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Self-proclaimed “prophet” Aswad Ayinde (formerly known as Eric McGill), a video music director from New Jersey, repeatedly raped four of his five daughters for years, and had babies with three of them.  He’s already been sentenced to 40 years for raping one daughter who birthed one baby by him.  She was only eight years old when Ayinde first raped her, and he continued to rape her until she bore a child at the age of fifteen. 

The daughter he’s currently on trial for started raping her at eight years old, impregnating her when she was only twelve years old, with the first of four babies.  He’ll be sentenced May 27th.

DNA results proved Ayinde fathered the babies.  All births were delivered by Ayinde in their home, but none of the children acquired birth certificates until years later so there’s no way of knowing how old the girls were when they gave birth or how old the children really are, except by the girls’ testimonies.

A woman in her 30s came forward to testify that she was invited by Ayinde to have sex with his wife and his daughters when she was only eight years old, at Ayinde’s direction.  How is this scumbag still alive?  He claims he impregnated his daughters because he wanted a “master race”.  Master race?  He’s nothing but a master manipulator and the bottom of the cesspool, and it makes me sick even to read what this black animal did to his once-innocent girls.  They will never be the same again.  He defiled their innocence and disgraced his race.

Where the heck was Barbara, the mother of these girls?  What kind of mother is she that she would allow her husband to do these heinous acts to their little girls over many years?  How could she live with herself and accept her husband’s rotten excuse saying he wanted to preserve his “pure bloodline”.  What’s so pure about this maniac’s bloodline?  How could anyone fall for his line of crap?  What is wrong with some women today?  It boggles the mind how they can let a master manipulator like this ruin their lives and the lives of their children.  She should be on trial along with her scumbag husband.  Aswad, yeah, he’s aptly named.

The airwaves have been abuzz about every minute detail of the Jodi Arias trial, but nothing is reported about this monster, and this has been going on for about two years now!  Maybe because this is about a black guy—a black guy who, in 1996, won an MTV best R&B video music award…

If they had awards for the scummiest dirtbag on the face of the earth, he’d win, hands-down…



From NorthJersey

Aswad Ayinde found guilty of raping his daughter; faces 50-year jail term

Friday, March 8, 2013    Last updated: Friday March 8, 2013, 3:39 PM
The Record 

A jury convicted a Paterson man Friday of raping his daughter in what prosecutors alleged was years of abuse that led to his fathering four children by the girl in an attempt to create his own “blue blood” race.

Aswad Ayinde

Aswad Ayinde, 54, was found guilty of four counts of sexual assault and two counts of aggravated sexual assault. The jury deliberated for about an hour before reaching its decision. Ayinde faces 50 years in state prison when sentenced May 27 by state Superior Court Judge Raymond A. Reddin. He remained calm throughout the proceedings.

This was the second of what will be five trials for Ayinde, who was convicted in 2010 on all counts of molesting another daughter from age 8 until she bore his child as a teenager. He must serve 23 years of his 40-year prison sentence before he’s eligible for parole. He faces more than 100 years if convicted of all the charges in the current and pending trials.

Ayinde asked to be tried separately on charges of assaulting each of five daughters, arguing that previous convictions or pending charges could bias jurors. The prosecutor agreed to the request.

The defendant, formerly known as Eric McGill, had a varied professional background that included a career in the music business. He directed the video for the Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly,” which won an MTV best R&B video music award in 1996.

In his role as a self-proclaimed prophet, prosecutors told jurors, Ayinde insisted that children be born at home to avoid creatig birth certificates. Children also were home schooled, and subject to years of brutal beatings and rapes.

Passaic County Senior Assistant Prosecutor Lisa Squitieri put Ayinde’s former wife and the alleged victim daughter on the witness stand, where they said Ayinde often talked of how he could easily kill the children without repercussions because, without birth certificates, there was no evidence they ever existed. It was one of many tactics Ayinde employed, the state alleged, to keep his daughters and their mother from telling anyone what was going on over several years in households in Paterson, Eatontown and the Oranges, among other places.

The daughter testified that Ayinde started molesting her when she was 8, and impregnated her with the first of four babies when she was 12. She and her mother only reported him to authorities in 2005.

Hackensack defense attorney Nina C. Remson argued that Ayinde family had made a lifestyle choice, as disturbing as it might seem, and that the incestuous sex and child-bearing of his daughters was consensual.

While underage sex is never “consensual” in the eyes of the law, Remson argued that because there were no birth certificates there was no way of confirming when the daughter’s children were really born. She maintained the daughter was much older when the sex started with Ayinde than prosecutors have alleged. She also argued that the daughter may have a book deal in the works, and that she exaggerated her claims for the sake of potential sales.

Another woman, now in her 30s, testified that she was invited into Ayinde’s open marriage she, too, had sex with his wife and his daughter when she was 8, at his direction.


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