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UPDATED:  Saturday, May 29, 2010 11:37 PM (My original post follows my update)


When I watched this response by Sestak, I couldn’t believe how he could stand there and utter those words.  To me, it was completely scripted.  At one point, he stated that he only had one conversation with Bill Clinton back in February regarding the job offer, and it was only 30-60 seconds long.  Does he really think we believe that?  Democrats are known to hound a person until they get what they want.  I’m sure Obama and Emanuel got Clinton to keep hounding Sestak, but it didn’t work.  He claims that the last time he saw Rahm Emanuel was “March, a year ago”.  I’m sure Emanuel told him to say that.  Sestak’s body language showed he was lying through his teeth.  It seems like just about every politician is a lying, self-serving, corrupt fool.  It’s really getting pathetic.  Of course, Rahm Emanuel will probably make Bill Clinton the fall guy so as not to hurt his chances of future intimidations.  Emanuel is showing his true colors—black and blue.  As for Clinton—he went from top dog to dirty dog to lap dog. 


The people of Pennsylvania thought they could trust Sestak, who ran on honesty and transparency.  He’s half right—he is transparent—you can see right through him…


Sestak talks to press while Issa looks on





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When it comes to the Democratic presidents, the hits keep coming.  First it was the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, and now we have the Obama-Sestak scandal.  In both scandals, there was a screwing…


Senate Republicans are now calling on the Justice Department to investigate whether Obama offered Rep. Joe Sestak, Pennsylvania Democrat, a high-ranking job in the Obama administration if he would drop out of the 2010 Democratic Senate primary race.  If this proves to be true, this is considered a felony.


As the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee stated on Wednesday in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder:  “The allegations in this matter are very serious and, if true, suggest a violation of various criminal laws intended to safeguard our political process from the taint of bribes and political machine manipulation.”


Among those who signed the letter…


          Senator Jeff Sessions (R) of Alabama

          Senator Tom Coburn (R) of Oklahoma

          Senator Lindsey Graham (R) of South Carolina

          Senator Orrin Hatch (R) of Utah

          Senator Charles Grassley (R) of Iowa

          Senator Jon Kyl (R) of Arizona

          Senator John Cornyn (R) of Texas


Looks like Obama is trying to buy off Senators Cornyn, Kyl and McCain (R) of Arizona with some of what they’re asking for to secure our border with Mexico with a meager $500 million and 1,200 troops.  This is the Chicago way, which is where Obama honed his craft.  Is this his way of trying to get them to back off of this latest scandal?  He’s just doing this because it’s an election year.  In previous posts, I stated that the Obama administration and the Democrats will do whatever they can to stay in office, and now the crumbs are starting to be fed to us.  I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with all of them.  Why is it that once they head off to Washington, they become just as corrupt as the politicians who have been in office for years.  We definitely need term limits!


Sestak ran on transparency, but is keeping mum on the details of the job offer.  Same thing with the White HouseObama ran on transparency, but he’s been everything but transparent.  We all have a right to know who made the offer to Sestak and what the offer was.


Why is the White House investigating these allegations?  That’s like asking a pedophile to babysit your kids.  Of course, they’re saying, “Nothing to see here.  Just move on”, in true Democrat fashion.  An independent panel should be appointed.    


The Obama administration is so power hungry that they’re even willing to break the law in order to keep Arlen Specter in their corner.  Why?  What is it about Specter that they want him in no matter what it takes?  This puts up a red flag as to their future intentions for this country.  Slowly, but surely, they’re trying to break down this country law by law, tax by tax and trick by trick.


Just imagine what the media and the Democrats would be doing if this was taking place during a Republican administration?  They would be marching to the White House with pitch forks and handcuffs, calling for an all-out investigation and an impeachment.  Seems the Democrats are so evil that they would defy our own laws just to stay in power, and that is really troubling.  I’m wondering why they’re so intent on staying in power, and will risk everything to keep it that way.  Every time we turn around, they’re passing all sorts of partisan laws, pushing through more taxes on us and at the same time, rewarding the same people who got us into this mess in the first place.  Now they’re trying to pass financial reform, and if you think that’s a good thing, think again.  They won’t leave a stone unturned when it comes to our finances, even though they’re saying it’s to keep the banks in check.  Bull!!!


Are your eyes opening up?  Do you see what’s happening here?  Every time we turn around, Obama and his henchmen are up to no good, and it’s been that way since he started campaigning.  They don’t have our best interests at heart.  They’re protecting their own interests better than they’re protecting this country, as evidenced by all these terrorist plots surfacing in this country, and the Republicans are no better than the Democrats.  If Sestak is lying about this job offer, he should be severely punished.  If he’s telling the truth, then impeachment proceedings should take place.  Will Obama skate like Clinton did?  Maybe, but I think he and his administration will be skating on thin ice.


Washington is nothing more than a colony of cockroaches, doing all their business in the dark.  When you shine a light on them, they all run for cover.  Time to get rid of the Washington infestation.  Please remember all of this and everything else they’ve been doing to us when you go to the polls in November…






Rep. Joe Sestak (D) of Pennsylvania talks to reporters on Capitol Hill Tuesday.
Mr. Sestak defeated Sen. Arlen Specter (D) of Pennsylvania in last week’s Senate primary.
Republicans want to know if the Obama administration offered him a job to drop out of the race.

Sestak-Gate: Did Obama Commit an Impeachable Offense?
Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rep. Joe Sestak, the winner of the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary, says quite openly and repeatedly that he was offered a job by the White House if he would drop out of the race against Sen. Arlen Specter. Having secured Specter’s conversion to the Democratic Party, thus giving the party a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, the Obama administration obviously sought to keep its word to Specter that it would do its utmost to deliver the Democratic nomination to him. According to Sestak, that included a job offer.

Who made the offer? What position was offered? And when did it happen? Sestak, who was nominated on a platform of “transparency” refuses to answer any of these questions. The White House admits that a conversation took place but won’t provide any details and insists that an “internal investigation” revealed that “nothing inappropriate” took place.

Or did it?

It is unlikely that Sestak was offered a job interviewing people for the census. Only a high-level job offer — a Cabinet post or an ambassadorship to a key country — would have sufficient gravitas to conceivably induce him to drop his primary challenge. Some have speculated that Sestak, a retired admiral, might have been offered the post of secretary of the navy. Others wonder that, since he is fluent in Russian, he was to be tapped for ambassador to Moscow.

And, before an offer of that magnitude were tendered, it would have had to have been cleared with the higher levels of the White House. How could an offer of a Cabinet post have been made without consultation with the chief of staff?

And how was the offer made? It would have to have been proffered by somebody who Sestak could reasonably assume was speaking for the president and could deliver on his end of the deal. A lower-level official wouldn’t have that kind of clout. Could the offer have been tendered by Rahm Emanuel himself? It’s clearly his style.

But, could Rahm or anyone else have made such an offer without consulting the president himself? You can’t go around passing out Cabinet posts or ambassadorships without consulting the boss. Whatever position of that level the White House dangled in front of him, it would have to have been approved by the president.

And Sestak must have probed the person who conveyed the offer to ascertain its bona fides. He would reasonably have asked, “Did you clear this with the president?” Otherwise, why would he even consider such an offer?

The White House and Sestak are stonewalling questions from the media, and obviously, a Democratic controlled Congress is not about to go poking around asking about the proposed deal.

So how could the Republicans break it open?

The weak link here is Sestak himself, who claims that he embraces “transparency.” Fueled by his primary victory and the momentum it generated, Rasmussen has him four points ahead of Pat Toomey, the GOP candidate. This lead won’t hold up for long in the face of a refusal to respond to questions the public is entitled to have answered.

Toomey or the Republican Party or other independent expenditure groups should run ads throughout Pennsylvania asking these basic questions. They should tell Sestak that he ran on a platform of transparency and that its time to reveal who offered what and when.

Either Sestak is lying and there was never an offer, or the White House has skirted very close to having committed a crime or may have stepped over the edge. And, considering the stakes and the nature of what the offer would have had to have been, this scandal could reach very high indeed.

Is it a high crime and misdemeanor to offer someone something of value in return for withdrawing from a U.S. Senate race? We may be about to find out.


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