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I’ve posted a lot of info in my blog about illegal aliens, but this one takes the taco…
Illegals are claiming that "they’re ofended" by the fact that they would have to show their Green Card and call it "racial profiling".  I’m certainly not offended when a health care provider asks to see my insurance card to prove that I have insurance or when I’m asked for my social security card by a prospective employer to show that I actually have one so I can work at a company legally.  Since I’m a white woman, I can’t use the convenient "race card"; only minorities have that distinct advantage.  How are they any different and above the law?  If I was asked to show my insurance card and didn’t have one, that would prompt me to go out and get one legally.  These leeches are in this country ILLEGALLY!  That’s the difference!  All they have to do is come in through the front door legally instead of over (or under) the fence illegally, and they would be welcome.  Do they have something to hide?  Other people who have come into this country legally did it the right way, and have nothing to worry about if asked to show their Green Card.  How are those who are here illegally any different?  Who the heck made them the boss of this country.
Now illegals are threatening to kill Americans "with pick axes and shovels" (video below) over the fact that they are here illegally, and the Mexican government is the worst offender of the treatment of illegal aliens.  Mexico and other countries should all look in the mirror before passing judgment in how the United States of America treats illegal aliens…
If these illegal aliens truly wanted to make a valid point in favor of staying in this country, yelling that they want to "kill Americans" is not the best way to go about it.  This discredits anything they have to say on their own behalf.  If they calmly stated that they will do whatever it takes to stay in America, AND DO IT THE RIGHT WAY, they would be welcome, but the last thing we need in this country are more terrorist beasts, which is what they are now acting like.  Our representatives should all grow spines and put a stop to the vicious attacks on Americans who are here legally, but who are having thir lives threatened by illegals who are invading this country and taking what is not legally theirs, but they won’t because they value power and votes over upholding the Constitution of the United States of America and the laws that govern this great country we live in.  Can you imaging if legal residents threatened to kill illegal aliens in this country?  The bleeding hearts in Washington would enforce Marshall Law on all of us, but since it’s the illegal aliens, they’re not going to put a stop to it?  Why?  Obama and his band of thugs will give these alien invaders food, clothing, shelter, money, and the infamous ObamaCare, all at our expense, not theirs (the politicians).  All they’ll have to do is give Obama a little something in returntheir votes.  I’ve included a few videos on the subject.. 

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