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Obama’s State of the Union Address will air tonight on most major networks around 8:55 PM-10:30 PM ET.  Unlike most of his other speeches that induced comas in some viewers, I’m thinking everyone will be hanging onto his every word to hear the lies that will be spewing out of his mouth via teleprompter tonight.  It will probably resemble his campaign speeches because he’s been reaching out to his old campaign crutch, David Plouffe, to pull him out of the ditch he put himself into during the past twelve months.
Everyone’s debating about what they expect to hear from Obama tonight.  Since the stunning Democrats’ defeat in the special Massachusetts election where Scott Brown, a Republican, won over Martha Coakley, a Democrat and staunch Obama supporter, you can bet Obama will be talking about "reaching out to the Republicans" now to appease the American people’s outrage at his out-of-control spending, how he has ignored Republicans, escalating unemployment, small businesses and his radical agendas, especially doing whatever it takes to ram universal health care down our throats.
My guess is he’s going to be talking about jobs and helping small businesses—two areas that he should have taken care of a year ago.  Instead, he decided to pay back the big corporations that supported him throughout his campaign.  I’m sure he’ll be throwing in the word "terrorists" now and again to show us he’s not soft on "man-made disasters".  Since Brown’s nomination,  Obama and the Democrats have done a complete 180.  All you have to do is look and see what the Democrats will be doing for their constituents now…or what they called us not so long ago…"angry mobs", and you will easily recognize the ones who are up for reelection this year.  Now that they all know we mean business and we’re not taking their crap anymore, they are starting to kiss our butts…albeit temporarily…until they secure their power seats.  Remember the way they consistently kicked us to the curb all year long when you go to the polls to cast your votes in November.
The Democrats are now scrambling to offer us some crumbs in order to preserve their jobs—both in the House and Senate.  They were cocky all last year, then came the Massachusetts votes that put Scott Brown in the Senate to represent Massachusetts in a very Democratic state.  The Democrats/Progressives did not believe this would be possible.  Believe me, as an Independent in Massachusetts, I know just how pro-Democrat this state is…that is, until now.  I’ve always been an Independent, but many people here in Massachusetts changed from Democrat to Independent in droves in the past year.  I’m sure Obama and his administration is aware of this now.  I’m proud that I voted for Scott Brown, and even more so because it has started a stampede from the Left to "show us what they will be doing for us".  Words are cheap; don’t let them fool you!  They don’t give a crap about us.  It’s the power they’re fighting for, not us, I assure you!
You can tell the reps who are hoping to be reelected in November.  All you have to do is look to see who are the ones promising their constituents everything under the sun.  Even here in Massachusetts, Deval "Devil" Patrick is up for reelection, and in his recent speeches, he is promising to do everything for us but shine our shoes.  Even the evil Barney Frank is up for reelection.  God knows who had voted for him in past elections, but I wish they’d look at his record before they reelect this imbicile.  Remember when he blasted people who talked against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at those town hall meetings last year?  His committee oversees Fannie and Freddie, and he screamed at anyone who would question or attack his support of them.  Now, just after Scott Brown’s nomination, Frank is throwing both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac under the bus, saying they should be replaced.  I think it is he who should be replaced, and I will gladly cast my vote against him…again!  Look at another Democrat who is up for reelection…this year, I might add—Barbara Boxer, and what has she done lately?  First she supported the huge stimulus bailouts brought about by Bernanke…and now?  Well, she’s calling for him to step down!
There are so many other Democrats who will be "stepping down" before November’s reelection so as not to have their record put under the proverbial microscope of the American voters.  Why, it’s almost as if the nomination of Scott Brown brought on a national anti-corruption laser where anyone who gets in front of it will have their corrupt agendas appear out in the open so they’re opting out of the spotlight.  You will always find that your state reps will do absolutely nothing on your behalf but shape their own agendas until the year they’re up for reelection—then it’s balls-to-the-wall on your behalf.  One of our senators comes to mind that totally fits that mold—John Kerry.  He’s our do-nothing senator, until reelection time.
With these 180-degree turns from all these desperate Democrats, one has to wonder how Obama will dodge these obstacles in tonight’s address.  One thing for sure…he will be tackling all the issues that have been important to us for the past year…issues that he and the Democrats virtually ignored in his first year in office by calling us "angry mobs", "racists", "teabaggers" and "fear mongers".  Now that we have his attention because of our votes against his agendas in Massachusetts, he’ll be resorting back to his good ol’ campaign days of telling us what he thinks the American people want to hear.  His desperation to recapture his old "charisma" is evidenced by the fact that he is seeking out his good ol’ prior campaign manager,  David Plouffe, who he’s hoping will maybe catapult him and his corrupt crew to another victory both in 2010 and 2012.  While it may be true that some Americans have a short memory when it comes to politics, most will not forget what these radical rascals put us through in the past year.  Americans are so mad at the direction this country is heading that they should all start packing their bags and updating their résumés because we will be making a clean sweep of Washington to clear out the corruption that has been bleeding us dry…

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