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UPDATED:  Monday, March 22, 2010 12:04 AM (My original post follows my updates)

The House has passed the Senate version of health care legislation (HR 3590) by a vote of 219 to 212.  

The House just passed the Reconciliation Bill (HR 4872) which was 220-211…

Democrats:  220 Yes       33 No

Republicans                     178 No

The first vote went like this…



These votes were close and I believe that if it wasn’t for the Democratic votes that were bought by Obama, this would not have passed.  Also, Obama had a big advantage by coercing those Democrats who were retiring so they had nothing to lose by giving him their YES votes before they leave.  We are the only ones losing here because this bill will add new taxes on investments and high-cost insurance plans.  Here’s the latest…


House Passes Landmark Legislation Overhauling U.S. Health Care


House passes Senate health care bill

Live Stream coverage… 

Live Coverage NOW on C-SPAN  


House Reps and how they cast their votes… 

Final Vote Results for Roll Call 165 (HR 3590)

Q & A:  The Health Care Bill



They passed this by hook and  by crook…


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UPDATED:  Sunday, March 21, 2010 5:43 PM

My heart sinks because I know what we’re all in for if this passes.  I’m sure Obama is loving the 24/7 media attention he’s receiving.  After all, he’s a textbook narcissistic, greedy, power hungry type of guy who delights in seeing his own image everywhere.  The lapdogs who surround him are loving the limelight and power as well.  They have kept the rest of us in the dark, though.  Get used to waiting 3-4 months to see a specialist.  That’s a typical wait here in Massachusetts.  I’m wondering how long we’ll have to wait if this passes.  Not only will there be more of a shortage of doctors, there will be more people in the system, including illegal aliens who, by the way, get free health care now, which is a travesty in itself.  We’re heading toward state bankruptcy because of the cost overruns as well.  Don’t believe for a minute those cost savings Obama keeps talking about.  It’s quite the opposite, I assure you.  All you have to do is look at the condition of other government-run programs to know that every state will be bankrupt in no time at all.  Medicare and Medicaid are already bankrupt.  The Postal Service…I could go on and on.  Don’t you think this would have passed back during the Clinton administration if it was a good health plan?  Why do you think the politicians don’t want to participate?  Because it’s horrible!  Even with a large Democratic majority in Congress, the so-called “charismatic” Obama is having a tough time passing this monstrosity because it’s detrimental to our health as well as our country’s health.  This is nothing more than a massive Democratic power play.  They should fix only what needs to be fixed.  For crying out loud, that’s like replacing the Great Wall of China just because there’s a chip in one of the bricks.  It’s too costly and it doesn’t need to be completely overhauled.  Seems living the high life in Hawaii didn’t teach Obama the value of a dollar.  It’s too bad those clueless voters who didn’t research him well enough, supported and voted this joker into office.  Thanks Obama supporters.  Thanks for nothing, which is what we’re all going to be left with.  Don’t expect him to support you in return.  You were nothing more than a stepping stone to the throne.  You can right your wrong by getting rid of the Democratic majority in November.  Believe me, you will have plenty of company…

Here’s the latest on Obama’s Health Care Scam: 

What time is the health-care vote? And other critical questions

This Fox News site, “The Speaker’s Lobby” keeps up-to-the-minute updates so check back here often…

The Speaker’s Lobby:  Fox News Covers Congress


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UPDATED:  Saturday, March 20, 2010 5:26 PM

There is so much going on right now that it’s hard to keep up, and that’s their intent, I’m sure.  Here’s the latest on the Deem-and-Pass, or as I call it, the “Demon Pass”.  With all this stop-and-go from the Democrats, changing their minds at a moment’s notice, it’s very clear that they don’t even know themselves what the right move should be.  Instead of going back to the drawing board, as they should, they’re more like a herd of out-of-control wild horses with blinders on.  They’re intent is to make it to the finish line at any cost, even if they have to break some legs to do it…



Democrats Drop the “Deem and Pass” Option



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I can’t believe how arrogant this administration has become.  The fact that Obama is planning to push his health care bill through on Sunday, the Sabbath day, and during Lent doesn’t surprise me because he followed the same tactics on the holiest of days, Christmas Day.  This is another slap in the face to Christians yet again.  Pelosi is on record as saying she has “a couple of technical changes that we need to make” to the bill.  I wonder what those “technical changes” can be.  Another thing she stated is, “We won that fight, and once we kick through this door, there’ll be more legislation to follow.”  And, another…”You’ll have to vote for it if you want to know what’s in it.”  Quick!  Somebody get her a bat; Obama took the one she had!  It is insane the things they’re getting away with.  Are people out there (media included) that clueless that they don’t see what’s going on?  When will they start to see the fallout from this radical administration that’s growing like a cancer throughout this country?  Seventy-three percent of Americans want this bill to be scrapped, but Obama is saying we’ll have what Canada now has.  Hmmm…If Canada’s health care is so good, why did Danny Williams, 9th Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, travel to the United States and go to Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami for heart surgery?  It seems that universal health care is only good for us peons, not for the high and mighty politicians.
This country is more divided now than ever before.  Even our government is more divided, thanks to the radical Obama.  Our economy will become a catastrophe, and it’s well on its way now.  Notice how Obama never talks about the “pilot” universal health care program put in place in Massachusetts.  That’s because our health care in Massachusetts takes up 50% of the Massachusetts budget, where our state could be bankrupt in four years the way the health care budget has escalated.  We were told the numbers would drop just like Obama is saying about universal health care for all, but you’re living in fantasy land if you believes that.  Not only will ObamaCare bankrupt this country, but we will have an enormous shortage of doctors as well.  It’s a fact that 46.3% of doctors practicing medicine in this country say that they will quit if ObamaCare passes.  Even the New England Journal of Medicine was quoted as saying that “If this bill is passed, nearly 1/3 of doctors will quit practicing medicine”.  What condition will this country be in then?  What condition will we be in, health-wise?  More people will be in the system which will escalate the costs as well, most of which are illegal aliens, to boot!  Obama isn’t single-handedly bankrupting this country, though.  Illegal immigaration is contributing to it as well, taxcing our economic system to the hilt.  All you have to do is look to see what those Liberal Democrats have done to Massachusetts’ health care to see what’s going to happen to the rest of this beautiful country.  Go online and read it for yourselves.  If you dig deep enough, you’ll find the nasty answers.  Illegal aliens have been receiving free health care.  All they have to do is walk into any ER and they get whatever they want.  They’re getting free health care NOW so why is Obama so bent on covering everyone with health care.  Don’t believe all those fabricated and exaggerated sob stories Obama talks about while he’s on his never-ending campaign trips around the country.  He knows how charitable we are and he’s using our soft hearts to his own advantage.  My heart is open to helping people in need, but not when it comes to corruption and greed, as is the case with Obama.  Truth is, he isn’t concerned with helping Americans; he’s concerned with helping himself.  His true agenda is to collapse the system so we can have nationalized health care, putting the government in greater power than they’re grabbing right now, and it’s also something he can put on his résumé as an “accomplishment”, albeit, an ill-gotten one.  That will require the government to grow even more, which is what it will do once he starts hiring all the Democrats who are ousted in November.  Look at the statistics now.  The government is the only one hiring at such a high rate.  Small businesses are consistently pushed to the curb because Obama knows that they’re the heart and soul of America, and is what made America the great country it is today, which is why he isn’t helping small businesses.  He is going to destroy this great country bill by bill.
Although I’m in favor of health care reform, I am not in favor of a complete overhaul.  There’s no reason for that drastic a measure.  The United States has one of the best health care systems in the world!  If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!  All Obama has to do is put in place torte reform and allow out-of-state insurance coverage.  As it is now, in Massachusetts, we only have four to choose from.  Why is Obama in such a rush to push this through?  It won’t kick in until 2014, but according to the reckless Obama, we have to pay for it NOW!  WHY?  HOW???  Everything seems to be an emergency with him.  With his administration honor and integrity has been replaced with dishonor and greed.
There are so many updates to this story that I’ve decided to post the links as they may be updated from time to time.  Some are calling this a “Deem and Pass”, but I see it more as a “Demon Pass”.  I’ll try and post more updates here as I always do with developing stories, so stay tuned, and may God help us all…
Look at this chart.  Notice how the deficit drops when it’s time for Obama to campaign for re-election in 2013.  This is happening because this is when most of the stimulus money will go out.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so…


Health care latest: Dems still chasing votes


User’s Manual To The House And Health Care For Saturday


Video included here…

House Rules Committee setting guidelines for health care vote



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Yes, and when this passes, as it probably will, I\’ll experience what Glenn Beck talks about frequently just before discussing the latest news about Obama…my eyes will bleed.


Definition of frustration as this will end up being rammed thru via the rawest of raw politics. I guess that is the new definition of post-partisan.


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