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Thomas Edison, inventor of mercury-free light bulb

Here it is Friday, Earth Day.  I wanted to post something today that relates to “Earth Day” and I also wanted to post my “Friday Funnies”.  Since they both occur on the same day, I wanted to post something that contains a little of both…

You’d think our government has much to do because of our escalating gas and food prices, coupled with the Mideast unrest, three wars, our ever-shrinking dollar, but what do they do?  They try to legislate us into the ground.  Case in point…New York legislators wanted to ban DODGEBALL at summer camps because of accidents that could occur!  Really???  They were laughed out of the room so they have since recanted that suggestion.  Now on Earth Day, I wanted to bring another idiotic move that, down the road, will set us back (financially)…

I’m talking about the incandescent light bulb that has slowly being phased out.  Many companies that produce these bulbs have been closed, and now we’re getting them from–China!  Our government is mandating that we only use the CFL bulbs that contain mercury.  According to Larry Bell (I posted his article at the end of my post) stated…

“Thanks to pressure from environmental activist groups, a 2007 law passed by the Democrat-controlled Congress and signed by Republican President George W. Bush will make the sale of standard incandescent 100-watt bulbs illegal effective January 1, 2012, 75-watt bulbs on Jan. 1, 2013, and 60- and 40-watt bulbs as of Jan. 1, 2014.”

Environmental activists have been a thorn in our side for a long time.  Couple that with the Democratic-controlled Congress, and you have the bill that Bush signed into law.  The government is stating these CFL light bulbs contain “only 5 mg of mercury”.  Mercury is highly toxic.  Most people will throw these bulbs in the trash and will not go through the trouble of disposing of them responsibly.  I’ve even seen big old car batteries tossed along the roadside.  What do you think people are going to do with those small CFL light bulbs?  This is hazardous waste, and there are different rules and regulations for the disposal of regular batteries and rechargeable ones.  Do you really think most people are adhering to these rules and regulations?  That would be a big fat NO.  Wal-Mart wanted to sell as many as 100 million of them last year, but fell short.

I’d like to ask that you read these two news stories where CFL light bulbs exploded in peoples’ homes.  The first article was in May of 2010 where the news anchor stated, “We checked with the EPA, and found some reassuring news.  Government records show the risk of a bulb exploding is extremely rare.  It’s almost impossible for one to start a fire, as all CFL-approved bulbs have a safety shutoff fuse in the base.”

Growing concerns over the safety of compact fluorescent light bulbs

Oh, really?  Here’s a news story that appeared just 7 months later about a house fire in Hornell, NY in December of 2010 that was directly attributed to a CFL light bulb exploding just before 7 AM.  Of course, we never heard this story because we have a very Liberal media.  There were people in the house at the time.  Thank God they weren’t injured, but what if nobody was home and this happened?  Many people use light timers to deter burglaries.  Now you have to weigh your options as to whether you want to run the risk of keeping a light on while you’re not home and possibly coming home to a fire.  We’re told this is rare, but it does happen…

Compact fluorescent light bulb to blame for Hornell fire

Think about the other stories like this that won’t make it to the news.  They’re intentionally hiding information like this from the general public.  The government doesn’t have our backs; they have the backs of their supporters…like GE for starters.  GE is making billions of dollars at our expense and our government is allowing them to because in politics, one hand washes the other. 

Here’s a video of the comments made by U.S. Representative Ted Poe (R-Texas) on the Congressional mandate to have all American households and businesses use CFL light bulbs by banning all incandescent bulbs by 2014.  He puts into perspective the foolishness of Congress and their good intentions.  As Milton Freedman said, “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”


Most people, including myself, either don’t like the light they emit or the potential for mercury contamination, and now the risk of a fire.  Some advocates are saying that regular incandescent bulbs emit more toxins into the atmosphere, but I beg to differ.  CFLs are not used as much as the government wants so here we go again…they’re enforcing yet another law on us to help finance their huge spending habits and help their cronies.  These will not save us money in the long run; quite the contrary.  If you look at the big picture, these CFLs will go into our landfills, and because they’re cumulative, these poisonous toxins will saturate the soil leading to mercury poisoning our environment.  The EPA will be spending plenty of money down the road when they’re faced with mercury contamination clean up duty, then they will pass those fees onto us in the form of a new “energy tax”.  This will also force them to enact more rules and regulations for testing well water.  We’re all concerned about our water supply, but just wait until we’re flooded with mercury.  If you think our environment is causing cancer now, watch those numbers surge into the stratosphere because of mercury poisoning.  Five milligrams of mercury may seem insignificant as the government is stressing, but try multiplying that times 100 million, or even 100 billion, and see what happens.

What about the cost to properly dispose of these CFLs by recycling stations?  I’ll bet every city and town in the U.S. will see a huge jump in their taxes to help finance this new ordinance, under a new energy or “green” guise.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not seeing green here; I’m seeing red, and if this goes through as planned, we’ll all be in the red because we just can’t handle all these taxes that are being thrown at us.  They’re piling up as fast as our overdue bills.  In the long run, this is doomed to fail, but like everything else in the government, they don’t look before they leap.  If they did, we wouldn’t be dealing with half the crap we’re dealing with now.  As I’ve said before, the Obama movement is looking more like a bowel movement.

LED (light-emitting-diode) lighting is the way to go, similar to the lighting used on the New Year’s Eve Ball in Times Square.  Philips will be bringing this idea to light (ah, the pun; different company, though) for home use in the not-too-distant future.  In the meantime, I’d put a drop cloth down before you go changing any of those CFL bulbs to save a lot of time and aggravation on clean up, and also your health.  Maybe go one step further and use one of those masks that cover your nose and mouth.

The government is, once again, forcing us to use CFLs.  What if we don’t want to use them?  Mercury poisoning is just one reason.  Some people feel that they bring on or exacerbate migraines.  We don’t have too many choices, especially with the Jerks du soleil in Washington pitching their tent of agendas.

In light (no pun intended here) of the GE and Obama friendship I see strengthening, I believe that Obama’s cronies are forcing everyone to switch (yet another pun) from incandescent, and much safer, bulbs to the compact fluorescent light bulbs to help feed both the Obama pocket and the GE corporate account.  Who stands to benefit from this new “energy law” of banning incandescent bulbs?  GEE…let me think.  As I’ve said many times before, we now have a government “of the government, by the government and for the government.  Apparently, one hand washes the other in Obama’s Crony Town…

I’m posting two well-written articles (below) on this topic that I’m hoping you’ll read…


Warning: Vacate room when CFL bulb breaks
Energy-saving devices called so dangerous everyone must leave for at least 15 minutes

Posted: January 06, 2008
1:00 am Eastern

© 2009 WorldNetDaily.com

Thomas Edison must be rolling over in his grave.

Less than a month after the U.S. Congress passed an energy bill banning the incandescent light bulb by 2014, the UK Environment Agency issued guidelines calling for evacuation of any room where an energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulb is broken, releasing toxic mercury.

The warning comes a month before the British government begins its phase-out of tungsten bulbs, scheduled to be completed in 2011. The switchover to CFL bulbs will save at least five million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, the government said.  

Health experts warned this week that people with certain skin ailments will suffer from the new eco-friendly bulbs which cause conditions such as eczema to flare up. Additionally, the bulbs have been linked to migraine headaches in some people.

The Environment Agency’s latest advice focuses on the 6 to 8 milligrams of toxic mercury in each bulb.

Users who break a bulb should vacate the room for at least 15 minutes, the new guidelines say. The debris should not be removed with a vacuum cleaner, which could put toxic dust into the air, but with rubber gloves. The broken glass and all residue is to be placed into a sealed plastic bag and taken to a local official recyclingsite for proper disposal.

“Because these light bulbs contain small amounts of mercury, they could cause a problem if disposed of in a normal bin,” environmental scientist Dr David Spurgeon told the London Daily Mail.

“It is possible that the mercury could be released into the air or from land-fill when they are released into the wider environment. That is a concern, because mercury is a well-known toxic substance.”

The Environmental Agency noted that neither warnings about the bulbs’ toxicity nor directions for proper disposal is printed on any packaging.

Such warnings aren’t necessary, said one toxicologist who said a number of bulbs would have to be smashed simultaneously before there was a danger.

“Mercury accumulates in the body – especially the brain,” Dr. David Ray, from the University of Nottingham, told the BBC. “The biggest danger is repeated exposure – a one off exposure is not as potentially dangerous compared to working in a light bulb factory.

“If you smash one bulb then that is not too much of a hazard. However, if you broke five bulbs in a small unventilated room then you might be in short term danger.”

The most-immediate hazard from the CFL bulbs may be to Brits’ pocketbooks. It costs about $1,300 to properly dispose of one municipal recycling bin full of bulbs – a figure that is sure to increase residents’ tax bills.

Link to the above article:  Warning: Vacate room when CFL bulb breaks

Here’s a recent article that is quite informative…

How Many Politicians Are Needed To Screw Up A Light Bulb?

I really wish our government would just do what they were elected to do——keep America safe from terrorists and let the free market take care of getting America back on track.  With government intervention, America is sadly derailing at a high rate of speed.  So where is the joke in my “Friday Funnies”, you might be asking?  That would be our government and everything they stand for.  Have a very Happy Easter, Everyone!!!



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