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I’ve never heard anything about Dr. Laura Schlessinger nor have I heard any contents from her radio show, but this story definitely piqued my interest…
Personally, I don’t like the "N-Word", but it has always baffled me as to why blacks say it all the time, yet hate it so much.  If you’re white, you can’t say it, but if you’re black, you can spew it all you want.  To me, that’s racist.  If blacks are so offended by that word, why don’t they stop using it themselves and set an example?
Anyway, here’s a video of Dr. Laura Schlessinger speaking over the phone during her radio show with a black woman who’s married to a white guy (notice that Al Crapton is conveniently sitting beside CNN’s Anderson Cooper during this segment).  For the record, Al Crapton has never, ever advised blacks not to use the "N-Word" in order to set a precedent.
The black woman is telling Dr. Laura that she often hears racist comments from his family and friends.  The comments in question were nothing more than saying "Why do black people do this?" and "What do black people think about that?"  How is that racist?  Can we not say that most black guys play basketball or that you hardly ever see black hockey players, if at all?  It’s the truth!  That’s merely stating a fact and an observance.  This black/white intolerance is so out of control, it’s getting so sickening, and it’s only with blacks!  I have to side with Dr. Laura on this one as she was merely making a valid point, not using the "N-Word" in a derogatory manner as the media wants you to believe.

There’s a video at this link (further down the story, on the left side, where Al Crapton offers his two cents).  This spewing from a guy who arranged a rally in Crown Heights after Cato’s death where he said during the Crown Heights riot:  "If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house", and referring to Jews as "diamond merchants."

How is this not racist?  Now his comments were racist!  You know what they say about people in glass houses, Crapton

Dr. Laura apologizes for using N-word


This video, coming from a black guy, on the subject…

Dr. Laura thanks for opening the debate. Now do not apologize. Let us debate.






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