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R. C. Soles was first elected in 1968 to the North Carolina House before moving to the Senate in the mid 1970s.  He’s thought to be the longest-serving representative in North Carolina’s history.  He is currently the chair of the Senate commerce committee and a member of several appropriations committees.  Over the course of his legislative career, though, he’s faced tough times, most of his own doing.

The 17-term senator from Columbus County, who also represents Brunswick and Pender counties, survived a federal indictment in the early 1980s tied to an investigation into corruption in his home county called Colcor.  In August of 1983, charges of conspiracy, vote-buying and perjury were dropped for lack of evidence, then he was acquitted in federal court of aiding and abetting bribery.

Now, the State Bureau of Investigation is investigating an allegation Soles molested a 15-year-old boy.  Soles has said he’s confident he will be cleared, and his accuser has since recanted his statements about Soles.  Plus, he shot one of two intruders in his home.  While you and I may think the latter was the right thing to do, I’m shocked because Soles is against anyone owning a gun even if it’s to defend our homes, but it’s OK for him to defend his home.  He is a fierce opponent to gun ownership, but owns a gun himself and used it for protection…another classic "Do as I say, not as I do" moment from a Democrat.

I’ve got to tell you, with all this stuff I’ve been hearing lately, the Democrats are definitely going down in November.  Incriminating stories are everywhere about what the Democrats have been up to, and some of the Republicans as well, but the news doesn’t get out.  Just about every corruption story that is uncovered revolves mostly around Democrats.  Why is that, and why are they protected?
I recently received this in an email and I had to check to see if all this was true, and it is!  I can’t believe I didn’t hear anything about it.  I never heard it on the news…probably because it’s about a Democrat, it was hushed.  Apparently, R. C. Soles, the 74-year-old Senator from North Carolina (the longest-serving legislator in the state), has a laundry list of "misjudgements" on his résumé.  It’s been one of the biggest stories of the year in eastern North Carolina, yet it didn’t receive the attention it would have if he were a Republican.  State Senator R. C. Soles is under criminal investigation following a series of stories that broke out on WWAY.  It’s nice to know someone’s doing their job of reporting!  Soles is being investigated for allegations of child molestation and for shooting a man in his home.  For years, residents say, state Sen. R.C. Soles’ questionable relationships with young men in Tabor City were an "open secret" in the small Columbus County town.  The latest is his indictment on charges of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, on Jan. 7, 2010.
On December 30, 2009, Soles announced he would not seek re-election in 2010.  That seems to be the mantra among the Democrats, isn’t it?  The Democrats are falling like dominoes.  This idiot ran for 17 terms!  Time for us to demand a term limit so they won’t have too much time to get corrupted and drunk with power.  There have been a lot of Democrats who are stepping down, and you have to wonder why.  Is it because they know something that we don’t or is it because they don’t want their dirty politics unveiled by the American people come election time?  Take a look at these stories on R. C. Soles.  A hearing is scheduled for 2:00 PM on Thursday, February 25, 2010 in Columbus County, NC court in the state’s shooting case against Soles, a Democrat whose district includes Brunswick County.  It seems like Democrats are no  better than sewer rats, feeding off the American people, and in the process are driving this country right into the ground…

R. C. Soles (D-NC)

You have to love this; The National media kept it quiet by writing only a short article in a local newspaper.

Hyperlinks enclosed.

  • Second Amendment Freedom- Firearms Rights: Anti Gun N. C. …

    Aug 24, 2009 North Carolina State Senator R.C. Soles, 74, the longest-serving lawmaker in the General Assembly, shot an intruder as he tried to break…Similar

          • This happened in August 2009 and as far as I’m concerned it has already taken too long to get this news around!

            We are begining to see more of this.

            Anti-Gun Senator Shoots Intruder

            http://www2. timesdispatch. com/rtd/news/ national/ article/74- year-old_ n.c._state_ senator_shoots_ wounds_intruder_ at_his_home/ 287987/P10/

            Long time Anti-Gun Advocate State Senator R.C. Soles, 74, shot one of two intruders at his home just outside Tabor City, N.C.  About 5 p.m. Sunday, the prosecutor for the politician’s home county said.
            The victim, Kyle Blackburn, was taken to a South Carolina hospital, but the injuries were not reported to be life-threatening, according to Rex Gore, district attorney for Columbus, Bladen and Brunswick counties.

            The State Bureau of Investigation and Columbus County Sheriff’s Department are investigating the shooting, Gore said. Soles, who was not arrested, declined to discuss the incident Sunday evening.

            "I am not in a position to talk to you," Soles said by telephone. "I’m right in the middle of an investigation. "

            Soles, a top-ranking Democrat and the longest-serving member of the legislature, already was the subject of an SBI investigation over sexual misconduct allegations with former male clients. (FHW – Now, that sounds more like a liberal to me).

            The Senator, who has made a career of being against gun ownership for the general public, didn’t hesitate to defend himself with his own gun when he believed he was in immediate danger and he was the victim.

            In typical hypocritical liberal fashion, the "Do As I Say Not As I Do" Anti-Gun Activist Lawmaker picked up his gun and took action in what apparently was a self-defense shooting. Why hypocritical you may ask? It is because his long legislative record shows that the actions that he took to protect his family, his own response to a dangerous life threatening situation, are actions that he feels ordinary citizens should not have if they were faced with an identical situation.

            It has prompted some to ask if the Senator believes his life and personal safety is more valuable than yours or mine.
            But this is to be expected from those who believe they can run our lives, raise our kids, and protect our families better than you and I.


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