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As you may know, I’m battling invasive breast cancer, and it took a lot of courage for me to blog about my experience…


I now have my third surgery tomorrow—ironically scheduled during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, of which I’m fully aware.  I’m glad it’s going to be done before Halloween because my husband and I had a very stressful Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas last year.  Man!  What a horrible year it’s been!!!

It’s been a crappy year for my husband, not only because of my situation, but because he’s been laid off more than he’s been working the past four years.  We still have our home, thank God, and that’s because we’re living so frugally!!!  As soon as I heal—again, I’m going to have to look for work as well.  A couple of weeks ago, I saw a coupon in the paper for a one-week free pass to a gym that’s not too far from our home, and I went to speak with them.  I figured I needed to get my body and my mind in a good place before my third—and last—surgery, and it was free.  I worked around my limitations and the numbers prove what I already knew—that working out is working out for me.  When I went for my pre-op before going to the gym, my BP was 120/78.  Not only did I do the gym this past week, I also went to a friend’s gym on a free pass as well.  My BP went from 120/78 down to 113/76.  I’m a whole lot healthier now than I was when I went through my two previous surgeries, and I did work at it immensely before and after going to the gym, believe me!

I feel I’m now in a good place, but understandably, my husband and I are nervous with tomorrow’s surgery.  What scares me more than anything is that I was diagnosed with Invasive Moderately Differentiated Ductal Carcinoma which means the cancer grew outside of the cell.  Not only was I estrogen-positive, but I was also HER2 positive, which is the most aggressive form of breast cancer.  I pray to Almighty God that my cancer hasn’t spread.  You may say I shouldn’t think like that, but when you’ve been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer (or any kind of cancer), that’s always in the back of your mind.

In the past two weeks, my husband and I have heard bad news—one of my friends told me her brother-in-law was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  Can you believe that?!  He’s a young serviceman, and he ignored the pain he was experiencing in his shoulder.  Now he’s in Stage 4 breast cancer, and his doctors say he will not be returning home from the hospital!  I immediately thought of the servicemen I blogged about who suffered from breast cancer…


Then the other night, while my husband and I were eating dinner, we got a visit from the wife of a friend of his.  She told us she was just diagnosed with kidney cancer.  The three of us talked for a few hours, and she’s the nicest person you’d ever want to meet.  We’re praying for her and for my friend’s brother-in-law.  Life is so precious, and you don’t really know to what extent until you’re faced with your own mortality.

My wonderful mother-in-law will be coming to the hospital for moral support and to keep my husband company while I’m in surgery, and will be staying with us for a week.  Wish me luck, and please keep those prayers coming.  We could certainly use them, not only that my surgery goes well, but that my husband’s job search ends with a good job for him.  He’s a Union worker, but he’s now looking in the private sector because the Union no longer has their employees’ best interests at heart.  Speaking of heart, I’m speaking from mine here, and tomorrow, my husband and I are expecting a miracle to happen…

Of course, we pray for all of you, and hope that you are all doing well and staying well.  I’ll be back to blogging before you know it…

 Bountiful Blessings to you all, with much love…




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