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The news seems to be mounting against the Japanese people, but their strength and resolve should be applauded.  I hope and pray that this nightmare will soon be over for them.  These people have been handling this tragedy with grace and dignity—something you don’t see very often.  Here are some recent articles about this tragedy…


After Japan’s quake and tsunami, freezing weather threatens relief efforts


AM Report: Various Videos


US Stocks Sink On Japan Meltdown Worries


Catastrophe in Japan: Meltdown looms as efforts halted


U.S. Official: ‘Partial Meltdown’ at Japanese Plant’


While our hearts and prayers are with the Japanese people as this tragedy unfolds, Obama’s heart is in his golf game and college basketball picks.  Instead of focusing on the tragedies that are escalating throughout the world, Obama focused his attention on making his picks for the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments and videotaping a “March Madness” segment for ESPN—priorities, you know.  The only Madness I see is a guy who is intentionally ruining the greatest country on the planet, tarnishing the reputation of this country in the eyes of other world leaders with his clueless, reckless antics…

While Japan Burns Obama Golfs – Obama Plays His 61st Round of Golf


I couldn’t stand Obama even before he stole the White House, but now…now I know he truly is the pathetic, narcissistic, self-absorbed, gutless, clueless, reckless idiot I always thought he was.  His actions continue to confirm my judgment…






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