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Here is the complete timeline of what happened in Benghazi, as told by Fox News’ Bret Baier in his televised special, “Death and Deceit in Benghazi”.  It’s comforting to know that Fox News tells it like it is and doesn’t hide the truth from the American people, and keeps us informed as news stories develop…

Know The TRUTH ~ Step By Step ~ Bret Baier’s ~ ‘Death and Deceit in Benghazi’

We all know what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012—the terrorist attack—that is if you watch Fox News.  If you watch ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC or CNN, you probably don’t know even half of what went on, and what continues to be unfolded.  Here’s your chance to get a little caught up before you cast your vote on Tuesday.  If you educate yourself before November 6th, you won’t vote for the clueless idiot who is inhabiting the White House.  Do your homework, please!!!

Fast and Furious aside, this latest massive screw-up by Obama should have him facing treason charges and should have Hillary Clinton stepping down, but since the media is covering up for Obama, clueless Obama voters will re-elect him.  They’ll be the first to scream when the country plummets to the depths of hell under another four years under the Obama regime.  Can you imagine if Bush was in the middle of this massive cover-up instead of Obama?  What do you think the Dems would be doing right now?  Don’t listen to Obama’s empty words and broken promises.  He’s trying to tell us that “al Qaeda is on its heels”.  This is the reason he’s trying to sweep this under the proverbial rug.  He wants us to believe that because Seal Team 6 (he takes full credit) killed Osama bin Laden that al Qaeda is no more.  He figured if he ignored what was happening in Benghazi that it would go away, but it mushroomed, even though the lamestream media was shielding the news from getting out.  Watch his actions.  Obama doesn’t care for our military and he certainly doesn’t care for America.  His actions fully dictate the realization of that.

In true “never let a crisis go to waste” fashion, Obama was quick to do photo ops in New Jersey alongside Chris Christie, where he told us that he won’t leave anyone behind.  Oh really?  Like in Benghazi, Obama???  We have an all volunteer military.  Do you really think they’ll be lining up to serve under Obama the way he treated Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty?  My guess is certainly not!  He couldn’t care less about them, and his actions prove that time and time again.  May God rest their souls, and hopefully, Romney will get into office so America can start the healing process.

Please don’t vote for this clueless, narcissistic, ignorant fool again.  We have the power to put him out of office in four days!  We have the power to take back our beautiful country in four days!  Let’s get it done…



Four Dead Americans and Fox Saved a Country

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By Denise Simon

It is with extreme sadness that America no longer has four committed civil servants and patriots to walk among us. The terror attack that struck our sovereign diplomatic mission in Benghazi on 9-11 will be remembered for more than just the loss of these men, and the fact that it was an act of brutal, premeditated terror.

Since that day, evolving official explanations have all been proven to be lies. Not just misleading tales or the “fog of war”, not the need to wait for investigations; the narrative that arose from the administration was a designed lie. It was all a lie designed to hide the failed foreign policy of the entire Obama administration.

American Heroes

Today, Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty must now be considered heroes that saved America from a corrupt regime, from a decidedly un-American goal of appeasing Islam and reducing America’s standing across the globe. They did not just die in the line of duty in a harsh and dangerous den of evil, bravely trying to advance American interests without support and security they deserved. Their loss is now proven to have exposed an even greater evil, an enemy ‘inside the wire’.

We mourn the lost of these men and pray for peace and healing for their respective families, but we should also take some solace in the notion that their deaths, with the will of God, may have just altered the future of America. They may have, unknowingly, provided the first step in the restoration of our once great nation and her constitutional rule-of-law tenets. They have, through dutiful professionalism in the field; doing the right thing – exposed those who are unprofessional, self-serving, power hungry, greedy – those who will say or do anything to attain or preserve power.

There is an unknown quantity of components of the terror attack in Benghazi and perhaps some components we as citizens will never know. It is submitted however, that there are a few factual conclusions that cannot be disputed or denied. The Obama administration found no limits on people and conditions to blame or to fabricate lies. Benghazi pointed us back to a deeper, broken system of foreign policy where no associated government agency is insulated from blame, or was employed for nefarious ends. The stories changed so often, it is clear that the administration, all of them, whether by their own design or by obeying orders, practiced a ‘scorched Earth’ policy where nothing was too low or too base to employ in the cover-up.

What is even more egregious is that our standing in the community of nations is deeply harmed. Those who wish to do us harm no longer fear us. In fact, many openly defy us. Ahmen Abu Khutalla and Sulfian bin Qumu members of the terror team that killed and destroyed the good work of so few, not only in Libya but throughout the Middle East revel in their deeds. President Obama told us that justice will be done and yet both of these evil men and other terrorists still openly walk the streets of Libya brazenly, so much so that one even gave a two hour interview to the New York Times.

In support of these heroes, people who take their jobs seriously, did not stop investigating and reporting their findings. They did this while lessor icons of the main stream media not only did not tell the truth to America, they openly tried to buoy the very people who were deceiving America. When a member of the media attempts to correct the record on live television, in a non-factual manner, in an attempt to rescue those deceiving, the contrast is even more stark.

Last night, an example of true journalism appeared for all to see. In a must see Fox News expose of the nightmare in Benghazi, the deceivers were clearly brought into the disinfectant of the bright sunshine so shrouded to date. Bret Baier, Greg Palkot, and James Rosen detailed the facts, exposing just how disingenuous the evolving narrative and conspiracy was perpetrated on the American people.

Not all in Washington were complicit. There were others who stepped up for the people. We must give praise to some lawmakers that are doing stellar work in asking the hard questions. The few that are also exposing the facts that will prove who was complicit and essentially acted as accessories to murder by denying proper protections of civil servants that work in dangerous locations across the globe, especially in Libya.

From lower ranking career employees at the State Department and Department of Defense, on through to the NSC, and rising all the way to the top in each area, including the President – all failed at standing on principle, and defending America. They placed the sensitivities of Islam/Muslims above America’s interests, they did not do the most basic chore; provide for the protection of four Americans to mask a policy so anathema to our survival. Benghazi is one of the saddest days in American history, where Barack Obama tells us it was just not optimal in his political career. Shame on all of them.

James Rosen reminds us:

‘I do not think,” Nixon campaign aide Jeb Magruder told the Senate Watergate committee in the spring of 1973, “there was ever any discussion that there would not be a coverup.” Mr. Magruder’s lament aptly described the bureaucratic impulse to hide inconvenient facts that seizes every modern White House at some point. His testimony was brought to mind by the growing number of high-profile Republicans accusing the Obama White House of engaging in a cover-up in the Benghazi case.

In Nixon’s day, his crimes did not kill anyone – here, four heroes have sacrificed all, yet the cover-up continues. If America is truly watching – this may prove to be the end for Obama’s chances on November 6th. This also exposes the mindset on all his other issues. What you are being told needs to be viewed through this new lens of clarity. Ask yourself what Joe Biden asked us all in the VP debate: “Look, folks, use your common sense. Who do you trust on this?”


Edited by Scott W. Winchell, Denise Simon is the Senior Research Director at Stand Up America US.


From:  Four Dead Americans and Fox Saved a Country


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