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Here’s the video…

Four Americans Slain in Libya ‘Come Home’

Please forgive me for my long posts, but I haven’t blogged in so long and there is so much I want to share before Election 2012.  My eyes fill up as I write this post.  All the suffering we’ve endured, and the innocent are still victimized because of the reckless actions of a few idiots who don’t think before they act.  I know we as Americans are tough, but when atrocities such as this are targeted toward the one country on the face of the planet who has given a huge amount of foreign aid to other countries in need, it is quite disheartening.  We’re also hurting financially, but still the money flows to other countries.  Americans go overseas to help those in need, even jeopardizing their lives in the process.  We have diplomats serving in the Middle East whose primary mission is to help them.  Who do a lot of other countries come to when they need help after disasters strike their homeland?  America, that’s where!  We are there to help all who need it.  Now it may be time for America to hold off on helping other countries financially until we regain our own economy that is doing so poorly now.  How can we help others when we can’t even help ourselves financially?  After all, charity begins at home, doesn’t it?

To think this happened on September 11, 2012, eleven years after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in America brings more sadness to this country.  Was this orchestrated on this date intentionally?  We may never know, but it probably was because attacks prevailed in Egypt and Libya almost simultaneously.  We mourn the loss of four innocent Americans killed in the carnage that ensued when some jerk put out a documentary film, “Innocence of Muslims”.  Although I believe the documentary should never have been made, at the same time, I believe that all religions should be protected from being portrayed in a derogatory manner, and that means across the board, to all religions.  Just as they want us to respect their religion, it only stands to reason that we expect them to respect ours as well.  The retaliation by Islamist extremists has been severely overdramatized and misdirected.  They proved to be the heathens that they are by assaulting innocent Americans on an American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya where their sole mission was to help the Libyans, and who had no affiliation whatsoever in the making of that blasphemous film.  I hope the Libyan government punishes these animals to the fullest extent of the law (story follows my post here)…

First, I’d like to list the names of the fallen…

U.S. Ambassador, J. Christopher “Chris” Stevens who served in Libya twice previously—as the Deputy Chief of Mission (from 2007 to 2009) and as Special Representative to the National Transitional Council (from March of 2011 to November of 2011) during the Libyan Revolution.  He arrived in Tripoli in May of 2012 as the U.S. Ambassador to Libya; Sean Smith, an Air Force veteran who worked as an information management specialist for the State Department; Glen A. Doherty, a former Navy SEAL who worked for a private security firm and was protecting the consulate in Benghazi; and Tyrone S. Woods, also a former Navy SEAL who had served protective duty in various U.S. posts.  Thank you all for your service and may God rest your brave souls and console your families at this time.

Mixed messages are always coming from Obama.  Remember when he was in favor of the Arab Spring uprising, calling it “a historic opportunity similar to the American Revolution and the American Civil Rights Movement”?  He hailed those mobs as a good thing…

“When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.”
― Euripides, Orestes

Similar to the American Revolution?  One can hardly see the similarities between the two—with one fighting for liberty and the other fighting for oppression.  Similar to the American Civil Rights Movement?  Civil Rights?  Obama also touted how great things were going in Benghazi, stating during his Arab Spring speech, “In Benghazi, we heard the engineer who said, “Our words are free now.  It’s a feeling you can’t explain.”  Maybe it’s Obama who should explain to the family of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens as to whether his civil rights were honored in Benghazi, and how civil his treatment was.

Obituary:  U.S. Diplomat J. Christopher Stevens

May God rest his very honorable and charitable soul.  My sincerest condolences to Ambassador Stevens’ family.

Another story about this atrocity, as the U.S. Embassy apologizes for “offending the Muslims”…

US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens raped before he was murdered

This is what happens when there’s an incompetent in office who deliberately downplays evil in this country and around the world—he won’t be taken seriously.  One critical incident comes to my mind—the Fort Hood terrorist attack by an Islamist extremist, Nidal Malik Hasan—an incident Obama quickly labeled as “workplace violence”, then he had the gall to plead to Americans “not to jump to conclusions”, yet he enthusiastically gave a quick nod to the Arab Spring uprising.  His priorities are way off base.  These are, for me, just more “jump-the-shark moments” during his tenure, and there are plenty.  Most people are blind to his faults, which are mounting as high as his spending habits.

This is what happens when he channels his sympathies toward evil and disregards the principles and laws of the United States Constitution, which he supposedly swore to uphold.  Everything to him is a joke, but he is slowly becoming a joke himself.  I don’t care what anyone says about his [non]involvement here, I believe HE HELPED BUILD THAT, especially since he gives billions of hard-earned American tax dollars to foreign aid, yet doesn’t make any strict stipulations that should go along with it, like ensuring the safety of U.S. Embassy diplomats, etc.  If he had a backbone, he’d condemn their actions and stop all foreign aid until the atrocities are stopped in the Middle East!  Radical extremists see Obama as a fool, make no mistake about it.  They chant his name, not in honor of him, but to mock the joker that he has sadly become.  Why, you might ask?  Because they do not fear him.  Upheaval in the Middle East has escalated since Obama took office, especially since he consistently turns his back on the greatest ally we have there, Israel.  Obama is not the fearless leader he makes himself out to be, with his arrogant, chin-up stance.  He chastises us, the American people who love our country and are struggling to build a better America, yet he is strangely soft on the evil extremists in this country and around the world, downplaying their extremism at every turn, calling for us to be tolerant of them!  One might ask, “Just whose side is he on, anyway?”  Then we have Obama speaking out of both sides of his mouth again with a statement about Egypt, “I don’t think that we would consider them an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy”.  Which is it?  Spoken like a true unconfused leader, huh?  These atrocities come just after Obama said during the DNC, “For all the progress we’ve made, challenges remain”.  Progress?  What progress???

God help us all…


Excerpt on Obama’s dilemma and how the Arab Spring turns sour for America, from the Daily Telegraph

“Having been an enthusiastic supporter of the so-called Arab Spring, Mr. Obama will now face accusations that he has been too conciliatory in his approach towards radical Islamist groups.

It is certainly true that, so far during the election campaign, he has tried hard to avoid discussion of difficult foreign policy issues such as Iran’s nuclear programme, or the fate of Afghanistan once American combat troops have withdrawn by the end of 2014.

The President may well feel that in a war-weary nation, exhausted after more than a decade of continuous involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are no votes to be had from talking about America’s battle against Islamist militants.

But, as Jimmy Carter found to his cost after American diplomats were taken hostage in Iran after the Islamic revolution, the American public takes a close interest when its fellow citizens are placed in harm’s way, and expects its leaders to take the necessary measures to keep them safe.

Mr Carter was thrown out of the White House for failing to rescue the American hostages from captivity in Iran. And Mr Obama could suffer a similar fate in November’s presidential election unless he can come up with a convincing means of tackling the new generation of Islamist extremists in the Arab world.”




Coptic ties to ‘anti-Muslim’ film used to target minorities

NEW YORK – The Coptic Christian community in Egypt now is under threat of mass slaughter from Islamists under the pretense of revenge for a movie that depicts the Quranic figure Muhammad in a negative light, a senior Egyptian military official told WND.

The producers of the “Innocence of Muslims” movie reportedly are tied to the Coptic faith. Reports are claiming the movie sparked anti-U.S. attacks in Egypt and Libya, including the killing this week of the U.S. ambassador to Libya. However, some security officials believe the violence to be premeditated.

The Egyptian military official said today that Islamic groups are threatening to slaughter “the whole Christian Coptic community” in the city of Naja Hamadi, located about 60 miles from Cairo. Naja Hamadi contains a large Coptic community.

Two Egyptian immigrants from Southern California reportedly were forces behind the “Innocence of Muslims” movie. Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih, the president of the Duarte-based charity Media for Christ, reportedly was a producer, while Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a convicted felon, allowed his home to be used in the movie’s shooting.

Due to the Coptic ties of the two men, police in Los Angeles reportedly stepped up patrols around Coptic Christian houses of worship in the city, according to the LA Times. Similarly, the police presence was reportedly heightened outside Coptic churches in New York City.

Copts in Egypt have reportedly been concerned about the prospects of persecution after the downfall of U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak resulted in the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the country’s parliament, presidency and military.

While Copts were targeted by Islamists during Mubarak’s regime, such persecution has increased exponentially since Mubarak’s ouster.

Just weeks after Mubarak was booted, Muslim villagers in March 2011 reportedly set fire to a Coptic church while attacking Christians on the street.

Since last year, two other churches were set on fire in the Imbaba neighborhood of Cairo and in Edfu in the south of the country. Coptic Christian families were also reportedly evicted from their homes in Alexandria.

Some reports say more than 200,000 Copts already have fled their homes.

When Copts attempted to protest last October, security forces reportedly fired at the protesters, killing 24 and wounding more than 300 people.

The Coptic Church, a major Christian community in Egypt, is said to date back to the origins of Christianity. Christians were the majority in Egypt until several centuries after the Arab conquest of the seventh century. They now make up between 5 and 10 percent of the population.


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