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When it comes to vacations, the Obamas spare no expense—because it’s at our expense.  Even blue collar Democrat voters are angry about the constant vacationing of the Obamas, taking about 17 (and counting) lavish vacations around the world at taxpayers’ expense.  The Obamas took their daughters to Hawaii for $4 million, and the lamestream media says it is Romney who is out of touch.  Romney vacations in New Hampshire and the Obamas go all over the world, but it is Romney who is out of touch?  Really???  Romney is spending his own money so people have no say in what he does with his own money!  Remember when the media showed pictures of Romney on a jet ski while he vacationed in New Hampshire?  They said he was out of touch with Americans, yet they turn the other cheek when they see the Obamas spending our money like it’s water, jetting all over the world, and it’s not their money they’re spending.  Do they ever vacation at Camp David?  Maybe they think that’s beneath them.

Do you see Obama spending time with blacks in their back yards?  No!  You’ll find him catching some sun and fun on George Clooney’s yacht or attending $40,000-a-plate dinners with celebrities.  Who do you think is out of touch with the American people?  They don’t care about us.  Can’t you see through their flashy façade?  Don’t let the lamestream media steer you clear of the obvious!  They are all laughing at the fools that they think you are.  Prove them wrong!  The Obamas will do whatever it takes to stay in the White House for another four years because, you know, they’re entitled to enjoy themselves wherever they want, whenever they want, even during a deep recession and when the rest of us are really hurting financially.  The lamestream media wants to keep them there as well, and that is quite obvious.

It’s a fact that children learn from their parents and emulate their actions.  Their daughter, Malia, in March of this year went on a taxpayer-funded trip to Mexico with 12 of her friends and 25 Secret Service agents.  You probably didn’t hear about it because the Obama administration gave strict orders to scrap it from the Internet.  So much for the “Freedom Of Information Act”.  This is only scratching the surface and shows just how non-transparent Obama really is.  Think about all the things that he “scrubs” that we don’t know about.  They tried to say this was a “class trip / spring break vacation”.   What 13-year old goes on a “spring break” vacation?  The lamestream media scrubbed this fact from their sites.  Why?  They know what they’re doing is dishonest.  They know Obama is as corrupt as our deficit is high, yet they cover for him.  Why?  I don’t get it.  Now there is a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch because they used taxpayer money to fund Malia’s vacation (story below).  If they used their own money, it wouldn’t have been an issue.  Since Day 1, I saw through that narcissistic fool.  I don’t trust him as far as I can stand him.

In February of this year, the Obamas went on an Aspen, CO ski vacation at a pricetag of $49,000.  My husband and I vacation at “back porch beach” right outside our back door.  We live within our means, and they should practice what they preach—”sacrifice” like they want us to do.  When Obama #2 went to Spain, we paid for her $467,000 trip.  Did you know that?  Did you also know that their trip to South Africa cost us another $424,000, and that’s not including their transportation security and other costs.  I wish that was a one-way trip.  Where is the outrage, fellow taxpayers?  My husband and I pay through the nose in taxes even though we have huge medical bills, high mortgage and utilities to pay, yet we wouldn’t even consider asking for food stamps.  Obama gives us crumbs while they live the high life.  If you ask me, it is the Obamas who are out of touch, and doing a gross injustice to the American people.  It will be interesting to see if this sentiment carries over in November.  Don’t pay too much attention to what Obama says; pay more attention to what he does…

DC Area Out of Power, Obama on Vacation

Dana Perino: Obama’s 17-Day Hawaii Vacation ‘Looks Bad’

Those stories are just the tip of the iceberg.  I’ll close with a very relevant video (Obama #2 telling us we have to “sacrifice” during this recession—another “Do as I say, not as I do Obama moment”) and some good quotes (story follows)…



Tolerating evil leads only to more evil.  And when good people stand by and do nothing while wickedness reigns, their communities will be consumed.
―Bob Riley

“Do actions agree with words?  There’s your measure of reliability.  Never confine yourself to the words.”
― Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune

“We’re a different sort of thief here, Lamora.  Deception and misdirection are our tools.  We don’t believe in hard work when a false face and a good line of bulls**t can do so much more.”
― Scott Lynch, The Lies of Locke Lamora

“In every age, it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the People.”
(Canton, OH, Anti-War Speech, June 16, 1918)”
― Eugene Victor Debs, Voices of a People’s History of the United States



Lawsuit filed over government funds expended on Mexican spring break

Published: 14 hours ago



The Obama administration is unlawfully withholding public records about the spring break trip to Mexico funded by taxpayers last March for Malia Obama, according to a new lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, the government watchdog organization based in Washington.

It’s not the first blackout the government has imposed on the trip, Judicial Watch noted.

Press reports of the trip for the then-13-year-old, a dozen friends and an estimated 25 Secret Service agents were erased from the Web on orders from the White House.

The new lawsuit claims not only are the records for the expenses of the trip required to be public, it is illegal for the administration to withhold them.

“Contrary to federal law, the Obama administration has simply ignored this basic [Freedom of Information Act] request. I have little doubt that this stonewall is because of the embarrassment of the security costs for the spring break trip of the Obamas’ daughter,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

The organization previously has ferreted out details, including estimated expenses, for other Obama vacations at taxpayer expense.

For example, the organization said it discovered a February 2012 weekend ski vacation to Aspen, Colo., for Michelle Obama and her two daughters included U.S. Secret Service costs of nearly $49,000.

And Judicial Watch said costs for the U.S. Air Force and the Secret Service for Michelle Obama’s August 2010 vacation to Spain were at least $467,000. Further, a trip by Michelle, her family and her staff to South Africa in 2011 cost another $424,000, excluding transportation, security and other costs.

The lawsuit against the U.S. Secret Service seeks to force compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Judicial Watch said it submitted a FOIA request to the Secret Service on March 29 by certified mail seeking, “Any and all records regarding, concerning, or related to the expenditure of U.S. government funds to provide security and/or any other services for Malia Obama and any companions during her March 2012 visit to Mexico.”

Although the Secret Service acknowledged receiving the letter and assigned it a file number, the administration has refused to respond.

“The Secret Service’s determination was due by May 4, 2012, at the latest. As of the date of this complaint, Defendant Secret Service has failed to … determine whether to comply with plaintiff’s requests [or] notify plaintiff of any such determination.”

It was on March 19 when “numerous online press outlets reported that the president’s 13-year-old daughter, Malia Obama, was on a spring break trip to Mexico accompanied by 25 U.S. Secret Service agents and as many as 12 of her friends.”

However, Judicial Watch explained, “shortly after the press reports surfaced, they were quickly removed from the Internet.”

“The trip reportedly took place shortly after the Texas Department of Public Safety issued a statement advising students on spring break ‘to avoid Mexico.’”

Politico reported at the time that the removal was on orders from the White House.

Kristina Schake, communications director for Michelle Obama, emailed to Politico: “From the beginning of the administration, the White House has asked news outlets not to report on or photograph the Obama children when they are not with their parents and there is no vital news interest. We have reminded outlets of this request in order to protect the privacy and security of these girls.”

Politico reported the story was picked up by Yahoo, the Huffington Post and the International Business Times along with overseas publications such as the London Daily Mail, the London Telegraph and The Australian. By the end of the day, however, the story had been removed from the sites.




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