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Monday, September 9, 2013 — 12:02 AM (My original post follows my update)


I’m posting a video of James Woods’ explanation of what happened on his flight prior to 9/11 as told to Bill O’Reilly on his Fox News show, The O’Reilly Factor shortly after the terrorist attacks…



James Woods recounts Atta Hijacking Attempt before 9/11




Here’s my Original Post…


James Woods

I write this post as I listen to today’s news where terrorism abounds…

Protesters attack U.S. diplomatic compounds in Egypt, Libya

American killed in attack on US Consulate in Libya, security official says, following Egyptian protest at US embassy

Suspected al-Qaida bombing misses Yemen minister

This is further evidence that makes my post even more relevant…

On the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I can remember watching the night James Woods was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  I remember him telling Leno about what happened when he was on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles (some say it was New York, but I believe it was Los Angeles) shortly before the 9/11 attacks.  He stated that on that flight, he saw some Arab-looking guys sitting with him in the first class section.  He noticed they were behaving suspiciously so he reported it to the FBI who interviewed him.

Now, if we didn’t live in a world where political correctness is so rampant, maybe these attacks could have been prevented.  We’ll never know because the FAA didn’t investigate Woods’ story because they saw it as an act of racial profiling.  In essence, America was the victim of a vicious act of terrorism as a result, all in the name of political correctness.  An FBI agent later told James Woods that because George W. Bush acted quickly in grounding the other aircraft at Logan Airport here in Boston, he probably diverted more terrorist attacks because airport personnel found box cutters taped under the seats of those grounded planes.

I don’t believe in racial profiling, but if a minority is acting strangely, we shouldn’t be afraid to report it.  It isn’t racial profiling, it’s odd behavior profiling, which is very different.  There’s a fine line between racial profiling and odd behavior profiling only if the odd behavior is being enacted by a minority.  Why is that?  If we see someone acting suspiciously, we shouldn’t care if they’re white, black, orange or green, we should speak up and report it.  It’s well known that there are domestic terrorists as well.  Unfortunately, if it’s a minority, you’re told to look the other way.  No way!  Are we to only notify authorities if suspicious-looking people are white?  Political correctness and the race card should go the way of the dinosaurs—both are severely overrated and overplayed.  Anyway, here’s James Woods’ story as told to Leno.  I couldn’t find the video of their conversation on The Tonight Show…


Connection to 9/11

Following the September 11 attacks, Woods appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he stated that six or seven weeks prior to the attacks, in August 2001, he was on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles on which he noticed four Arab men sitting in the first class section -— the only other first-class passengers except himself -— behaving in a highly suspicious manner.

Woods stated that the men never spoke to each other except in muted tones, did not eat, drink or sleep, and mostly sat upright in their seats and stared directly ahead. Woods, fearing that the plane was about to be hijacked, alerted a flight attendant, who confided that she herself also noticed their behavior, and who in turn informed the first officer. No overt action was taken against them. One day after the September 11 terrorist attacks, Woods called the FBI and informed investigators about what he had seen the previous month. He was interviewed on September 13.

Woods repeated the anecdote when he appeared again on The Tonight Show on September 11, 2006, adding that Seymour Hersh, when writing about the incident in The New Yorker magazine, informed Woods that the FAA did not investigate the incident at the time because they considered it an act of racial profiling. Woods learned that he positively identified two of the 19 hijackers involved in the actual attacks weeks later, one of whom was on United Airlines Flight 175, and another of whom was on American Airlines Flight 77. Woods observed that this contradicts the testimony of possible 20th hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui, who asserted that members of different cells never had contact with one another. Woods believes that the flight was a test run for the hijackers’ impending plot.

In the same episode, Woods provided a potentially chilling addendum, stating that according to one FBI agent who interviewed him, other airplanes were discovered at Boston’s Logan Airport with box cutters taped under their seats, a possible indicator that other flights were intended as part of the hijackers’ plans that went unused only because they were grounded following the attacks on the World Trade Center.

James Woods Information

Woods Remembers Brother and 9/11 Anniversary

13 September 2006 | WENN | See recent WENN news»

James Woods appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Monday to reminisce about the loss of his brother, Michael, who recently died, and to discuss his connection to the 9/11 terror attacks. Michael died on July 26, at the age of 49 of a heart attack, shortly after the brothers had bonded while taking a cross-country road trip together and stopped at the World Poker Tournament. Woods has an unusual connection to the 9/11 tragedy – he was flying from Boston, Massachusetts to New York City shortly before the World Trade Center was attacked on a “test flight” with two terrorists who eventually died hijacking flights on September 11. The actor spoke with the cabin crew at the time of the flight and voiced his suspicions. Reports were filed with the Federal Aviation Administration once the plane landed, but no action was taken. He explains, “As I flew back this time, I was talking about it to some of the flight attendants and I brought up something that one of the FBI agents slipped and told me, he said, ‘It was great that President Bush grounded the aircraft so quickly because of those other planes at Logan (Airport in Boston) that had box cutters taped under the seats. The flight attendants said to me, yeah, we’ve been hearing a lot about this. There was a rumor that there may have been other planes that were set to go and because the planes were grounded so quickly those planes never got off the ground with perhaps other terrorist cells on them.” The actor stressed the need for tolerance and kindness and thanked Leno for allowing him to talk about his brother adding, “Thank you for honoring him, I appreciate the opportunity to kind of share who he was with the world.”»




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