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I’ve added a new category to my blog:  "Obama Unveiled".  Under this new category, I’ll be revealing interesting facts and opinions about Obama that you probably aren’t aware of, from my own blog, from information I stumble upon from fellow bloggers and from news sources.  Although there are a lot of people out there who think Obama and his corrupt administration are doing a fine job of running this country, there are a lot of us who, even from the very beginning, knew he would run this country into the ground, which he continues to do today.
I thought I’d start off with this story that really didn’t get too much exposure due to the fact it happened around the same time as our Senate election here in Massachusetts.  Thanks to StandByLiberty.org, it is front and center…

See this guy?  His name is Erroll Southers, Assistant Chief of Homeland Security and Intelligence with the Los Angeles World Airports Police Department.  He was nominated by Obama to head up the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a department that’s supposed to protect the nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce…that is, of course, unless you happen to be the new boyfriend of Southers’ ex-wife.
Last month, Harry Reid vowed to "force Southers’ confirmation", but Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) blocked it for the past four months over worries about TSA employees being able to unionize.  Reid filed a cloture motion to override DeMint’s block, then more dirt came out about Southers.  Apparently, Reid and the other Democrats got a wake up call from us here in Massachusetts when we defied their logic and voted for Scott Brown, a Republican, to replace Ted Kennedy in the Massachusetts Senate seat.  Suddeenly, the Democrats have been running like chickens with no heads.  Magically, Erroll Southers withdrew his nomination just one day after that momentous election.  You just know that move was politically motivated.
Bad decisions keep coming out of the Obama administration.  I thought his fruitless and desperate plea for Martha Coakley for the Massachusetts Senate seat was an all-time low for him, but StandByLiberty.org mentions yet another from HopeLess Obama…

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