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Chris Wallace sits down with former presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann for their first interview since the 2012 election.

The above-referenced video is at the end of this post.  I just want to say…

After the 2012 election, I, like countless others, were in total shock.  The numbers were so close and Romney was slated to win, but voter fraud put the Obamas in the White House (now the Red House).  I couldn’t even blog about it at the time; it was like I was sucker-punched.  I was heartbroken because I know how this country has fared under Obama the previous four years. 

Mitt Romney would have ran this country like a business.  With his compassion and expertise, America would have grown strong again—flourishing in all areas, not just financially, but in values as well.  With Ann Romney as our First Lady, and she is quite a beautiful lady—inside and out—along with her husband, would have brought grace and dignity back into the White House, prosperity to Americans and respect back to our great country.

For the past four years, Obama ran America into the ground, and he’s still not done transforming it.  His wife, Michelle, has been on never-ending shopping / vacation sprees since she got into the White House, not even coming close to looking or acting like First Lady material.

I know in my heart that the Romneys would have been a better choice for America because their values mirror most of Americans’.  They would have put America first.  Here are just some differences I see between Romney and Obama…

Romney accepts responsibility in everything he does, and doesn’t blame anyone but himself for his defeat; Obama blames everyone else for his failures.

Romney is well-spoken; Obama is extremely inarticulate.  He can’t put two words together without his “Intellectually-Challenged Support Device”, as I like to call it.

Romney speaks out from the heart; Obama speaks out of both sides of his mouth, or as we Italians say, “parla su entrambi i lati della bocca”.

Romney is a visionary; Obama is blind-sighted.

Romney is full of compassion for Americans, and it shows in his actions; Obama is full of animosity for Americans, and it shows in his actions.

Romney is noble in his deeds, always helping in his church, community, and even people he doesn’t know—all when people aren’t looking; Obama is selfish in his deeds, always helping himself to multiple taxpayer-funded vacations, taking advantage of his position with Executive Orders, Lobbyist payouts, creating diversion after diversion to draw attention away from his dirty back-room deals and serious errors in judgement—even when people are looking.

Romney is transparent; Obama is opaque, attending lavish parties instead of doing the job he was elected to do.  The only time he materializes is when there’s a photo op to make him seem “presidential”—think “Hurricane Sandy”.

Romney is a humble man; Obama is arrogant and narcissistic.

Romney wants to heal America; Obama wants to injure America.

Romney wants fewer poor people; Obama wants fewer rich people.

Romney is down-to-earth; Obama is out-of-touch.

Romney embraces expanding his family, and loves the grandchildren his sons and their wives have blessed him and Ann with; Obama rejects expanding his family stating, “I don’t want my daughters to be ‘punished’ with children”.

Romney has nothing to hide, and if there was something to hide, the Left would have found it, believe me!  Obama has everything to hide, and he pays millions of dollars to keep it that way, yet we still don’t know what he’s hiding.  I still haven’t figured out why Republicans didn’t dig deeper into Obama’s history.

Romney knows when to fold ’em.  As he stated during his Fox News Sunday interview today, “The ride ends and then you have to get off”.  Obama is intrusive and doesn’t know when to back off and let the Free Market gain strength on its own.  As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he signs an Executive Order just before his second term ends granting himself authorization to run for a third term.  That’s what this shrewd narcissist would do.  That would be the end of our country and everyone in it.

The only people who are not suffering during this terrible recession are the Obamas, going on expensive Hawaii vacations while America crumbles.  Just recently Obama spent over $3 million taypayer dollars running around with Tiger Woods.  Even after the recent sequester, the Obamas are off on yet another multi-million dollar taypayer-funded getaway.  When will it end?

Obama surrounded himself with poor people when he was running, but like the evil deceiver that he is, he jet-sets with the opulent now that he’s in the White House again.  I wonder how many more people are having “buyer remorse” this time around?

Ed Rogers, GOP Strategist commented to the Washington Post on November 15, 2012:  “…he (Romney) can exit anytime, and no one will mourn.”  I say, speak for yourself, Ed.  A lot of Americans are mourning the fact that Romney never got the chance to prove himself.  I’m still waiting for Obama to prove himself…

I could sit and listen to Mitt and Ann talk forever. They are full of faith, hope and charity, and they practice these virtues every day.  With the Obamas, they are so fake, angry, full of lies and so full of themselves, I have to change the channel.  I can’t even stand to see their likeness, as over-exposed as they are.  Whatever Obama says, I automatically believe the opposite.

Because most voters didn’t do their homework on the candidates in the 2012 election, we’re stuck with this…

instead of this…

…in the White House.  What a shame.  What a horrible, horrible shame…

America has this as so-called “First Lady”…

instead of this…

…in the White House.  In the picture above, it’s obvious the scowl-faced Michelle Obama doesn’t even want to walk, let alone walk her dog.  So much for “Let’s move and get fit, America”!  Some role model.  In October of 2012—toward the end of the 2012 presidential campaign, I might add—Ann Romney did a 5K Walk in support of the fight against Breast Cancer As a fellow breast cancer survivor (I was diagnosed in September of 2011), I admire her strength and energy.  Even dealing with Multiple Sclerosis, she is the epitome of what a strong woman is, and what a First Lady should look and act like.  Who’s the better role model, huh?  What a shame.  What a terrible mistake the low-information voters made, America.  Shame on them

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Romneys on the February birth of their twin grandchildren, and to their youngest son, Craig, and his wife, Mary on their infant boy and girl.  That makes 20 grandchildren for Mitt and Ann Romney!  They are very lucky to be part of your beautiful family.  It’s too bad the low-information voters couldn’t see past the propaganda that continuously attacked you without proof.  I wish you and your still-growing family an abundance of good health and bountiful blessings…


Here’s Chris Wallace’s interview with the man who should have been our president, Former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney.  …

Chris Wallace: Mitt Romney – Ann Romney Interview (FULL)




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