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UPDATED:  Saturday, August 14, 2010 9:35 AM (My original post follows this update)
Somehow this doesn’t surprise me…
Obama hosted an iftar dinner (the meal that breaks the dawn-to-dusk fast for Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan) and took that opportunity to endorse the decision of the building of a huge mosque in New York near Ground Zero.  There are approximately 100 mosques in New York City.  This is not a religious freedom statement, but a political one.  In some cases, mosques are built near the sites of conquests, and that may be the case with this one.  If the Muslims who are building this travesty were really caring and religious people, they would take into account the feelings of all those people who lost loved ones on that very tragic day and those innocent people who lost their lives.
How timely for Obama, being in the room with so many Muslims and making that statement.  Now Mayor Bloomberg is comparing him to George Washington.  If Bloomberg really knew the history of George Washington, he never would have made that very inaccurate statement.  Just as Obama is no Abraham Lincoln, he is certainly no George Washington either.
Sarah Palin asked on her Twitter account: “Will Obama express U.S. lingering pain and ask Muslims for tolerance by discouraging the 9/11 mosque while he celebrates Islamic holy month tonight?”
That’s a good question…
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I haven’t posted in some time due to lots of things happening in my life right now, but every day is riddled with incidents that totally infuriate me.  Maybe I just want to distance myself from all the doom and gloom so I can deal with my own issues with a clearer head.  I will try and keep blogging in case you care to read what I blog about.  I have no way of knowing how many people read my blog since Windows Live decided they’d take that feature away from us.  I’m thinking of going with a different blog site.  I would appreciate any feedback you can give me as to which blog site has the best features…
Anyway, this story surprised me in that Germany closed down a mosque which, they believe, is again being frequented by Islamic radicals.  I applaud them for that!  This move comes on the heels of that idiot Mayor Bloomberg defending his decision to allow a huge mosque to be built two blocks from Ground Zero in New York.  Why couldn’t this mosque be built in another area far away from Ground Zero?  Although not all Muslims are terrorists, there are enough of them to raise suspicion as to why they want to locate a mosque near Ground Zero.  Is it a mocking gesture?  What’s even more troubling to me is the fact that mosques are springing up at an alarming rate across the United States.  I just can’t convince myself that all these mosques are “just for praying”.  I’m sure a lot of these are nothing more than meeting houses for recruiting more Islamist extremists to fight against Americans.  I’m sure people would feel better if these mosques were infiltrated by watchdogs to see if they truly are prayer places and not recruitment centers for terrorists.  If they’re legitimate, they’ll have nothing to worry about.
The reason there are so many Muslims is partly because many are forced into this religion or they risk death.  Another reason is that terrorists prey on those who are anti-establishment and have an ax to grind, so to speakmany of whom are conveniently found in prisons.  Freedom of religion is fast becoming freedom to spread jihad under the guise of freedom.
If only our own government would follow suit and keep a very watchful eye on these “mosques” as many other countries are doing, we wouldn’t be leaving ourselves wide open to future attacks from those radical terrorists swarming to this country because of our overly-excessive “tolerance”.  I’m sure a lot of you Liberals out there would call me a “racist” against Muslims.  I’m sure the millions of families who lost loved ones on September 11th would beg to differ.  It’s not called racial profiling, it’s called protecting the interests of America and its citizens from potential threatsbetter to be safe than sorry.  When I’m pulled over by a cop and asked to show my ID, I can’t rely on the race card because I’m a blonde white woman.  I show my ID with no protest.  If I were to run a red light, I’d have to pay the consequences.  Only minorities have the cushy race card to play if they break the law.  I wonder when we’ll all really be equal enough to be responsible for our own actions regardless of our color, religion, etc.
Here are two recent stories on the subject…

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