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Just when I thought it was safe to take a deep breath, we get news like this about our administration (story follows my post).  Ever since this administration started ruling this great land, we’re all hyperventilating over their inactions and actions on a daily basis.  I’m telling you, every day it’s another negative move on their part.  Now here comes Janet Napolitano dropping down further into the clueless hole of morons with her latest crusade—she’s vowing to help Saudi Arabia secure their borders because, as she says, "It is a very rough border, very difficult to protect from illegal crossings."
How about letting the Saudi’s protect their own border!  They have billions and billions to throw toward the manpower needed to protect their borders!  How about this administration protect our borders?  Why protect them when terrorists are crossing over the Mexican border into the United States every day.  Maybe Napolitano’s mind is clouded and she is forgetting what country she was hired to protect.  She’s head of HOMELAND SECURITY, NOT INTERNATIONAL SECURITY!!!
Remember when Napolitano said there is no evidence that the car bomb found in New York’s Times Square last night was “anything other than a one-off”?  She said state and local law enforcement officials were being alerted “to be on their toes.”  Napolitano passed off the explosive device stating that “it doesn’t look like it’s a very sophisticated one, quite frankly.”  This mindset is what’s going to leave this country wide open for more terror attacks.
Quite frankly, Napolitano is not looking at the big picture in that we need more protection at our borders.  There has been so many terrorist attempts during this administration that it seems like terrorists are mocking this administration because they don’t fear them.  It’s a fact that many illegals coming into the United States are from nations that sponsor terrorists, like Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan and, yes, Yemen.  Here’s a link to one of my recent posts on the subject…
…yet, Napolitano feels it is more necessary to protect Saudi Arabia from border crossers than protecting this country from illegals crossing the borders in the United States, many from terrorist nations.  Just whose side is she on anyway?  While she’s busy protecting Saudi Arabia, she more or less puts out a welcome wagon to terrorists who cross the borders of the United States on a daily basis.
I hope and pray that Americans REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER what a Democrat-majority has done to this country and get them back to minority status!  When we have a Republican majority, they’d better do the Peoples’ bidding and bring these radicals to justice with impeachment hearings so we can take back our country once and for all…

Thursday, June 3, 2010

World Tribune    

Janet Napolitano offers to help put stop to illegal border crossings — in Saudi Arabia


ABU DHABI — The United States government, which has difficulty controlling its own borders, has agreed to help Saudi Arabia secure its dangerous border areas near Yemen.


"It is a very rough border, very difficult to protect from illegal crossings," U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said.


In late May, Ms. Napolitano met Saudi leaders to discuss a range of security programs, including training, joint exercises, intelligence and arms sales. Officials said both the Americans and Saudis agreed that the Iranian-backed Shi’ite insurgency from Yemen was the leading threat to Riyad.

Officials said Riyad and Washington were expanding cooperation in protecting the kingdom’s borders from insurgents and smugglers. They said the biggest threat was the Shi’ite insurgency in neighboring Yemen, which shares a 1,600-kilometer border with Saudi Arabia. Officials acknowledged that thousands of Yemenis were infiltrating Saudi Arabia despite recent border security measures. They said many of the Yemeni infiltrators were smugglers.


"So many of our discussions were about how to protect a very tough, geological, topographical border from illegal crossings," Ms. Napolitano said during a visit to the Saudi kingdom on May 31.


Officials said Saudi Arabia and the United States were also expanding their intelligence exchange. They said the expansion began during the Yemeni Shi’ite war in southern Saudi Arabia in November 2009, which included the capture of two Saudi towns.


"We all share a concern about terrorist activity emanating from Yemen," Ms. Napolitano said. "Actions of the U.S. in Yemen are with the consent, cooperation of the government of Yemen."


Officials said the U.S. military was modernizing the Saudi Arabian National Guard as well as Interior Ministry security forces. They said Riyad has ordered hundreds of millions of dollars worth of air- and ground-based reconnaissance equipment to monitor the desert border with Yemen.


Another area of consultation has been the Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, which operates in both Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Officials said most of the AQAP leadership was comprised of Saudi nationals.


"The security coordination is very strong with Saudi Arabia," Ms. Napolitano said.



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