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The youth movement in Egypt has lost all the influence they so violently fought for and a new nightmare may be taking hold——the Muslim Brotherhood may be gaining a foothold by taking advantage of the instability in Eqypt.  Remember when Obama praised the peaceful demonstrators in Egypt, calling them “an inspiration to people around the world.”  Of course, Obama is curiously silent about this. 

This NYT article states that the Muslim Brotherhood “is intent on establishing an Islamic state, and that Brotherhood leaders are proclaiming ‘their dedication to religious tolerance and a democratic and pluralist form of government’ “.  The new Prime Minister, Essam Sharaf, appointed a Brotherhood member who was appointed to the committee to draft amendments to the Constitution.  These amendments call for “speeding up the election process so that parliamentary contests can be held before September, followed by the presidential race”.  This is very advantageous to the Muslim Brotherhood, and they are taking full advantage of this situation.  They say they’re on the level, but as we all know, “beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.


I remember Glenn Beck stating this previously about the Muslim Brotherhood possibly gaining power, but lots of people called him a racist and a hate‑monger.  Now we have the New York Times saying the same thing.  The Muslim Brotherhood is “not letting a bad crisis go to waste”.  They even went so far as to hang a banner in a square in Alexandria instructing voters that it was “their religious duty to vote ‘Yes’ on the amendments”…something they will be influencing.  Sounds like they’re paving the road to power already. 


Do you believe Glenn Beck now?… Well, let’s revisit this article down the road and see if it rings true then.  Here’s the NYT article…


Islamist Group Is Rising Force in a New Egypt


Well, the Egyptian people did want “change”.  All they had to do was look at what “change” did to the United States…



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