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UPDATED:  Tuesday, May 4, 2010 7:32 PM (My original post follows my update)




If you can get past Bank of America butting in with their expensive commercials in an attempt to try and get in our good graces by putting themselves in a positive light, it’s worth the watch.  "America:  The Story of Us" made history for the cable channel when a record 5.7 million people tuned in for the first episode on April 25th. 


This 6-week, 12-hour documentary is still on, and you still have a chance to DVR this fantastic documentary.  Call it what you want, but there are people who suddenly have a thirst for American History, and not the version our current government wants to feed your kids in schools.  New episodes are on every Sunday at 9:00 PM ET.  If you want to watch the full two episodes that have already aired, here they are.  I’m sure you’ll also be able to watch future episodes after they’ve aired as well.  This is something everyone needs to watch…


Full Episodes Of America:  The Story Of Us

I am blown away and I’ve only watched two episodes so far.  You’ll learn a lot more than you realize.  You definitely should tune in and watch it with family and friends.  This documentary will help us bring back Our America… 





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"America:  The Story of US" premiers tonight, April 25 at 9 PM ET on the History Channel (additional airings later so check your local listings).  It’s a 6-week documentary that provides a fascinating look at the stories of the people, events and innovations that forged this beautiful nation.  I’ve set my DVR to record all 6 weeks, which began tonight.  I haven’t had a chance to see the first episode, but I wanted to bring it to your attention in case you want to record it.  Watch what made America the greatest country in the world.  God willing, it will stay that way…


America The Story of Us is an epic 12-hour television event that tells the extraordinary story of how America was invented. With highly realistic CGI animation, dramatic recreations and thoughtful insights from some of America’s most respected artists, business leaders, academics and intellectuals, it is the first television event in nearly 40 years to present a comprehensive telling of America’s history. Elaborate, ambitious and cinematic, America The Story of Us will take you into the moments when Americans harnessed technology to advance human progress, from the rigors of linking the continent by transcontinental railroad–the internet of its day–to triumphing over vertical space through the construction of steel structured buildings to putting a man on the moon. It is an intensive look at the people, places and things that have shaped our nation, and the tough and thrilling adventure that is America’s 400-year history.





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