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Are people starting to get sick of the left-wing media’s take on what’s going on in this beautiful country of ours?  Campbell Brown began anchoring CNN Election Center from February through October of 2008.  Her show was renamed "Campbell Brown:  No Bias, No Bull" since October of 2008.  Her views about Obama have been her downfall, and with any luck, the rest of the butt-kissing, salivating love-fest they have been pouring upon Obama will quicken their media demise.  People are waking up.  As a woman so rightly stated during a Town Hall meeting…"You have awaken the Sleeping Giant", and they surely have.  We will not listen to the biased media, which is evidenced by the fact that Fox News’ shows are at their highest ever.  I have checked just about every story that Fox News reports on, and they report 100% fact, despite what their failing competition and their clueless followers tell you.  The numbers speak for themselves, and so does the outcome of the red flags put out by Fox News.


As far as Campbell Brown, her show has been All Bias and Lots Of Bull, and as a result, her ratings have dipped considerably while in the same time slot, Fox News’, "The O’Reilly Factor" with Bill O’Reilly, is soaring.


It seems like CNN’s Anderson Cooper may follow in her footsteps unless he can up his ratings which have been tanking as well.


CNN touts that they are unbiased, and to some degree they are, but in other cases, they are easily swayed by the so-called "Obama charm" that I just can’t see.  CNN, in a desperate attempt to amp up their ratings, may try and get Katie Couric to take over for Larry King, even though her numbers are tanking as well over at CBS.  That’s like dropping a bomb onto an already sinking ship.


Journalism has lost its integrity ever since they circled their wagons around Obama and his agenda during his campaigning, and now they’re ratings are suffering as a result.  My only hope is that people keep up the momentum and remember, come November, that the reason this country is tanking is because of the Obama administration and the fact that most journalists hide all of his many flaws and mistakes, and continue to put him on a pedestal that he had no business climbing upon.  Maybe if these journalists would report the real news, more people will listen…






Campbell Brown Quits CNN Show

CNN news anchor Campbell Brown quit her low-rated news show on Tuesday night as ratings keep sliding at CNN.

In a statement, Brown said the ratings were just too bad to keep going.

“The ratings for my program are not where I would like them to be. It is largely for this reason that I am stepping down as anchor of CNN’s Campbell Brown,” she said.

Ratings for Brown, Larry King and Anderson Cooper, especially among younger viewers, have fallen dramatically since the 2008 presidential election.

Bill O’Reilly rules the 8 p.m hour on cable, with competition like Nancy Grace and Keith Olbermann also getting good audiences.

Brown had an average of 591,000 viewers in 2010, compared with Olbermann 1.03 million and O’Reilly with 3.34 million.

Nancy Grace on CNN’s sister HLN network averages 745,000 viewers.

The next person who could face extinction on CNN is Anderson Cooper, the 10 p.m. host who is also the son of Gloria Vanderbilt.

Cooper has seen a 45 percent rating slide among younger viewers in the past year and he’s started using a live audience to bring in new viewers.




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