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“For one to expect or ask things of others that he himself, if asked, would not be willing to do, or give, is the worst kind of arrogance.”  —Anthony Beal

“It may easily come to pass that a vain man may become proud and imagine himself pleasing to all when he is, in reality, a universal nuisance.”  —Baruch Spinoza

Washington Examiner expose: 'Meet the Obama you' and poor blacks 'don't know'

Time for a little unveiling of Obama.  There’s a whole lot of info here, and I hope you’ll read it because it has got to get out before this election.  I only hope Obama supporters, especially blacks, do their homework before placing their votes in November…

Remember when Michelle Obama said this at the DNC…

“We didn’t have much in the way of money or possessions”.

Remember when she said that “he used to pick her up for dates in a car so rusted out that she could see the pavement below as they traveled”

Remember when she said, “His proudest possession was a coffee table he’d found in a dumpster” and “The only pair of decent shoes he owned was a half-size too small”.

Did anyone seriously believe a word she uttered about how “poor” they were?  She met Obama when he was a summer intern at a law office where she worked.  She was his “mentor”, and boy did he learn from her.  Even Obama lied about how he met Michelle.  From The Daily Beast, July 7, 2009)…

“Just before his speech to a university here in Moscow this afternoon, Obama mentioned his first meeting with the future First Lady in an offhand remark. “I don’t know if anybody else will meet their future wife or husband in class like I did, but I’m sure you’ll all going to have wonderful careers,” the president said. The thing is: Obama didn’t technically meet his wife at school. Although both are Harvard Law School grads, Michelle Obama got her degree in the spring of 1988 while her future husband didn’t actually start school there until later that fall. (He graduated in 1991). The Obamas officially met in Chicago in 1989, when the future president was a summer associate at the Sidley Austin law firm and Michelle was assigned as his mentor. Was what Obama said wrong? Technically no, considering Obama was still going to school when he met his wife.”

No matter which way you look at it or twist the story, they both  lied.  Do you really think Obama the lawyer really wore shoes that were half a size too small?  If she said that he had a heart that was half a size too small, I would have believed it.  I was getting sick just listening to her pandering to her audience at the DNC.  Anyway, here’s the truth behind Obama #1 and Obama #2 (From The Washington Examiner)…


Shocking Obama ‘Vetting’: Washington Examiner report previewed by Bret Baier

September 20, 2012

By: Devonia Smith

Wednesday, an investigation of the official narrative of President Obama’s life, which unearthed contradictions and what many consider outright lies, was previewed on FOX by Bret Baier, in a “Special Report”, titled, “Vetting.” Mark Tapscott, Washington Examiner Executive Editor of the final report, was Baier’s guest. Many conservatives think the “vetting” is overdue. Online there is much rejoicing, because, “The Obama you don’t know,” is available.

Against a backdrop of Michelle Obama saying, “We didn’t have much in way of money or possessions,” Tapscott pointed out that perhaps the president’s upbringing may have been difficult because of “the circumstances” of his parents. However, continued Tapscott, “from a financial standpoint, a social standpoint … it was not an underprivileged childhood.”

Video: Shocking Obama ‘Vetting’: Washington Examiner report with Bret Baier

According to the well-documented report, the Indonesian neighborhood was far from impoverished in which young Barry Soetoro was raised. Instead, the neighborhood was “exclusive” and home to a wealth of “bureaucrats, diplomats and economic elite.” Among them was the brother-in-law of his step dad, Lolo Soetoro, who, as described by Obama in his autobiography, was “making millions as a high official in the national oil company.”

The report continues to share information, some commonly available but other, not so widely known: Obama’s maternal grandmother was a bank vice-president. While living in Hawaii with his grandparents, he attended an exclusive private school, Columbia University and later Harvard Law School. Following his graduation, by choice, Obama rejected lucrative job offers and opted to serve as a community organizer in the mean streets of Chicago. However, each night he escaped to an apartment 90 minutes away to an apartment located in Chicago’s famous Hyde Park.

The investigative report reveals contrasts to the official narrative promoted at the Democratic National Convention of Obama’s life and lifestyle. The ten chapters include:

  1. Introduction: The Obama you don’t know
  2. A childhood of privilege not hardship
  3. The Myth of the ‘Rock Star Professor”
  4. The 1887 speech that launched Obama
  5. For the slumlord’s defense, Barack Obama, Esquire
  6. Obama’s toughest critics on the left
  7. The Poor People Obama left behind
  8. The myth of Obama as a State Senate Reformer
  9. Obama’s State Pension Scheme
  10. The Arab-American Network behind Obama
  11. Obama brings politics to Washington

There have been many complaints from conservatives that Obama was never properly “vetted” in 2008. Now, from the learning grounds of “gangster government” in Chicago to “an Arab-American network at the heart of Obama’s political apparatus,” perhap, he has been vetted in 2012. This in-depth report covers the George Soros political operative that Obama placed in a strategic position in his administration plus much more. For a preview summary, check out the video or the entire series, with details, may be read at The Washington Examiner online.

From:  Shocking Obama ‘Vetting’: Washington Examiner report previewed by Bret Baier

Some people consider Obama to be a “Rock Star”, but what Obama supporters don’t know is this (excerpt taken from Chapter II, below)…

“Time magazine gushed in 2008 about Barack Obama’s 12-year tenure as a law lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, saying, ‘Within a few years, he had become a rock-star professor with hordes of devoted students.’

That may have been true during his first two years, when he ranked first among the law school’s 40 instructors, with students giving him a rating of 9.7 out of a possible 10.

But law student evaluations made available to The Washington Examiner by the university showed that his popularity then fell steadily.

In 1999, only 23 percent of the students said they would repeat Obama’s racism class. He was the third-lowest-ranked lecturer at the law school that year. And in 2003, only a third of the student evaluators recommended his classes.”

(Click on each link for complete story, From The Examiner)…

The Obama You Don’t Know

Few if any of his predecessors took the oath of office with higher public hopes for his success than President Obama on Jan. 20, 2009.

Millions of Americans hailed his election as an end…

First lady Michelle Obama told the Democratic National Convention that “Barack and I were both raised by families who didn’t have much in the way of money or material possessions.”

It is…

Time magazine gushed in 2008 about Barack Obama’s 12-year tenure as a law lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, saying, “Within a few years, he had become a rock-star professor with…

Few doubt that Barack Obama’s stirring oration before the 2004 Democratic National Convention vaulted him into the national limelight.

But another, less-heralded Obama address –…

Writing in his 1995 autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” Obama said he became “a civil rights lawyer” because “to lend meaning to a community’s suffering and take part in its healing — that…

Barack Obama’s carefully constructed image as a civil rights lawyer who wanted to heal the black community was greeted with skepticism by some Chicago activists.

“I never drank the…

Four years after Barack Obama’s historic election as president, little seems to have changed for the African-American communities on Chicago’s South Side.

The lack of change — or the…

Shortly after Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election, Prairie State Blue, a liberal blog, attributed his victory to the fact that Illinois’ deeply entrenched government corruption had…

State Sen. Barack Obama and members of an Illinois lobbying group representing politically connected minority-owned businesses launched a campaign in 2000 to pressure state pension funds to help…

President Obama’s controversial relationships with radical figures like Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi have been well-publicized in recent years.

Prior to his academic…

Chicago has been called the home of “gangster government.” How bad is it?

Consider the following facts about the city from which President Obama rose through the ranks of American

From:  The Obama You Don’t know

Obama Timeline from The Washington Examiner…

Obama Timeline



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