




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Friday, April 19, 2013 — 7:35 PM (My original post follows my updates)

Just after Deval “Devil” Patrick told everyone in a news conference earlier this evening that it was OK to go out after a long lockdown, a neighbor at or near a home at 67 Franklin Street, Watertown, MA noticed a shed door was open and also noticed blood near a covered boat in the back yard.  They called police and shortly after, people in the neighborhood heard about 20-30 shots being fired.  Some claim there were about eight explosions.  The person who is down in the boat is believed to be Terror Suspect #2, Dzhokhar.   He is refusing to come out.

Swat teams are in the process of sending a robot into the area.  They also have bomb-sniffing dogs to canvas the area.  Terror Suspect #2 is still alive, but they’re saying he’s “down” or injured.  They want to take him alive in order to get as much information from him as possible.  Although he may just blow himself up, and put himself out of his own misery.  After they get what they need from this Chechnyan terrorist, he can join his brother and go to hell…

Find out more here…

Source: Suspect 2 shot, is down in Watertown neighborhood


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Friday, April 19, 2013 — 6:30 PM (My original post follows my updates)

A lot has happened in the past 24 hours…

Collier, who had been responding to a disturbance, was found shot multiple times
in his vehicle near the State Center on campus around 10:30 p.m.

First and foremost, I can’t believe there was another casualty in this ongoing rampage.  MIT Officer Sean Collier, 26, of Somerville, was sitting in his car at Massachusetts Institute of Technology around 10:20 PM last night when he was approached by 26-year-old Terror Suspect #1, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and his 19-year-old brother, Terror Suspect #2, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, after they robbed a convenience store.  Officer Collier was shot multiple times because the two terrorists believed he was reporting them since it was about five hours after the FBI published their identities on News media.  May God rest his heroic soul.  My heartfelt thoughts and prayers goes out to his family, and to Officer Richard Donahue who was severely injured during a shooting involving the terrorists.  I pray he has a speedy recovery.

I’ve always been proud of being a Bostonian, but I am overflowing with pride at how the first responders ran to the aid of all those innocent victims who were involved in this carnage.  We also have the world’s best doctors, nurses and hospitals here in Boston, and we can be confident that the innocent victims will be well taken care of.

I have to hand it to the FBI, and State and Local Police in their handling of this ongoing Boston terrorism case.  I never thought they’d get this far into the investigation.  I think Obama should take some tips from them as to how to run a terrorism investigation.  When I caught a clip of Obama saying, “We will find whoever harmed our citizens, and we will bring them to justice” during a press conference / photo op here in Boston, I laughed.  He forgot to include the words “this is a recording” at the end of his lie.  He used those same words after the Fort Hood massacre (he had the nerve to call it “workplace violence”) four years ago, and that dirtbag terrorist still hasn’t been brought to justice!  Is it because Hasan is a Muslim terrorist?  How is Obama (and the media) going to handle the fact that the two Boston Marathon terrorists have strong Muslim backgrounds?  Hmmm… 

Obama used the same rhetoric after the Benghazi cover-up, suggesting that the Benghazi cover-up was caused by some little-known filmmaker, and initially I fell for it, too.  Now I know better than to believe any of the lies that spew from the two-bit Chicago thug who stole the White House due to massive voter fraud.  His empty words fall on deaf ears each and every time he speaks.  As I’ve said many times before, Obama needs to step down from his throne and go back to community organizing—where his heart and loyalties really are, and where he’s more qualified, although I wouldn’t even trust him to organize my sock drawer.  He is definitely not presidential material, but rather a cheap knockoff, infused with a vast amount of narcissism, greed and arrogance.  Even John Kerry isn’t too interested in pursuing what happened in Benghazi.

My only hope is that this Boston Marathon terrorist is brought to justice faster than Obama is bringing the Fort Hood and Benghazi terrorists to justice.  He’s stalling with the Muslim terrorist from Fort Hood, and he still hasn’t looked into who committed the atrocities in Benghazi, and that was almost a year ago.  He sleeps on the job, yet parties it up with his rich celebrity friends, and some people call this leadership.  I say that ship sunk even before it left the dock in 2008.

Here’s the video of Megyn Kelly who interviewed Emily Long, a former neighbor of the two terrorists, via phone…

Marathon Manhunt – The “Terrorists” Next Door – Emily Long Lived Next Door To Suspects – Megyn Kelly

Here’s a couple of relevant stories…

Dad Wants Bomb Suspect To ‘Surrender Peacefully’ But Vows That ‘All Hell Will Break Loose’ If He Is Killed

Did bomber post al-Qaida prophecy on YouTube?

This NYT Timeline of Events includes a video conversation the media had with the terrorists’ sister, Alina Tsarnaev, through a half-opened door, and also the more recent NYT interview with the terrorists’ father, Anzor Tsarnaev.  There is an auto-refresh on this story so the info is continuously updated…

Updates on Aftermath of Boston Marathon Explosions

I continue to pray for all the innocent victims of this evil carnage, and I pray they apprehend this spawn of the devil before any more bloodshed.  May God comfort the victims and their families and friends in helping to deal with this atrocity.

A quote from one of my previous posts about the Fort Hood Massacre rings true in this atrocity as well…

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.  But it cannot survive treason from within.  An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.  But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.  For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.  He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.  A murderer is less to fear.  The traitor is the plague.”

─Marcus Tullius Cicero

Oh, yeah.  I guess I forgot to mention…Terror Suspect #1, Tamerlan, died during a shootout with police officers…



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   Thursday, April 18, 2013  8:30 PM (My original post follows my updates)

Every time I hear updated news reports on this massacre, I cry for us all because we were all affected by this—some so much worse than others.  I especially cry and pray for the three victims who lost their lives and the ones who are forever maimed by this senseless act of terrorism.  I can’t believe this massacre happened here in Boston.  I will always see this video play in my mind as I walk the streets of Boston.  I’m sure that’s how the people of New York feel when they walk the streets at Ground Zero, even today.  We will continue to rise above this devastation, though; just as high as the Freedom Towers are soaring to new heights in New York.

It is God who will be the only one who can help us sort through this senseless slaughter.  The evil ones who bring carnage to innocent people will have to answer to God when they face death.  It is then they will quickly learn that there is no place for them in Heaven, and I’m sure they won’t see God.  What they’ll see is all the carnage they brought onto others, and it will be brought unto them, only intensified one thousand times for all eternity.  That, to me, is what hell is, and what they will experience.

The FBI finally held their Press Conference today at 5 PM here in Boston and unveiled the two suspects (Suspect #1 in a black cap and Suspect #2 in a white cap, pictured below).  They urged the public to go through all videos and pictures to see if they have anything that shows these two suspects.  They also stated that we are to only view the video and pictures that are posted on the FBI’s Website.  I have included the FBI’s video and pictures below as well.  View the video in 1080p HD for clearer viewing …

Surveillance Video Related to Boston Bombings

Photographs Higher resolution available for download

Suspect 1 and Suspect 2
Suspects 1 and 2 | Higher resolution
Suspect 2, Bird's-Eye Side View
Suspect 2 | Higher resolution
Suspect 1, Semi-Profile View
 Suspect 1 | Higher resolution
Suspect 1 and Suspect 2, Zoomed Out
 Suspects 1 and 2 | Higher resolution
Suspect 1 and Suspect 2, Zoomed In
 Suspects 1 and 2 | Higher resolution
Suspect 2, Full-Length Front View
 Suspect 2 | Higher resolution
Suspect 1, Bird’s-Eye Side View
 Suspect 1 | Higher resolution
Suspect 1, Full-Length Front View
 Suspect 1 | Higher resolution
Suspect 2, Profile View, Circled
 Suspect 2 | Higher resolution
Suspect 2 with Hand by Ear, Circled
 Suspect 2 | Higher resolution
Suspect 2, Full-Length Side View
 Suspect 2 | Higher resolution

Here’s a video showing Fox 19 newsman Ben Swann raising the question as to whether or not the FBI knew about the bombings beforehand, which surprised me.  I hope and pray to God this is not true…

Reality Check: Did the FBI know about Boston bombing beforehand? – Ben Swann

If you have any information about these two suspects—either that you’ve seen them, know them or have video or pictures that include them, you are strongly urged to contact the FBI at (800) 225-5324.  All calls will be held in the strictest confidence.

You’ll find more at http://www.fbi.gov/bostonbombings.  You are asked to submit tips to https://bostonmarathontips.fbi.gov.

Let’s see if we can bring these dirtbags to justice.  Many more lives depend on it…



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   Wednesday, April 17, 2013 4:30 PM (My original post follows my update)

First and foremost, the Shenyang Evening News, a state-run Chinese newspaper, identified the third victim as Lu Lingzi. She was a graduate student at Boston University.  May God rest her soul.

Lu Lingzi, one of the victims of the

Photo credit: Flickr contributor Musi_Zhang |      Lu Lingzi, one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. (April 17, 2013)

Lu Lingzi identified as third Boston Marathon victim by Boston University

There are conflicting reports about the arrest of a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.  Some reports are stating that an arrest has been made, and now some have rescinded their stories.  I think the stories are being rescinded to prevent an onslaught of people going into Boston, because it’s still an active crime scene.  Or maybe the government is encouraging news reporters to keep quiet until after the Senate vote today to keep people focused on that instead of the atrocity that hit us here in Boston?  I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute.  In any case, I wanted to post the reports here…

Some reports are coming in that they have apprehended a “dark-skinned individual”.  They’re concealing his identity and not showing pictures of him, probably because he’s dark-skinned.  The “dark-skinned individual” was caught on Lord & Taylor’s security camera dropping off a black bag.  He was supposedly taken directly to a Boston courthouse for arraignment.

There was going to be a news conference at 5 PM EST today, but it may have been postponed so we’ll get an actual update at a later time.  This story seems to be all over the place.  My husband and I were out and about in Boston today, and other than the Copley Square area, it was business as usual.  We’re living our lives the way we should be, not scared of what could or what did happen, as atrocious as it was.  We can’t cower to evil.  We can only pray for the innocent people who fell victim to an evil coward.

Strange how this comes on the heels of the Gun Control Bill vote which is set for 4 PM EST today, just one hour before the bombing news conference.  I’m sure God had a hand in this, folks.  Thank you, Dear God!  This should also put a halt on the immigration reform agenda as well.  We’ll see…

I feel I have to comment on this first story (below) from Salon.com.  I watch Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor faithfully every night, and never in his show did he say anything about “home grown” or “domestic terrorists” as being white guys.  The home-grown or domestic terrorists in this country who have been apprehended have come from a multitude of races / ethnic groups.  If I were O’Reilly, I’d have to set the record straight on this gross insinuation.  Do the people over at Salon truly believe that we would be less angry at the atrocities if the bomber was a white guy?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  We’d be deeply saddened and enraged that a citizen could do such despicable acts on fellow Americans.  I know I speak for all Bostonians when I say that we would be just as irate, even more so if it were one of our own—black, white, yellow or brown—it doesn’t matter, and if it were up to me, the death penalty would be the only route for this evil dirtbag.  For the record, in my post on this horrific atrocity, I never, even mentioned the word “Muslim” in my post, and I’m a Bostonian!  Shame on you, Salon…

I still hope the bomber is a white American

Suspect nabbed in Boston Marathon bombing

Source: Arrest made in Marathon bombings, suspect due in court

Arrest made in Boston bombings, sources say

There was even a bomb threat at the Moakley Federal Courthouse here in Boston, and Brigham & Women’s Hospital also had to evacuate.  What evil times we’re now living in.

Here’s a video from Boston’s Channel 7 News which shows a guy running from the second bombing site.  Some people may think this looks incriminating, but the way I see it, he appears to be hurt and running away.  He’d have to be a real moron to be right next to the bomb if he put it there, which I don’t think he did.  I do, however, think he’s a real piece of crap for not helping all those people around him who were obviously more injured than he was…

EXCLUSIVE: New pics from moments before, after blasts

Oh, as an afterthought…Obama’s coming into Boston for another photo-op on Thursday…



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Here’s my Original Post…

   Tuesday, April 16, 2013 5:25 PM (My original post follows my update)

I want to send updated info as it becomes available.  It’s my way of coping with the maniac who caused these atrocities on innocent people yesterday at the 117th Boston Marathon…

Site of the explosions


 Killed: Eight-year-old Martin Richard from Dorchester, Massachusetts was among the three people killed when two bombs detonated at the Boston Marathon on Monday

Killed: Eight-year-old Martin Richard from Dorchester, Massachusetts was among the three people killed when two bombs detonated at the Boston Marathon on Monday

Eight-year old Martin Richard of Dorchester named first victim in Boston Marathon bombing massacre.  His mother, Denise, suffered brain damage and his 6-year old sister lost a leg.  She just ran in a kid’s race on Saturday, winning a medal, and now this.  It’s just so devastating for one family to endure all at once…

‘Adorable’ boy, 8, mourned after Boston Marathon blasts

There are conflicting stories about Martin Richard’s dad.  Some stories say he ran in the Marathon while others say he did not.  I believe he ran…

Boston marathon bombs were pressure cooker IEDs packed with ball-bearings: Devices that killed three, including eight-year-old boy waiting for his runner dad are used by terrorists in Afghanistan



Twenty-nine year old Krystle M. Campbell is second victim in Boston Marathon bombing massacre.  She worked at a Summer Shack, a restaurant my husband and I have been to…

Live updates: Krystle M. Campbell mourned as 2nd Boston bombing victim


Krystle’s parents were told she survived and her friend had died, but it was a horrible mix-up.  The opposite was true…

Krystle Campbell of Medford killed in Boston Marathon bombings


Warning:  Some of these pictures are very graphic…

Slideshow of Boston Marathon Bombing – NBC News


Boston Marathon bombings: Newspaper front pages


I wondered why so many atrocities occurred during the month of April and wondered if it was a cursed month.  I came across this…

Is April a Cursed Month?


Although I’m still reeling from yesterday’s atrocities along with everyone else, not only am I wondering who the evil terrorist is, but why they did this.  Sometimes it may seem like the work of al Qaeda or its supporters, but maybe it was someone who was ticked off about the taxes they had to pay or because their lives are so rotten that they have to make others’ lives just as rotten.  We can rack our minds wondering who or why, but hopefully we’ll get the right answers sooner rather than later…

After the atrocities of yesterday, I have a much deeper understanding of what New York went through after the September 11th attack, what Israel goes through on a daily basis, and other people who have suffered atrocities at the hands of evil terrorists.

I pray for the fallen and those who are suffering from their injuries because of an unseen evil force that has ravaged our cities and towns.  We will come back because that’s what Americans do—we fall, pick ourselves up and continue on.  Only this time, we fight harder and we are stronger than before, so all those evil terrorists out there who dare tread on our freedom, you are only making us stronger and more resilient each time you dare to attack us and our freedom.  Good will overcome evil…

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won.  There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall.  Think of it–always.

—Mahatma Gandhi


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Here is my original post…

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” —Albert Einstein

Ken McGagh/for Daily News and Wicked Local
The explosions occurred around 2:45 p.m., about an hour after the first of the race's nearly 27,000 runners had crossed the finish line.

Boston Marathon Explosions.  Boston Marathon Bombing Attack


USA at Boston Marathon Bomb Attack Moment of Explosion JFK Library


Deadly Boston Marathon explosions a terror attack – FBI

This is the world we now live in, and unless we stand up and fight against evil, evil will win.  That, to Americans, is never an option…

Here in Massachusetts, we celebrate Patriot’s Day, and with this State Holiday comes the annual Boston Marathon where many people come to compete from all over the world to run.  This day is marked as the start of the American revolution of 1776, and thousands flock into Boston to watch the athletes compete in the annual 26.2-mile race and enjoy festivities later.

Today was such a beautiful day.  The sky was blue and the eager runners were off and running.  Little did we know this beautiful day and memorable event would take a tragic turn.  My beautiful city, the city where I was born, was the center of an evil attack today.  Three o’clock is when most of the runners are in, and at around 2:58 PM, a bomb went off close to the Finish Line.  About 15-20 seconds later, another bomb went off a block down.  My first reaction after the first explosion was maybe a gas line blew or something, and I prayed to God that’s what it was.  After the second explosion, well, I knew it was an act of terror, just as I knew when the second plane flew into the second tower in New York on 9/11.  As you may know, when a terrorist sets a bomb, they set one off, and another, often bigger one near it because when people run away from the first explosion, they calculate that they’ll run right into the second explosion, creating more casualties.  That’s how these dirtbags think.

Not long after that, there was another explosion over at the JFK Library in Dorchester.  Although, the media is quick to point to the first two explosions as related, they are stressing that the JFK Library was not related; it was a fire, and “just a coincidence”.  As you know, I don’t believe in coincidences.  The media doesn’t want us to think that the Kennedy’s would be part of a “gasp” terror attack?  Oh no, not anything affiliated with the Kennedys!  I believe they are related.

There were more bombs discovered by bomb-sniffing dogs that through the grace of God hadn’t detonated.  More bombs were found, one on the Boston College Campus and one in the St. Ignatius Church at Boston College Campus, among bombs in other places.  There was even a bomb under the grand stand VIP section at the Finish Line, but it was deactivated.

The first thing I thought of as I saw all those people running in every direction was that horrific day in New York on September 11, 2001.  I know 9/11 was on a much greater scale, but the horror of that day is like today for us here in Boston.  My heart wept for New York back then, and now my heart weeps for us here.  There were 10 people who lost limbs, which were flying from the blasts.  As far as I know, there were three deaths; one being a little 8-year old boy, may God rest their souls.  Blood was pooled along the sidewalks.  Loss of limbs happened because the evil terrorists who did this packed the bombs with shrapnel and ball bearings that rip through flesh and bone.

Over 130 people have been injured, and 124 were taken to local hospitals—Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and others.  They’re pulling ball bearings out of the bodies of the injured.  Eight people at Massachusetts General are in critical condition; 7 at Beth Israel are in critical condition.  Two people at Brigham and Women’s may not make it.  I pray that they do.  God, please send your Angels to be with them at this time.  They all fell victim to the evils that are in our world now.  These evil terrorists—domestic or foreign—don’t want to see America thrive; they don’t want America to even survive.  We’re much stronger than they think we are.  Just like New Yorkers, Bostonians will fight the hate and evil, and will rise even stronger than before.

Obama stated, “We still do not know who did this, or why, and people shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we have all the facts.  But, make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this.”  Yeah, Obama, like you did with Benghazi?  Maybe you should step aside and let the real professionals handle this one.  Our deadbeat Governor and Obama wannabe, Deval “Devil” Patrick said “We’ve had a horrific attack here in Boston this afternoon.” Hey, Devil!  How about calling it what it really is…a terrorist attack.  Some people think this may be the work of al Qaeda.  Could it be the person who’s here on a student visa?  My only hope is that it’s not a domestic one.

The September 11, 2001 attack came at a time when America was united, and that tragedy made us more so.  This attack, however, comes at a time of a huge divisiveness in this country.  The Left is already saying this attack came from the Right.  We have got to stop blaming each other and band together or America will surely fall.  Leave it to the Political Left to throw this out in the middle of a major catastrophe.

My heartfelt prayers go out to the innocent victims of this senseless attack and to their families, and my heartfelt thanks to all the medical responders and good Samaritans who were front and center helping them.

Details are coming in so fast, I can hardly keep up with them, but because I’m a Bostonian, and we won’t stop until the dirtbags are brought to justice for this severe attack.

Here’s a couple of important numbers relating to this senseless attack…

Boston Mayor’s Hotline for Families of Victims              (617) 635-4500

Boston Police Line for Witnesses why may have info    (800) 494-8477

Here are some news stories and videos…



Boston Marathon Attack Still Mysterious


White House believes deadly Boston Marathon bombing act of terror

There are some gut-wrenching pictures here…

Boy, 8, one of two killed in bombings at Boston Marathon; scores wounded

Story from Breitbart

Explosion at Boston Marathon (images)

            by             John Sexton                  15 Apr 2013, 12:12 PM PDT        


Authorities are investigating a report of two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.
There were two booms heard from near the finish line inside the Fairmount Copley Plaza Hotel.
Race officials locked down the hotel because of the report.

I’ve collected a few images of Twitter of what some are claiming is a bomb that went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Chaos:

Emergency personnel responding:

Smoke rising down the street and a 2nd explosion.

News reports are still in process.

Update from an ABC affiliate in Los Angeles:

Credit (AP/WBZTV)

The Boston PD is using Twitter to communicate. Just a moment ago they sent out this update on casualties:

Credit Bruce Mendelsohn

Some readers will recall that after the mass murder in Aurora, CO ABC’s Brian Ross speculated on live TV that the shooter might be affiliated with the Tea Party. Apparently, Wolf Blitzer is heading in the same direction today by wondering aloud whether the blasts in Boston have anything to do with “Patriots Day.” According to the National Park Service, Patriots Day is “a special Massachusetts State holiday commemorating the opening battle of the American Revolutionary War.”

And yes, CNN has now apparently made it explicit suggesting this could be the work of a “right-wing extremist.”

Meanwhile the New York Post is reporting that the Boston PD has a suspect. According to the Post “The suspect — a Saudi national who suffered shrapnel wounds in today’s blast — is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital. ”

CNN is reporting that Boston PD tells them they have no one in custody, however Lisa Dejardins notes this is not necessarily in conflict with Fox and the New York Post. Police may be guarding a person of interest not a suspect.

I won’t embed it but This video shot by the Boston Globe is extremely clear and close at the time the bombs went off.

Coming back again to the question of the “suspect” supposedly being guarded at the hospital. CNN spoke to the police commissioner and he suggested it was not true. So probably best to take that NY Post story with a big grain of salt for now.

The President spoke a few minutes ago and, as Ben Shapiro notes, he did not use the word terrorism.

Meanwhile CNN is reporting there were two unexploded devices found in addition to the two explosions which took place. Clearly this was a coordinated attack aimed at civilians. Isn’t that terrorism by definition?

Answer to that question is yes according to a senior White House official who says any “event with multiple blasts is terror.”

CNN now reporting 2 dead and 110 injured based on reports coming in from multiple medical centers in the area.

The security perimeter around the White House has been extended.

The New York Times reports a bit more detail on the hospital issue:

Police officials said they did not yet have any suspects in custody. A person briefed on preliminary developments in the investigation said that members of Boston’s Joint Terrorist Task Force were at Brigham and Women’s Hospital interviewing a wounded man seen running from the scene of the two blasts, near 671 Boylston Street.

No mention of the nationality of this individual but this may clarify what the New York Post reported earlier.


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