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Friday, April 26, 2013 — 10:00 AM (My original post follows my updates)

Here are more examples of the downside of experimenting with K2 Incense (or Spice) and Bath Salts.  First some videos; links to related stories follow…


Deaths and Hospitalizations related to Spice and K2 – YouTube

Former bath-salts addict: ‘It felt so evil’


What parents need to know…


Parents360 Synthetic Drugs (Bath Salts K2 Spice)


This is highly informative…

Spice, K2, Synthetic Marijuana, Bath Salts Information

Even the military is not immune to this K2 Incense / Bath Salts epidemic…


US Troops Smoke K2 & Spice


Bath Salts:  It’s not a fad, It’s a Nightmare


Here are some horrifying stories stemming from the rampant abuse of K2 Incense and Bath Salts…

What Is Synthetic Pot, and Why’s It Causing Heart Attacks in Teenagers?

Michigan Grandson Begged for 911 Help Before Fatal Shots

Bath Salts Horror Stories: Miami Cannibal Not Included

After teen’s death, more states pursue K2 ban

K2 Spice associated with death of young Indiana mother of two

Maryland man charged with killing, eating man’s brain, heart

Boy Dies After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana | K2 Incense Information

‘K2’ poses dangers and should be illegal – CNN

Many people say real marijuana is much safer.  It may be safer for some people, but not for others.  Apparently, not all marijuana gives you a good high.  Just ask the white homeless Ronald Poppo who was viciously attacked by naked black Rudy Eugene who chewed off half of Poppo’s face.  He lost an eye and his nose in the cannibal-crazed attack, and they only found pot in Eugene’s system.  Bath Salts was originally stated as the possible cause for such a horrific attack.

If you’re smoking, snorting or injecting any of this crap, you’d better educate yourself.  Get off this evil stuff and live a long, happy and healthy life or you can poison your body with this crap, thereby destroying the lives around you while ruining and shortening your own life—the choice is yours.  This is a recording…


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Tuesday, March 19, 2013 7:38 PM (My original post follows my update)

Although there are laws against the use of synthetic marijuana, there are a lot of kids still experimenting with it.  Here are just a few more examples of the downside of experimenting with K2 incense.  First a videos, and links to related stories follow…

Deaths and Hospitalizations related to Spice and K2 – YouTube

This occurred a couple of months ago…

‘K2’ drug likely contributed to death of 22 year old

This story is going on right now.  Sandra Layne, 75, shot her grandson 6 times when he was in a fit of anger over a failed drug test.  He had a history of drug abuse and abuse on his grandmother.  He hit her on several occasions, demanded money, and she was afraid of him.  He died, but because of his drug use, K2 included, his grandmother gets to serve out the sentence instead of him.  She should be enjoying her golden years.  He was a dirtbag for taking out his frustrations on his grandmother, and his parents are equally responsible for leaving their son in her care instead of taking on the burden themselves.  I understand that they’re in Arizona tended to their daughter who has a brain tumor, but their son needed them just as much.  A classic example of how drug use hurts not only you, but everyone around you as well…

Michigan Grandson Begged for 911 Help Before Fatal Shots

Mich. jury deliberates fate of grandson-killing grandma

Mich. Woman, 75, Convicted of Murdering Grandson


Not convinced K2 could be detrimental to your health?  Read on…

After teen’s death, more states pursue K2 ban


From January 2013…

Teen narrowly escapes death after smoking synthetic marijuana

This story also links to the health risks and side effects of K2 incense and synthetic marijuana…

Boy Dies After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana

K2 Drug Facts

What Is Synthetic Pot, and Why’s It Causing Heart Attacks in Teenagers?

If you’re smoking this crap, you can either educate yourself, get off this stuff and live a long and healthy life or you can saturate your body with the lethal toxins, thereby shortening your life and destroying the lives of everyone around you.  The choice is yours…


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My Original Post…

K2 SUMMIT spice herbal incense

Kids have found a new way to get high—smoking K2 incense, but it comes at a risk…a health risk.  What the heck are these kids thinking?  Where are their brains?  This is just getting onto the news locally, but it was known last year (see video and last year’s story after present story).  This is not something to joke about.  It can be dangerous as not everyone gets the “high” they’re expecting, and it’s legal!  This can be just as dangerous as excessive alcohol or drug use.
There can be a potentially life-threatening situation if kids have unknown health issues where this would exacerbate those health problems.  This is just one more thing parents have to worry about their kids abusing.  I feel sorry for their parents, and I also feel sorry for the kids who have this physical need to harm their bodies deliberately for a cheap thrill.  What they don’t know is that they’re not invincible and reckless behavior will always come back to haunt them one way or another.  Sometimes all it takes is “just one time”.  Just ask any junkie on the street.
If kids really need to capture that “feel good” emotion, why don’t they make better use of their time and volunteer at a shelter or help their community instead of doping down their lives and this country.  Not only are actions like this detrimental to their health, it could be detrimental to someone else’s if they ever got behind the wheel of a car and accidentally hurt or killed someone.  Unfortunately, the only thing that will teach these kids the error of their ways is with that unfortunate wake-up call…

Toxins in K2: Saint Louis University professor warns parents to look out for warning signs

March 3, 2010 4:48 PM

In the last month, Anthony Scalzo, M.D., professor of toxicology at Saint Louis University, has seen nearly 30 cases involving teenagers who were experiencing hallucinations, severe agitation, elevated heart rate and blood pressure, vomiting and, in some cases, tremors and seizures. All of these teens had smoked a dangerous, yet legal substance known as K2 or “fake weed.”

According to Scalzo, K2, an unregulated mixture of dried herbs, is growing in popularity because it is legal, purported to give a high similar to marijuana and believed to be natural and therefore safe.

“K2 may be a mixture of herbal and spice plant products, but it is sprayed with a potent psychotropic drug and likely contaminated with an unknown toxic substance that is causing many adverse effects. These toxic chemicals are neither natural nor safe,” said Scalzo, who also directs the Missouri Regional Poison Control Center at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

What makes K2 so dangerous? Further testing is needed, but Scalzo says the symptoms, such as fast heart beat, dangerously elevated blood pressure, pale skin and vomiting suggest that K2 is affecting the cardiovascular system of users. It also is believed to affect the central nervous system, causing severe, potentially life-threatening hallucinations and, in some cases, seizures.

While JWH 018, a synthetic man-made drug, similar to cannabis, may be responsible for the hallucinations, Scalzo suspects that there is another unknown toxic chemical being sprayed on K2.

K2, also known as “spice,” has been sold since 2006 as incense or potpourri. It sells for approximately $30 to $40 per three gram bag, which is comparable in cost to marijuana, and is available over the Internet.

“K2 use is not limited to the Midwest; reports of its use are cropping up all over the country. I think K2 is likely a bigger problem than we’re aware of at this time,” Scalzo said.

Legislators in Missouri currently are considering a proposed ban of K2, which Scalzo supports. In the meantime, he says that parents should be on the lookout for warning signs such as agitation, pale appearance, anxiety or confusion due to hallucinations.

“Look for dried herb residues lying around your kids’ room. Chances are they are not using potpourri to make their rooms smell better or oregano to put on their pizza,” Scalzo said.

Source Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Here’s a video and accompanying story from November 28, 2009…
Story Published: Nov 28, 2009 at 10:56 PM CST
Story Updated: Dec 23, 2009 at 1:02 PM CST
FAIR PLAY, Mo. — A new product knocked a teenager from Polk County unconscious for five hours but those who sell it say it’s mild and safe. K2 is supposed to produce a high similar to marijuana, but the teen we talked to got more than he bargained for.K2 is something 14-year-old Tyler Hartman heard about from his friends.”They’d all tried it; it didn’t kill them, so I just decided to try it,” Tyler said.He was at a friend’s house Tuesday in Fair Play.”I sat there, and the room spun a little, and that’s really all that I remember,” said Tyler.Then his family got the scary phone call. Tyler had vomited, suffered seizures, and even quit breathing.”The EMTs had dragged him out of this house on a gurney,” said James Hartman, Tyler’s father.

Tyler spent the night in ICU and remained unconscious for five hours, while his family waited and worried.

“They did blood work, and they done a drug test, and everything came back negative,” said James.

Thankfully, he came out of it.

“I was waking up, and was just in a room looking around, and then I seen a bunch of doctors walking around, so I’m like, ‘Oh, wow,'” Tyler said.

Incense and Peppermints in Springfield also sells the blend of botanicals, extracts and herbs.

“We make in-house candlesl incense is made in house,” said Pamela Samson.

K2 is made to be a potpourri or an incense and it can be burned like any other incense in a small burner but some people are choosing to smoke it. Tyler says he took just one hit.

“It depends on how a person wants to use their incense,” said Samson.

Samson says she’s been carrying K2 for about six weeks, and it’s become popular, even recommended.

“A lot of my customers have come in and told me that their doctors have sent them in here for pain — fibromyalgia, or if they’re having chemotherapy treatment, they can come get it for nausea — and I really feel good about that,” said Samson.

Tyler has a different opinion.

“Not to do it. It’s not really a very intelligent choice,” Tyler said.

Of course, Tyler’s parents think the stuff should be illegal. But right now it’s not, and the two stores we contacted will continue to carry K2. Springfield Police say Greene County has sent some to the state crime lab to have it analyzed. Police say it does not contain THC, like marijuana, and therefore, does not qualify as criminal.


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Let’s just sya I would love to get myhands around the neck of the man who created this shit. Are you people friggin crazy?


Seems some people feel the need to “escape” from life, even if it may be detrimental to their lives (or the lives of other, innocent people)…


Why not just legalize marijuana so we can all just get on with our lives and stop trying to figure out dangerous ways around the system so its “legal”? There are no recorded deaths from marijuana and the government would rather see kids risk their lives smoking herbal incense. Why not tax it and regulate it like the herbal incense companies are doing? There is no doubt in my mind that weed does not pose as severe of a health risk as this crap. The government needs to get over themselves and just legalize the sale and regulation of THC; bottom line.


Spoken like a true Libertarian, Lance, and I agree with you to some degree. I, too, don’t see anything wrong with smoking pot, but it does have unintended consequences for some people who choose to over-indulge and then get behind the wheel. Many lives are lost because of this behavior. I’m glad that they decriminalized possession of a small amount, but as they say, pot is a whole lot stronger than it used to be so people need to be very careful. I don’t indulge myself, but for those who do, it’s their lives, but they shouldn’t take the lives of others when they can’t handle what they ingest, I’m just saying. As far as the government legalizing it, I wouldn’t hold my breath. There are far more important issues to deal with nowadays. Do you agree?



if they just legalized weed this would not be a problem weed has no health risks and is less dangerous than peanuts which is messed up. i smoke incense regularly and it does get you high but its not the same high and apparently its worse for you than weed. these politicians need to get off their high horse and realize weed is not bad and has only been classified as being bad by them.


my son 17 years old walked our neighbor home he was only gone 10 minutes.when he came home he went to his room then i heard him making a noise when i opened the door he was having a seizure,he”d never had one before.then he started throwing up.after i called 911 i went to the neighbor and ask him what he had done.he had smoked some potpourri called good times.not such a good time after all my son was in icu for 3 days.the drug test was clean because it does not show up on a drug test.this crap needs to be done away with before a parent has to bury their child.


I agree, and I pray that your son has fully recuperated, Bandy, and that he learned a harsh lesson. I hope someone reading your post decides against trying it to “fit in with the crowd”. If they’re still your friends if you don’t indulge in K2, then they’re true friends…


I need help I just found out that my kid is using it.. what can i do?
I always think I have an open comunication with my kid.. but i guess not.. I feel I am guilty for it.. I didnt know how to guide her 😦
I am desesperate!! please advice!


Dear Desperate Mom,

All is not lost and neither is your relationship with your daughter. The best thing you can do is talk to her before it escalates. She will listen if you guide her without ridiculing her. She needs a loving mother, not a best friend right now. Watch who her friends are and educate her as to the ramifications of poor judgement. Good luck, and please keep me posted…



You are like one of those poo flinging retards. Lay off! Does it really offend you that much if people are having fun/!


You call a potential risk of dying–FUN???!!!


Alex, most people experiment with pot, and it does impair your motor skills. It’s my perogative if I want to have all my faculties 100% of the time. There’s a reason why they call it “dope”!

As far as K2 and any other carcinogen you ingest, it can be fatal. Read the stats!!! It’s ingesting known carcinogens into your body and believe it or not, over time it will do damage. Unfortunately, with some people, they never get a second chance. When I see people high, whether it’s on pot or whatever, even overindulging in alcohol, most people make complete idiots out of themselves. I believe in moderation! I can stop after a glass of a good Cabernet and still have a great time.

Don’t call me an idiot because I don’t smoke, cigarettes or anything else. BTW, I gave up cigarettes a long time ago and I’m breathing a whole lot better as a result of that action! Cigarettes are legal, but they WILL KILL YOU…eventually. I’ve lost family members because of cigarettes! Instead of tempting fate, I gave them up. It was like a warning to me, and I’m glad I gave them up. Who can afford them? Anyway, back to the K2…I posted this information because believe it or not, some people actually want to educate themselves as to the harmful effects of some behaviors. Some may choose to ignore the info and go in destruction mode while others will heed the warning and as a result, will go on to live a happy, healthy and productive life. The choice is ours to make. I’m not strong-arming people into my way of thinking. I’m merely putting the information out there so people will have the information they need in order to make educated decisions about their own health. Some people may choose to be totally oblivious to the world around them and indulge in drugs and alcohol, but if you look at the way they age, you may want to rethink that decision. When you see someone who doesn’t abuse their body and does everything in moderation, they age a lot better, and their quality of life is phenomenal. Think about it…

I choose to treat my body with respect because I’ll be living in it for a very long time–pride in ownership, you know. You should try it sometime. You might find that you’ll probably think and write more clearly. You say addiction doesn’t exist. EEALLY??? Try telling that to all of us taxpayers who are footing the bill for millions of addicts and dozens of “addiction” programs because the addicts are too drugged out and/or too drunk to pay for it themselves. The way I see it, I don’t care if people want to abuse their bodies with drugs, alcohol, etc. What I do have a problem with is my having to fund their stupidity with programs tailored to assisting their behavior like Methadone clinics, including transportation to and from, and other crutches. I don’t ask anyone to pay for my mistakes and I find it obscene that I have to pay for others’ stupid mistakes. I don’t feel that taxpayers should shoulder the burden that other people bring on themselves with their bad behavior. I’m no stranger to misfortune, and I can honestly say that I never found a solution in drugs or alcohol. It clouds your judgment and ruins your life, and I’ve seen it happen more times than I care to count. Some people take drugs to escape from the bad things happening in this sometimes crazy world. If they keep their heads clear, they may just find a solution to the world’s problems instead of adding to them…



You SIR !!! is living in a dream world, You sound like your lying to your self and everyone, who the hell writes a comment that long to show his side is a F@Ck!ing IDIOT !!!!


Some people can’t read the writing on the wall; others only read what they want. My only hope is that some parts of my comment sticks well enough to save even one life–not from pot, but from the subject of this post–K2, which can be lethal!


try it. try it once. you wont get addicted. Addiction doesnt exist. if you want to keep smoking it thats because you like it not because its somhow physically forcing you. hhow can you truly give people information on somthing youve never tryed


you are an idiot. youve most likely never smoked anything and have no idea what you are talking about. Its called getting ‘high’ for a reason, because it makes you feel higher, or better than you ever could without it. and if politicians can knowingly call people high…then whats the4 problem?


whoever wrote this needs to get f***ed. this is the most anal fag post ive ever seen. you obviously know absolutely nothing about it, but hey, im just a stupid kid… dumba**


Kyle, I don’t use foul language on my site and I won’t permit it from others either. I altered two words in your reply, and posted it in its entirety instead of deleting it because you’re certainly entitled to your opinion here. With that said, my sex life is none of your business and it has nothing to do with what I post here. Seems you need to calm down yourself as you seem a bit angry. I don’t agree with your reply and that’s my perogative. I DO know about K2 and have done much research on the subject, and that’s why I posted this in my blog. These are facts, Kyle, not just my opinion. I’m not going to stoop low and call you “stupid” as you so blatantly called yourself. I’ll just let your reply speak for itself. Thanks for stopping by. BTW, I plan on elaborating on this very subject in the near future so stay tuned…


I actually heard of this <a href="http://www.k2incenseblend.com">k2 incense</a> before, i wonder what the real deal behind it is.


Purchase K2 Incense PRIMO for $20.00 per 3 gram package from http://www.serchez.net Try it you will love it


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