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Let the games begin…
Here it is less than three months before the November elections and already things are heating up in the Governor’s race.  The contenders are Deval "Devil" Patrick (now in office), Charlie Baker (my personal pick), recent Democrat-turned-Independent State Treasurer, Tim Cahill and Jill Stein, member of the Green Party.  As far as Cahill, he’s a definite no based upon his performance in the treasurer’s office.  As for Patrick?  Well, the condition of Massachusetts is proof enough that we don’t need an Obama wannabe screwing things up any more than he has already.  Patrick is a clueless idiot who can’t see beyond himself and his agendas.  Jill Stein, physician from Lexington, is a definite no as well.  I’ve included the Cape Wind debate video, which follows this story.
Patrick is setting his sights on Baker because he’s closer to Patrick in the polls than Cahill who is trailing both.  Patrick is insisting that Baker had a big hand in the Big Dig’s woes, but he is badly mistaken.  Truth is, Charlie Baker had a mere 10% involvement while Patrick’s transportation secretary, James Aloisi, who had to resign last year, was the major contributor in that atrocity.
Patrick is nothing more than an Obama clone and is an extension of his agenda…higher taxes and bigger government, with a sense of entitlement that parallels Obama’s.  Once Patrick got into office, did he [as he said he would do] focus on bringing jobs to Massachusetts, help to cut taxes and decrease state spending?  Heck, no!  He got rid of Romney’s Crown Victoria in favor of a Cadillac [where he was dubbed "Cadillac Deval"] and he also refunished his "new digs" to the tune of over $27,000, all at taxpayers’ expense).  According to the Globe during Patrick’s first few weeks in office…

Governor Deval Patrick spent more than $10,000 on damask drapes for his State House office as part of a $27,387 makeover that also included a new desk, settee, and other furnishings paid for with taxpayer money.

Yesterday, after an inquiry from the Globe, Patrick abruptly announced that he would repay the state for the draperies and furnishings.

At the same time, Patrick said he would contribute $543 each month to the lease of the Cadillac DTS he uses for state business, bringing the cost to the public in line with the more modest Ford Crown Victoria used by Governor Mitt Romney.

Patrick, who just days ago defiantly defended his lease of the $46,000 luxury car, said he changed his mind after a weekend spent struggling with the state’s dismal finances and the budget cuts he has asked his agency leaders to make to bridge a deficit of at least $1 billion.

"I realize I cannot in good conscience ask the agencies to make those choices without being willing to make them myself," Patrick said in a statement released late yesterday.

Aides declined to permit a Globe photographer to photograph the new furniture or the draperies, hung at the enormous windows overlooking Boston Common.

Patrick’s reversal occurred after huddling with advisers about how to deal with a rising political and media storm, the first of his seven-week-old administration.

Here’s the complete story…
I hope more people will remember what those who are currently in office are doing to this state and this country.  I pray to God that they do their homework come election time, both in 2010 and in 2012.  It’s never been a more important time to know who you’re voting for.  In politics, one is worse than the other, but if we want a fighting chance of bringing more jobs to Massachusetts without being drowned by governmental debt, higher taxes and bigger government, I truly believe Charlie Baker is the right person for the job.  He understands business and that’s a big plus in politics, especially when it comes to creating more jobs in the Commonwealth and enticing companies to stay or relocate here.  As far as "Devil" Patrick and his vision of seeing green?  He may be seeing green, but the rest of us are seeing red, both in our emotions and in our finances…
Throw book at James Aloisi, not Charlie Baker
The wrong man blamed


Gov. Deval Patrick says Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker developed and supported an out-of-control Big Dig financing scheme that was misleading, diverted money from other transportation projects and diminished public confidence in state government.

“He’s got to answer for it,” the governor declared, seemingly without a hint of irony.

It’s a line that could have come from his 2006 gubernatorial campaign, when Patrick was swept into office after railing against the “Big Dig culture on Beacon Hill.” But it’s stunning to hear the governor say it in 2010, considering that less than a year ago his secretary of transportation was the guy who literally wrote the book on the Big Dig.

In 2004, James Aloisi published “The Big Dig: New England Remembers” after being involved in the project since its inception. Aloisi served as an assistant secretary of transportation under Gov. Michael Dukakis, general counsel for the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority and then as outside counsel to the Turnpike Authority.

As outside counsel, Aloisi racked up $3 million in legal fees before the Turnpike Authority Board of Directors fired him in 2001 for his inability to justify more than $800,000 in billings.

From the time he was ousted until he became transportation secretary in 2008, Aloisi donated more than $40,000 to a who’s who of Massachusetts politicians.

Patrick blames Baker for the Big Dig financing plan, but Aloisi’s own bio from his former law firm describes him as the “principal author of landmark legislation to establish the statutory framework for the operation, maintenance and financing” of the Big Dig.

It’s easy to see why former Turnpike Authority board member Christy Mihos said, “I don’t know anybody who would be more a part of the Big Dig culture than Jim Aloisi,” calling him “the Big Dig personified.” But when asked whether he was part of the Big Dig culture, Aloisi said, “I don’t even know what that phrase means.”

Upon Aloisi’s resignation from the transportation secretary post last fall after a gaffe-filled 10 months, Patrick praised him for “the administration and implementation of our accelerated bridge program.” That program, which quickens the pace of repairs on the commonwealth’s crumbling bridges, is funded the same way the Big Dig was. It appears to be Aloisi’s financing plan when the governor likes the results and Baker’s when he doesn’t.

Baker has taken responsibility for the part he played in the Big Dig. In the midst of Patrick’s misleading attacks, one thing that’s clear is that Baker’s role was far smaller than the one played by Patrick’s former transportation secretary, who was the face of the Big Dig.


Learn more about the Republican candidate and former head of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

Learn more about the state Treasurer and independent candidate.

Learn more about the Democratic governor, who is running for reelection.

Learn more about the Lexington physician and Green-Rainbow candidate.

Patrick, rivals clash over Cape wind farm






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