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UPDATED:  Friday, March 25, 2011, 2:58 PM (My original post follows my update)

Here’s an update on this story…

Kimesa Smith, the wild animal who pulled a nutty at the Atlanta Burger King was arrested, and charged with a felony…


Apparently, this happens all the time.  Just three weeks ago, a similar incident occurred…

Woman Flips Out At Burger King Over Bad Order

This happened on March 2, 2011.  Here is 38-year-old Tara Lyons in an Oakland Park Burger King who brought back her breakfast sandwich after eating some of it, accusing someone of “allegedly” spitting in her sandwich.  She’s seen here showing the manager her sandwich.  Apparently, the manager didn’t buy her story so Lyons hopped over the counter and the manager pushed her off the counter and she went down.  She got back up, hopped over the counter and went after the employees in the back room.  Boy, after watching what happens in McDonald’s and Burger King restaurants, I’m glad I cook all my meals at home.  I don’t do fast food restaurants because I don’t consider them healthy, and apparently, fast food also makes people go insane…

Maybe Burger King should get rid of their slogan, “Have it your way” because these beasts are pushing it to the limit.  Maybe these fast food burger joints should post signs stating:  “Please leave your anger outside.”  Well, at least they didn’t call “9-1-1, Burger Emergency”…



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There are three stories here.  The last one will probably surprise you…

This type of behavior is getting more and more frequent.  Why just a couple of days ago, Chris Brown, the arrogant so-called R & B singer had a meltdown while on Good Morning America when GMA’s host Robin Roberts dared to ask him about the beating he gave his then girlfriend Rihanna.  He went into a rage, threw a chair through a window in his dressing room, walked out before singing a second song and on his way out, harassed a GMA segment producer.  Too bad the first song wasn’t his “swan song”, and too bad he wasn’t really on his way out.  All this and GMA didn’t press charges!  What’s wrong with this picture?  Maybe they just didn’t want to be labeled as racists.  Brown tweeted, “I’m so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there (sp) bulls**t.”, then removed it.  Hey, this is the price of fame and they all know it, yet they continue to earn multimillions and think they’re entitled to the money and privacy, but you just can’t have both.

This behavior will continue to go on, and escalate, unless these animals are forced to be held responsible for their barbaric actions.  Looks like those anger management classes aren’t working out for him.  Also, some people just don’t look good as blondes…



Now we have a black 23-year old female, Kimesa Smith, going on a rampage like some kind of rapid dog at a Burger King because her order was taking too long.  She went ballistic and trashed the place, and she was there with her two kids!  Way to show your kids how to behave in public, you idiot.  People wonder why kids growing up today are so screwed up.  This is the type of behavior kids learn from their family members, friends and celebrities.

Not only was her behavior very disturbing, but so was the reaction from the rest of the customers, who appear not to be fazed at all by her actions.  In fact, they were all laughing, didn’t try to stop her, and even joined in the mêlée.  I don’t see this as funny.  I see this as an extremely angry animal who doesn’t deserve to bring kids into this world, let alone bring them up.  I know, I know!  I’m a racist because I called out these angry black people, but this is fact–I’m not making this up, and it’s a normal occurrence at many Burger Kings and McDonalds establishments.  Why are they so angry?  For the record, I’d be just as disgusted if this were done by white people.  It’s the behavior I’m singling out, not the color of their skin… 

As seen on YouTube: Alabama woman trashes Beach Burger King

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March 23, 2011 08:11:00 PM


PANAMA CITY BEACH — When a bikini-clad Alabama woman trashed a Burger King, the whole thing was captured on video and posted to YouTube.

The video shows the 23-year-old from Montgomery, having it her way, standing on the counter to shout at a cashier she’d argued with in the drive-through moments earlier. About halfway through the 101-second clip, the dining room explodes with flying napkins, trays, straws, food and what appears to be either a child’s booster seat or a large water bottle.

The fight started when the woman complained about her order, according to a sworn statement from one of the workers.

“She got mad at her order and said to … (my cousin) she had ugly manners. Then my cousin hollered out the window,” she wrote. “The lady with the bathing suit came back inside Burger King and was cussing at all of us.”

Beach police responded to the disturbance around 6:30 p.m. March 19 and arrested the woman for simple battery. After she was handcuffed, the suspect became concerned with the whereabouts of her two children. Police contacted an adult who was with the woman and arranged for the care of the two children while mom was booked in Bay County Jail.



I expected this type of frenzy to occur after some guy walked into a Starbucks coffee shop here in Boston on St. Patrick’s Day, threw one hundred $1 bills into the air and then calmly walked out (story below).  This is where coffee is so expensive that extra money to pay for it would have been welcomed, especially during this bad recession.  Personally, I don’t drink it–it tastes like it’s burnt; it’s cheaper to burn it at home. 

Anyway, when the money hit the floor, not one customer went for it.  One of the Starbucks employees calmly picked up all the bills and donated it to relief efforts in Japan.  That’s my Boston!  I find it interesting to note that some of the comments here are calling this guy “crazy”, yet fans are rallying around Chris Brown calling everyone else crazy.  Now, I find that crazy.  Imagine if this occurred at that Burger King restaurant in Alabama.  What do you think would have happened?  Hmmm…This scenario would make an interesting segment on “What Would You Do”, wouldn’t it?  I’m just saying…






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