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Are they serious???
Here we have the government giving some low-income people in Massachusetts a 30-cent discount for every dollar they spend on fruits and vegetables to the tune of $20 Million.  Who’s going to be footing the bill for this latest entitlement?  I’ll give you three guesses.  I buy fruits and vegetables (some organic, when available) all the time, but there’s no help for those of us who are eating healthy on a daily basis.  The government continues to help those who don’t care to help themselves by punishing those who do good and rewarding those who do bad.  Does the government really think these people will be encouraged to buy more fruits and veggies?  Time will tell…
When I was in my late 20s, single, living in a studio apartment, working full time, I was a passenger in a bad car accident.  I ended up in a rehab center for over two months (over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s), lost my job (that I held for many years) and lost my studio apartment.  I went to our government for help, asking for food stamps until I got on my feet.  I didn’t ask for clothes, furniture or a free apartment, I asked for some food stamps so I could eat!  I was asked if I had any kids.  When I said no, I was declined and was told to "go ask my family and friends for help".  When I saw all the people out in the waiting room, many of whom were minorities and those who couldn’t even speak English, I raised my voice and said, "If I was a minority, couldn’t speak English and had a bunch of illegitimate kids, you’d probably help me then, wouldn’t you?  I’ve been paying taxes since I was 15 years old, and I’m not going to get any help from you!?"  I was then asked to leave, which I did.
I’d like to see these welfare and food stamp recipients have to submit to random drug testing as a precursor to receiving these entitlements.  How many people do you think would pass?  This has been put to Congress and they say it would cost too much money.  My guess is that it would be a heck of a lot cheaper for the drug testing because if they don’t pass, they get no money or benefits.  People would think twice before picking up a joint or a crack pipe.  Granted, some drug abusers would resort to robbing people in order to feed their habit, as they do now, but I feel most people would try and better themselves.
I learned at a very early age that you have to depend on yourself.  After all, I believe that God helps those who help themselves.  Putting my family and friends in that awkward position like asking for a handout is something I wouldn’t even consider, even back then.  I ended up calling my former employer and arranging to take out my 401K.  I was told that I would be penalized for early withdrawal, and I asked if the penalty could be cancelled because of my circumstances.  Of course, the answer was NO!  I don’t think I’m alone in my frustration that most of us who live within our means have to go without so that slackers can be rewarded for living beyond their means.  I see people who are in the checkout lines at supermarkets, giant diamond stud earrings hanging from their ears, gold hanging from their necks, wrists and on their fingers, and they’re paying for their groceries with food stamps.  That infuriates me!  It doesn’t bother me when I see that type of scenario from people who aren’t bucking the system.  Hey, if they have it, let ’em flaunt it, but when it comes at our expense, that’s when I have a problem.
Anyway, we’ve got to do away with this "nanny state" mentality and make people take responsibility for their own actions and not be bribed into doing the right thing.  This is setting a dangerous precedent.  People need to start thinking for themselves.  As they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make ’em drink it (no pun intended here)…

Food stamp discounts for fruits, veggies in Massachusetts
By Associated Press

Thursday, August 19, 2010 


BOSTON — Several thousand low-income residents in western Massachusetts are being tapped for a program aimed at improving nutrition and fighting obesity.


The Boston Globe reports that food stamp recipients chosen for the program in Hampden County will be offered a 30-cent discount on every dollar they spend on fresh fruits and vegetables. Officials will then track the families for 15 months to see if the discounts help lead to healthier eating habits, and compare them with other food stamp recipients in the county who continue to pay full price for produce.


The $20 million federal initiative is expected to be announced on Thursday and could help lead to changes in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.




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I can understand how you feel.I mom had the same problem.she couln’t get housing.she worked all her life and lives on a fixed income.I see people who never worked and are living in housing.they told my mom she had a 5 year wait on the list.I think if you payed into the sysem and are a citizen,you should have more rights to getting the help you need.let the immigrants and the others(unless they have a disability)wait in line.this may give the insentive for people to think and realize that our government is going to take care of the ones that deserve to get what they payed into the sysem.the government needs to wake up and take care of their own.


Marg, there are so many holes in the system it’s starting to resemble an onion sack. There are so many ways to fix the system, but sadly in today’s day and age, corruption rules. Welfare is a major part of the problem, but is so out of control. I say drug test them all, and you will find many not eligible because those EBT cards they’re getting are easily transferred to cash which are funding their drug and alcohol habits.


Well now, sir. That depends…Will I get 30 cents off if I buy sweet potatoes?


Do you want Fries with that Banana?


Do you want Fries with that Banana?


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