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What a turn of events…


Egyptians are now saying they are worse off than when Hosni Mubarak was in office. While Obama himself was applauding the uprising and pushing Mubarak off his pedestal, the fate of the Egyptians was sealed.  What started as an uprising that brought happiness and satisfaction to the Egyptian people, is fading fast.  Now they have the Muslim Brotherhood moving in, virginity checks are being conducted on their women and other radical “changes” that the Egyptians didn’t sign up for are taking place.  I’m sure most of them are suffering from buyers’ remorse [just as a lot of those Obama voters in America].  The Egyptians are not the only ones who are fearful.  Israelis are fearful that it could seriously jeopardize the peace treaty they had with Egypt, although a recent poll shows that 60% of Egyptians favor one…

Poll: 60% of Egyptians support peace with Israel


Muslim Brotherhood member Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh is considering a run for Egypt’s presidency as an Independent saying, “it’s his duty for the youth of the revolution”.  He also claims he wants to run as an Independent because he would “represent Egypt and not the Brotherhood, but will always feel fondly for the group”.  He has vowed to serve all Egyptians, whether Muslims or Christians.  I would like to tell the Egyptians to “beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.  Just look at what a wolf in sheep’s clothing is doing to the great United States of America!


The Muslim Brotherhood will be rejoining protests this Friday — a move that will ignite a revolutionary movement since Mubarak was ousted, and will further incite wrath in an already tortured country.


Since Mubarak was ousted, the crime rate went up 200% with murder, violent theft and kidnapping increasing sharply.  On January 28, 2011, the gates of several prisons were opened and thousands of criminals escaped.  Here’s the story…

Egypt: crime soars 200 per cent since Hosni Mubarak was ousted


Now that the radicals have replaced the word “change” for “democracy”, the Egyptians are seeing all too well what we as Americans know already know — when your government calls for “change”, make sure you know what that “change” will be before you submit to it.  You might not like what you get.  After all, if their version of “change” is so great, why do people fear it and run away from it once it’s in place?  The words “hope” and “change” aren’t being thrown around so readily as they were two and three years ago.


There’s a reason why so many people are dying (literally and figuratively) to get into the great United States of America, but I fear it’s only a matter of time before this unrest will make its way to our great America…


Here’s the story (link follows article)…


Egyptians say they are worse off post Mubarak

Wednesday, Apr 6, 2011 at 3:27 PM EDT

Reality must be setting in for the Egyptian people, as a new article in the New York Times is reporting that “the jokes have stalled, another sign that Egypt’s revolution has too.” Glenn gave his reaction on radio.

“When punch line is no longer a lifeline for Egyptians.  It’s a story that talks about how the Egyptians have used humor to get through, you know, dark periods for a very, very long time and they were doing that with, you know, with the revolution,” Glenn said.

The Times article said:

For centuries, Egyptians have turned to humor, often dressed up in dark sarcasm, as a tonic for a battered soul. But even that seemingly genetic predisposition to mock what ails them started to wear thin after nearly three decades of stagnation under Hosni Mubarak.

And then came the Tahrir Square revolution, a virtual force of nature that unleashed the ambitions and anger of millions, ousted an entrenched autocrat and inspired a resurgence of that famously biting Egyptian wit. It was in the placards, the slogans, the banners and the antics; it was passed along through the Internet, text messaging and even local newspapers.

But the Egyptians are realizing this is no laughing matter:

But now that moment has passed, damped by the recognition that for many people life today is even harder than before, especially for the poor and for those who survive on tourism — like the army of taxi drivers who are forced to battle ever worsening traffic for ever fewer passengers.

“No one is joking,” said Mohamed Saleh Mohamed, as he navigated a taxi through downtown Cairo’s congested streets recently. “There is no happiness, no work. The country is a mess.”

The sudden turn from humor points to a sense of revolution fatigue that has swept over a nation where people had hoped for overnight change only to awaken to the myriad challenges facing them.

“This was the revolution that was going to get rid of the brutal dictator.  This was the act of democracy.  This was democracy in action.  This is beautiful,” Pat said

“No, this is revolution.  That’s what this is, revolution,” Glenn countered.

“Yeah, democracy is kind of like the word “Change.”  You know how everybody said, I’m for change.  Yeah, I’m for change.  And we said, define change.  What does change mean?  Yes, we were all for change.  But what does it ‑‑ how many of us were for this kind of change?” Glenn said.

“The same thing with democracy.  They’ve just inserted the word “Democracy” because change has been exposed for what it is.  A meaningless slogan,” Glenn said.

“And so like progressives always do, they just change one meaningless word for another meaningless word.”

“By the way, just a quick little update.  It looks like the regime now is taking away laptop computers, cellphones, any kind of mobile, mobile devices at all,” Glenn said.

There are also reports that the new regime has enacted a “virginity squad” to check women to see if they are virgins.

Egyptians say they are worse off post Mubarak



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Isn’t it ironic that we overthrew foreign governments and put puppets like Mubarik, Hussein, Gaddaffi and others in power? Then force and support their overthrow? The U.S. government supports the poor stupid people with their “Democracy” (when we should be promoting the principles of our Republic). Our government giveth. Our government taketh away.

And our government taketh away our Constitutional Rights here too.


Well, all you have to do is take a look at the puppet that we have here in the USA, Rodney, a puppet some people voted for. You are right, it is ironic, but we as a Republic, as you so correctly stated, will be taking back our country in November. I know a lot of people who giveth their votes to Obama, but in this election, they will taketh away those votes because they don’t like the direction he’s taking our beautiful country. Freedom will then ring once again for all Americans…

Have a great weekend, Rodney…



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