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The Apple iPad was recently released, and I would give my "i" teeth for one.  Heck, I don’t even own an iPod or an iPhone—two more items that I would love to ownbut one has to do away with "i" in order to focus on "We" having to pay the bills.
With that said, I want you to look at these two videos—one is of a 2-year-old with her first iPad and one is of a teenager with his first iPad (he has three of them).  The price of a 3g iPad is around or about $629.  Even though I’m wondering how this teenager could afford to buy three of them, what really troubles me is what he does with one of them "for fun".  Which one is the intelligent user?  I added another comment after the videos below.  Please note that I have labeled each video; otherwise, you’d never know who the 2-year-old is…
Here is the two-year-old toddler…

And the "teenager"…


This has got to be one of the most wasteful acts of destruction of property I’ve seen…it’s right up there with teenagers toppling over headstones in cemeteries "for fun".  This is just another gross example of life imitating art as Daniel Tosh did it on his show, Tosh.0.  I watched one episode and never watched again.  This show just adds to the delinquency of America which is what you’re witnessing here.  The difference?  Daniel Tosh got an iPad FOR FREE so destroying it was just a waste of Apple’s money, not his or his network’s.  If you look at the Tosh video, Daniel Tosh Destroys an iPad, it doesn’t even look like a real iPad, does it?
Anyway, this mindless piece of trash destroyed one of his iPads that either he or his parents paid for.  Just goes to show that there is still a lot of waste in America, and I’m not talking about material objects here…


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