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I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see the proof, but here it is: Four times in ten days, a smart deer went around a neighborhood in Texas and destroyed Obama lawn signs, while keeping all Republican signs intact.

Tom Priem, a software support engineer from Austin, TX and his wife, Beth, caught the “villain” on camera when their Obama signs were the only signs being destroyed.

Animals do have an acute sense and can smell BO from a mile away.  It’s obvious that this smart deer doesn’t like what Obama’s done to this country or to the American flag.  Looks like Christmas has come a little early for Republicans!  What a dear…


Caught: Texas ‘Republican deer’ destroys Obama sign

Caught: Texas 'Republican deer' destroyed  Obama sign

The offending deer, caught on camera by Tom Priem’s wife seconds after destroying the Obama campaign sign. (Courtesy: Tom and Beth Priem)

Late Friday evening, FOX News surfaced a photo of a Texas “Republican deer” caught red-antlered in the criminal act of destroying an Obama political sign. Interestingly, this wasn’t the deer’s first offense.

Four times over a period of ten days, the partisan deer had vandalized earlier Obamasigns, in the same Texas yard belonging to homeowners, Tom and Beth Priem. All of the neighborhood Republican signs were left standing proudly, unharmed.

The Priems, in frustration, were determined to catch the person who was maliciously vandalizing their signs. Armed with a camera, Beth was ready when the deer appeared. She snapped an amazing photo of the deer “just seconds after the Obama sign fell from its antlers.”

Tom Priem was both relieved to uncover the villain, and amused. “Charlie [their dog] chased him until the deer jumped the fence and got away. The sign had holes poked in it, like somebody had stuck a knife through it. At first, I thought it wassomebody who didn’t like Obama. I’m just glad it wasn’t a human, either a silly kid or a strange adult.” Tom added, “We were making fun of it, saying the deer must be a Republican.”

The homeowners don’t have a clue why the deer only went after their signs when others dot the neighborhood. However, they have moved the sign nearer to their home in hopes that will help. If so, they and their dog, Charlie, will be much happier.

In Texas, it is a criminal act to destroy political signs. However, It’s unlikely the local police officials would put any effort behind catching this mischievous deer, even with a photo. Meanwhile, the Republican elephant may be wondering if it could be replaced as the GOP symbol, by a dear deer from Texas, that FOX News dubbed, “Rudolph, the red-state reindeer.”


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