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Talk about life imitating art (if that’s what you want to call it in this case—I use the term loosely here)…


A total of 50 teenagers wrecked the home of a vacationing couple, causing about $45,000 worth of damage (story and video follows my post).  Some stories are saying the couples’ names are Daniel and Jill Abbett and other stories are saying their names are Daniel and Jill Steidle, as in the case of this story I posted below).  They were following the tactics from Homewrecker, which was a show on MTV hosted by Jackass (aptly named) star Ryan Dunn.  The show was a twist on home renovation shows such as Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover:  Home edition, but instead of the room being renovated, it’s wrecked.


This is one reason why I absolutely hate those types of so-called "reality shows" and also violent movies and video games.  There is something wrong with the brains of teenagers who emulate these types of actions.  What the heck is wrong with them?  Every time I hear the news or read the newspaper, teenagers are doing the unthinkable, and it’s escalating at an alarming rate.  I wrote in my blog about how out-of-control teenagers are getting on 12-04-09…



I used to drink and party with my friends when I was a kid, but we didn’t bust up the house where we were partying.  That would be DUMB!  Talk about cutting the hand that feeds you.  As I watch what kids are putting on YouTube these days, they’re all trying to outdo yesterday’s video in viciousness and wreckless behavior and acting like a bunch of pampered jackasses, so it just makes sense that they would emulate Jackass, the show—moinkey see-monkey do mentality.  It seems like every day I’m saying that I’m so glad I’m not a parent today.  I have a deep respect for those parents who try and keep their kids in line, but I have zero respect for parents who pamper and shield their kids when they’re doing something wrong.  If I was a parent, my son or daughter wouldn’t have the disrespectful high-and-mighty attitude that most kids have today.  This is what happens when you give kids too much rope—they eventually hang themselves, and I mean that literally and figuratively, but I’ll leave that topic for another post…


Anyway, even if the son of this vacationing couple did invite these kids in, that’s no reason for them to trash their home.  What they did was absolutely despicable!  It’s enough to make one sick with disgust at what kids are capable of doing in today’s world.  They have no morals, no common sense and no respect for others and/or their property.  Some of them can’t even spell a word to save themselves.  It used to be speeding down the street or knocking a bat to mailboxes as they’re being driven down the street,  or throwing eggs at people’s homes, and then their "thrill" was to knock over and destroy lots of headstones in cemeteries.  Now it’s escalated to beating people up, trashing private property, bringing weapons to school, and sometimes killing and robbing people, even their own families.  It’s enough to make you want to vomit!


Just yesterday, a Roxbury 17-year-old,  Tyshawn Lewis-Smith, was arrested on charges for bringing a loaded gun into his high school, and pointed it at two school police officers when they chased him outside the building.  He tried to enter the building through a side door at about 8:15 AM to avoid metal detectors at the main entrance.  One of the officers felt a gun in Lewis-Smith’s waistband during a pat-down, according to the report, prompting the teen to push the officer and run outside towards Thomas Park.  The school officers pursued Lewis-Smith and told police that he pointed the gun at them during the chase.  Lewis-Smith was eventually arrested near his home on Annunciation Road.  The gun, a Beretta Tomcat 32 model, was found in a trash bin where he threw it.  It had one live round in the chamber and seven in the magazine.  Of course, he pleaded "not guilty" in South Boston District Court to charges of unlawful possession of a firearm, assault by means of a dangerous weapon, and assault and battery on a police officer, among other charges.  He was ordered held on $100,000 cash bail and is due back in court on April 16th.  I’d like to see Lewis-Smith or his parents try and deal a "racist" card on this arrest.


These kids are quite ballsy—until they get caught.  Then they cry like the babies that they are to their parents and throw themselves on the mercy of the court.  I hope all these up-and-coming thugs get punished to the fullest extent of the law.  I hope the courts will make examples of them, to say loud and clear that this will not be tolerated!  Then, and only then, will these punks and others like them, think twice before breaking the law.  They’re all old enough to know better.  Even a four-year-old knows the difference between right and wrong, if they have half a brain in their head.  Why does the media conceal their identities if they’re juveniles?  They should all be published so we know what evil looks like.  They shouldn’t be shielded from the rest of us.  They should not be protected because their victims were not protected from them.  If you break the laws of this great country, you should be forced to forfeit your rights.  When will it end, you might ask?  One of these days, these kids are going to get caught red-handed by someone who is not going to be as lenient as the courts.  That will be their wake-up call, and maybethey won’t wake up at all…





4 teens face charges after house party
By Milton J. Valencia, Globe Staff  |  March 25, 2010

EAST BRIDGEWATER — A mother’s dream vacation in Paris turned into a nightmare last month when she returned to find her son’s classmates had crashed a party and destroyed much of her home — punching through walls and ceilings, stealing computers, and soiling the floor and closets with blood and urine.

Police estimated the teenagers’ rampage caused more than $45,000 in damage.

“They destroyed everything, basically destroyed our lives,’’ Jill Steidle said yesterday, trying to hold back her frustration. “It was just breathtaking, everything you worked so hard for.’’

Steidle had gone to Paris for a vacation with her husband and parents, and her daughter and three nieces, who all turn 16 this year.

Police earlier this week charged four teenagers in the Feb. 20 vandalism, and said more people could be arrested.

But Steidle is calling on school officials and the community to do more to punish four students she says have continued to harass her family, calling her 18-year-old son a snitch, setting up Facebook pages mocking the destruction, and refusing to acknowledge any role in the incident. One Facebook page, according to court records, was called the “Homewrecker Crew.’’

“It’s all a joke to these kids,’’ Steidle, 42, said. “There are no consequences, and that’s why they keep doing what they’re doing.’’

One of the teenagers was described by police as a frequent nuisance in town who “has not been able to stay out of trouble and in fact he continues to be involved in increasingly more destructive behavior,’’ according to court records.

The teen, 18-year-old Gersham E. Grossman, does not have a criminal record but has been involved in a number of incidents, including larcenies, shoplifting, and malicious destruction of property complaints that have been resolved by police and his parents, according to court records.

Grossman was charged with malicious damage to a motor vehicle, the family truck, and using a motor vehicle without authority. He pleaded not guilty in Brockton District Court, and a pretrial hearing has been scheduled for May 7. Grossman was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Michael Edwards, 17, and Daniel Peterson, 18, also were charged with malicious destruction of property.

They pleaded not guilty at their arraignments in District Court; pretrial hearings were scheduled for May.

A 16-year-old was also charged with larceny and brought before juvenile court.

Steidle said she was shocked to hear that even after the students were arrested they were allowed to attend East Bridgewater High School with her son. She has called for them to be suspended, and said they should not be able to attend graduation ceremonies.

“They don’t deserve it,’’ she said.

Her son, fearing for his safety, has not gone to the school since the four were arraigned earlier this week.

He is not going to his prom, she said.

Steidle, who said she was told that the students may go before a disciplinary hearing on Monday, yesterday met with the school principal, Paul D. Vieira, to express her outrage.

Vieira would not comment on the incident or the students yesterday, confirming only that he met with Steidle.

According to court records, Steidle’s son was staying with friends and relatives and went to his home on Elm Street to let out the cat when revelers started showing up.

He asked them to leave, but they would not.

Court records indicate he did not call police because he feared he would get beat up. And from 7 to 11 p.m., more people started showing up.

For several hours that night, they partied. Some urinated on beds and in bureaus. Fights broke out and blood spilled on the floor. Someone stole DVDs, jewelry, a Sony PlayStation 3, video games, and a laptop, among other items. Several of the revelers broke through walls with baseball bats, according to court records.

Police Detective Michael E. Jenkins said yesterday that the investigation is ongoing and more charges are possible as evidence is compiled.

He said the circumstances of how the party started remain under investigation.

“It didn’t give them the right to ruin the house,’’ he said. “This just got out of control.’’

He said the family had to bring in specialty cleaners. Wooden floors were damaged, and flour was poured down toilets.

“It was just disgusting,’ he said.

But at least one of the partygoers, the 16-year-old, told the Globe yesterday that only a select few “with reputations’’ have been targeted in a party that was crashed by dozens of others.

“There are a lot of false accusations towards me and a few people,’’ he said. “It’s being blamed on four kids, and there were at least 100 people there.’’

The teenager acknowledged that the party grew out of control.

He said he felt bad for the mother and the family, but said that he had always been friendly with the son and that the party had been planned. He said two other parties were held there that week.

“Pretty much everyone in the house was intoxicated, and when you have that many people in one place, not much good can happen from that,’’ he said. “It was a house party that went wrong. Everyone was wreaking havoc.’’ 


Teens trash, damage E. Bridgewater home (VIDEO)







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