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Here we go again…

Obama has officially announced that his re-election campaign has now begun.  As I see it, it never ended.  He’s been all over the place in campaign mode and now he’ll step it up a notch, if that is even possible.

Now Obama’s been going around trying to drum up some approval for his energy agenda (article follows my post).  He wants all of us to go out and get an energy-efficient vehicle [again] even though we can’t afford it (remember the Cash For Clunker failure?)  I blogged about it…


Now he’s touting energy efficiency once again, even though our government has pushed it under the rug for quite some time, as I blogged about as well.  This is a real eye-opener…


Seems to me, our government wants to keep us at the mercy of our government and the oil companies.  Why?  Another question I’d like to ask is why is it that Obama states that he has a hybrid vehicle, but doesn’t drive it much; it’s mostly in the garage.  Why?  If he really wanted to make an appeal to Americans, he would drive one himself, but even he doesn’t like it!  Once again, it’s “Do as I say, not as I do” Obama.  What a piece of work he is.  I still can’t believe that people actually voted for this idiot.  Yes, I said idiot!  Here’s just a couple of reasons…

Ask yourself, “Are we any better today than we were two years ago?”  If you ask my husband and I, our friends and family, the answer is NO!  We are far worse off.  The price of a gallon of gas has doubled since Obama took office, according to price tracking website, GasBuddy.  Here’s a compilation of local gas prices in the U.S. and in Canada…

Local Gas Prices in the USA and Canada

The price of a gallon of gas was approximately $1.79 nationally when Obama was sworn in, yet people were screaming at Bush because of the escalating gas prices.  Here we are today paying an average of $3.58 per gallon and not one person in the media is blaming Obama.  Oil prices jumped 6.8% last month amid the unrest in the Middle East.  Oil is now at $108.47 a barrel, yet there is no outrage against Obama as there was against Bush, even though we are doing far, far worse now than when Bush was in office.  Here is a look at the current commodities market, according to CNN.  Oil is now at a 30-month high:  Commodities

Ask yourself…”Are we doing better with Obama?”  If this trend continues, and it will, gas prices would double again within a year, according to the Washington Times.

Remember when Obama said that with his Cap and Trade Bill, energy costs would “necessarily skyrocket”?  Here he states that companies would have to retrofit their operations, and as a consequence, they would pass those higher costs onto us, the consumers…

Obama – forcing electricity prices to skyrocket (Video)

People voted for this narcissistic fool back in 2008, and if he gets in again in 2012 then I will have to agree (for once) with the Democrats that “voters are stupid”.  When you look at who voted for Obama, as seen in these videos, you can understand why Obama was elected in 2008—because people didn’t know him and didn’t take the time to educate themselves as to what his policies were.  Obama’s campaign people are claiming that they will have $1B in campaign contributions to dedicate to Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.  I wonder how much of that will be illegally obtained.  I hope and pray to Almighty God that money won’t buy his election again.  I am praying that Americans will wake up and smell the filth that he has set upon this country and vote for someone who will do the job of The People, not the Snow Job we got from Obama.

Unless these clueless idiots start educating themselves on what Obama and his administration truly stand for, they will make the same crucial mistake again in 2012.  This is why the media tries to keep voters in the dark, which is why I watch Fox News on a daily basis—I listen then I research what I hear myself to see if they’re correct, and they always are.  Listen to these idiots in these videos.  This will be playing out all over again, except on a higher level.  Please keep in mind that these were from the 2008 election, and the Democrats were the majority.  Clueless idiots voting for a clueless idiot—I guess birds of a feather really do flock together…

Must watch! HowObamaGotElected.com “Informed” Obama voters (Video)


Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!! (Video)

In this video, a voter said she is going to vote for Obama because “we can’t even afford food for our children with a job”.  How’s that working out for her now that unemployment under Obama is at an all-time high?

Obama Voters (Video)

In this video, black voters were asked why they voted for Obama.  Keep in mind that they were asked about McCain’s policies, but were told they were Obama’s.  Never correcting the interviewer, they went along really thinking they were Obama’s policies, and these people are voting in 2012.  We’re in serious trouble…

Stupid Obama Voters (Video)

I’m sure Obama will be revisiting “all 58 states” as he said during his previous campaign, where he claimed, “I’ve now been to 57 states; I think…one left to go.”  Which state would that 58th be, Obama?  The State of Confusion (where you are) or the State of Shock (where we are)?…


Obama says fuel prices will change car habits

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Barack Obama said on Saturday Americans would start changing the kinds of cars they drive if gasoline prices continue to climb and said he owned a hybrid vehicle, though he doesn’t drive it much.

Obama, an Illinois senator and the front-runner for his party’s presidential nomination, has made fighting climate change a key issue of his campaign, and as fuel prices soar, he has repeatedly called on car makers to increase fuel efficiency standards.

Without specifically telling Americans to stop buying gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles, the Illinois senator said higher fuel prices would lead to a shift.

“We’ve seen that this quarter. People are changing their behavior and we’ve seen a slump in the sales of SUVs and big trucks and a drastic spike in cars both medium size and small,” he told reporters on his campaign plane.

Obama put responsibility on car makers to make vehicles more fuel efficient.

“They’ve done a better job of investment than they have in the past. There’s still more work to do, and the federal government should help them do it,” he said.

Obama, who spends most of his time traveling around the country on a plane and in cars driven by his Secret Service agents, does have a car of his own that is environmentally friendly.

“These days I don’t drive much,” he said. “I bought a hybrid, but we keep it in the garage mostly.”

(Reporting by Jeff Mason)



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