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While Atlas Shrugged, Obama Melted…

The Democratic National Convention has unveiled the Left as no conservative news or radio station ever could.  While I could only stomach some of it, I was appalled, but not surprised, by what came out of this hateful group of people.  I was mostly appalled by the fact that they were fighting over having God’s name and the words “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel” enter the platform.  As an Independent woman, I found the Democratic National Convention and all their hate and anger rants to be in sharp contrast to the outpouring of genuine love of God and one another, and immense respect that blossomed out of the Republican National Convention.  I DVR’d the whole RNC and watched it in its entirety, enjoying every minute of it.  As far as the DNC, I found every speaker spewing hate, anger, fear and falsehoods—so much so that I had to fast-forward through some of it.  With Michelle Obama and professing her incessant love for Obama, it was faux love—a love that she was trying a lot harder to convince herself of than trying to convincing the rest of us.  I’ll get back to her in another post.

Having Bill Clinton share the stage with a so-called woman who says Romney attacks women’s rights was downright laughable.  Bill Clinton of all people—a pathetic womanizer who forced himself on scores of women and then had sex with an intern right in the White House!  How desperate and pathetic is Obama that he has to resort to Bill Clinton and Sandra Fluke to help him out of a hole.  I know women are smarter than the Democrats give them credit for, but those Liberals were eating up their words.  I actually heard a Liberal woman say that after Clinton’s speech, she was going to take him to bed with her and get a good night’s sleep.  Honestly, these people need serious help.

The latest is a Hispanic Obama delegate, Julia Rodriguez, who admits on camera that she wants to kill Mitt Romney.  Can you imagine if this came from the Republican Convention, and a Romney supporter stated on camera that they wanted to kill Obama?  She would have been thrown in jail right now.  Why does the media go so light on Liberals?  Why do they consistently get a free pass with their hate against everyone who doesn’t agree with their twisted way of thinking?  I’m telling you, the Liberals and the media are so far up Obama’s butt that you can’t even see their shoes.  Here’s the Julia Rodriguez story…

Secret Service: We‘re ’Aware‘ of DNC Delegate’s Threat to ‘Kill’ Romney

Next we have the latest DNC buttons that you can purchase—”Once you vote black, you never go back”.  Truth is Obama is a mixed race guy.  He’s half black and half white so even their buttons are a falsehood.  Everyone knows that black people will be voting for Obama just because he’s black.  Martin Luther King’s words have a wide-range meaning:  “Judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.”  Michelle Obama stated that “Being president doesn’t change who you are—it reveals who you are.”  That’s the one thing she said that I agreed with.  You are seeing him as he really is, especially when he’s off teleprompter, as he was with his infamous “You didn’t build that” speech.  That is the true Obama, the Obama that was so transparent while running the first time around that I saw right through him, and my blog can attest to that fact.  I’m glad people are finally catching on as well.  Here is the DNC “Vote Black” button story…

“Vote Black” Buttons at the DNC

 Now they had to move Obama’s podium from the 74,000-seat Bank of America outdoor stadium to a more modest Time Warner 20,000-seat arena indoors.  That must have hurt Obama’s narcissistic ego.  They say it’s because of the weather.  Whether you believe them or not, my money’s on the fact that they just couldn’t bus enough people in for the bigger venue.  Students from across North Carolina and members of black churches from South Carolina were bused in for the event.  You be the judge.  If they do get thunderstorms and torrential rains, it will be God washing away that hideous Tower Of Babel-like, 25-foot tall sand statue of Nimrod, I mean Obama, near the DNC.  Some rain removed portions of it, but it was repaired.  The sculpture took 15 tons of sand from a mine in South Carolina and the price tag was $30,000.  Everything about Obama seems to include tons of everything, including lots of money.  This DNC, my dear readers, will be the downfall of Obama, just as the building of the Tower of Babel was the downfall of Shinar.  The Left are putting Obama before God, and Obama and his Administration are trying to remove God from America, and because of that, they will suffer the consequences…




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