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UPDATED:  Wednesday, January 20, 2010 3:55 PM (My original post follows my update)

Seems like the Liberals have a bad case of the "Winter Blues"!  Everywhere you look online, lots of them are attacking the Independents of Massachusetts for "endangering America’s health care".  As an Independent myself, I’m proud of my vote for Scott Brown.  The way we see it, we not only added years to American lives, we also shortened the lives of those government liberals whose only intent is to push us off the road to good health.  We gave them a wake-up call of what is to come should they continue to ignore us while on that road.
Scott Brown not only ran a great campaign, he also brought us all together—Republicans, Independents and Democrats—with many Democrats crossing party lines to grab hold of a life preserver in order to stop us from sinking into the Obamabyss where we would surely sink along with the economy he still can’t manage to keep afloat.  Not only did Brown give a jolt to the Democratic Party, he also woke up the Republican Party so much so that they’re starting to grow a pair.  Republican Minority Leader, John Boehner said today, "The people of Massachusetts stood up and said enough is enough.  While the people of American continue to speak, it is clear that the Democratic Leadership continues to ignore them and is looking for some way to press this health care bill to a vote.  You’ve heard what the Speaker said yesterday and what the Majority Leader said, ‘We are going to find some way to push this over the line.’

"It’s that arrogance that has the American people ready to pull their hair out to vote every Democrat out of here.  This is not just about health care, it’s about the stimulus plan that isn’t working, it’s about the cap and trade bill, it’s about trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see.  The American people want us to get our economy moving again because they continue to ask:  Where are the jobs?"

Even John McCain, in a passionate and fiery speech on the Senate floor today, celebrated the election of Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate. What is NBC saying about McCain’s speech?  They’re claiming that John McCain is using the "History Card"!  Can you believe that?  After all those slanderous remarks from the Left toward the Republicans and the American people who were stating that if we didn’t vote for Obama, we are racists, using the Race Card left and…left!  Kettle, meet pot.  Here are McCain’s words…

"I believe it was Lexington and Concord in which a shot was fired around the world," he said.  "Last night a shot was fired around this nation.  A shot was fired saying no more business as usual in Washington, D.C.  Stop this unsavory sausage-making process called health care reform, where special favors are dispensed to special people for special reasons in order to purchase votes."

McCain also addressed reports that Democratic leaders may ask the House to pass the Senate’s version of the health-care bill, keeping the Senate from having to take another vote.

"Now the rumors are they’ll jam this proposal through the House of Representatives and then bypass what has always been the normal legislative process," he said.  "They should not do that!  The American people have spoken!  The people of Massachusetts have spoken for the rest of America.  Stop this process!"

Looks like Scott Brown has his work cut out for him in Washington, but we believe he’s up for the challenges he faces.  Here’s some information on Scott Brown courtesy of Wikipedia.  In the coming days or weeks, you can be sure if there’s any dirt either on Scott Brown or on his pickup truck, the Democratic dogs will sniff it out and bring it to our attention…
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Here’s a story that sheds some light on Senator Brown.  The Liberals are already starting to cut him down, focusing on his Cosmo spread and the fact that he "drives a truck".  I’m sure they dug hard, especially the Obama administration, to find something more damaging in order to hurt his reputation and chances in this election.  They couldn’t find a thing and that’s what’s going to bring out the worst in them.  What they’ve done to us, what they did to Brown during his campaign…America, let that be a lesson to you as you head to the polls in November when their seats are up for reelection.  They are nothing but a bunch of corrupt leeches that have been feeding off us for so long now that we took it as "that’s the way it is", but it isn’t, and we have proven that in Massachusetts.  The tides can turn in our favor if we just have faith and believe in this beautiful country of ours.  We can Keep America Beautiful by only allowing the best of the best in to represent us.  It’s our call, and if they don’t do right by us, it will be their last call.
Although Obama’s offhanded remark about Brown, "anyone can own a truck" was childish at best, he’d be wise to keep his mouth shut because no position in Congress, or even his for that matter, can’t be replaced with a simple stroke of the pen, as you saw yesterday when we cast our votes against the Democrats, for Scott Brown, a Republican.  Obama had his chance to shine, and he blew it.  Now it’s Scott Brown’s turn in the spotlight.  I’m sure the Democrats will try to cast a shadow on that spotlight, though, and if they do, it will be just the ammunition we’ll need to cut off their power supply into Washington.
In a previous post, I stated that unlike Obama, Brown didn’t need to buy his votes.  I’ll give you another fact.  Senator Scott Brown has both political and military experience under his belt while Obama just has community organizer on his résumé.  Maybe that’s why this country is in such turmoil.  The Democrats chastised us when we spoke out against Obama’s lack of executive experience and his lying in order to get what he wants, and look at them now, nitpicking about Brown’s truck.  That’s all they have?  It takes a good man to run a clean and honest campaign.  It takes a good man to be in the military and in politics,  and yet be humble enough to keep his ethics in check, and not let money or political power corrupt him—qualities and qualifications that are severely lacking in Washington right now
Brown showed a winning way with voters

Candidate’s energy, populist message and old truck resonates with public
By Lois Romano
The Washington Post
updated 7:49 a.m. ET, Wed., Jan. 20, 2010

Tuesday’s upset Republican victory in Massachusetts may well have less to do with ideology and more to do with old-fashioned retail politics: Scott Brown was a charismatic candidate with a old truck, an intriguing narrative and a promise to shake every voter’s hand.

The Republican state senator who has claimed the seat long occupied by Democratic lion Edward M. Kennedy:

  • Once posed naked for Cosmopolitan’s "America’s Sexiest Man" feature to pay for law school;
  • Is married to a Boston television personality;
  • Has a daughter who was a semifinalist in 2007 on "American Idol"; and
  • Was admittedly a wild teenager from a broken home whose mother was briefly on welfare. 
    A disciplined triathlete who rises at 5 a.m. to train, Brown, 50, calls himself a Type-A, driven personality. "I’m always doing something, whether I’m home watching TV, I’m always maybe licking envelopes or writing notes to people," he told the Boston Globe. "If I’m riding my [stationary] bike, I’m reading a newspaper or watching the news."

    He is considered one of the more conservative members of the Democratic-led Massachusetts Senate, but he may be hard to pigeonhole in Washington. He supports abortion rights but opposes the procedure some call partial-birth abortion. He supported Massachusetts’s health-care reform in 2006, which resembles the U.S. Senate bill passed before Christmas. Yet he has pledged to give Republicans their 41st vote in the Senate to thwart the bill. Brown says it’s too costly and will interfere with what Massachusetts already has in place.

    Brown opposes same-sex marriage, and one of his big political missteps occurred eight years ago, when he said it was "just not normal" for his Democratic predecessor in the state Senate, a lesbian, to have a baby with her partner. That comment was said to have knocked him off the short list as a potential gubernatorial running mate with Republican Jane Swift. Brown is a lieutenant colonel with the Massachusetts National Guard and a member of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. He supported President Obama’s troop escalation in Afghanistan, but has never been deployed to a war zone.

    ‘A weird upbringing’
    Brown, a practicing real estate lawyer, launched his successful electoral career in the early ’90s, and in the last 10 years he has served in the state legislature and Senate. He has long had a knack for attracting media attention. In 1998, running for state legislator, he pledged to walk, run or ride his bike to every house in the district.

    A few years later, he and his wife, Gail Huff, an on-air reporter for WCVB in Boston and a former actress, sat for an "At Home With" interview with the Globe, during which the couple told of riding a tandem bike together in New Hampshire, and of her passion for bargain hunting at flea markets. They have two daughters, Ayla, the "Idol" contestant and Boston College basketball star, and Arianna, now a pre-med student at Syracuse University.

    Brown has said his childhood was rough. He parents divorced when he was young, and he grew up in Wakefield, Mass., living at various times with an aunt and his grandmother. His parents, he has said, were divorced four times each. "I had a weird upbringing. . . . it wasn’t the most stable home environment," he once said.

    More recently, in an emotional interview, he acknowledged getting arrested when he was 12 for shoplifting. "I was a jerk. I had some issues. You know, I was lost. . . . Mom was always working. . . . There was some violence in there where I would be sticking up for my mom and sisters. . . . One day I was out with some older kids. . . . I had a pair of farmer overalls, and I stuck some records in them. . . . I was walking out, and a guy caught me." He said a judge ordered him to write an essay on how his siblings would feel if he were in jail.

    Voters have been drawn to Brown’s energetic demeanor and populist message of cutting taxes and reining in the federal government. They interact with him as if he were an old friend trying to get them out of a financial jam. Brown’s GMC truck, with nearly 200,000 miles on the odometer, became the symbol of his regular-guy campaign, but experts say he also ran a smart net-roots effort, mobilizing conservative activists in the same way President Obama energized liberals in 2008.

    Last week, he managed to raise more than $1 million in a one-day online "money bomb." He also attracted the support of the fiscally conservative grass-roots Tea Party movement, which rails against big government.

    Still, it’s the truck that hit a sore spot with President Obama, who dismissively told Massachusetts crowds Sunday, "Anyone can own a truck."

    Perhaps — but the "Daily Show’s" Jon Stewart loved it. Offering a harbinger of what Brown can expect when he gets to Washington, this comedian quipped this week: "The Kennedy legacy goes down to a naked guy who owns a truck."



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    His win surprised the whole country, Tom. I\’ve never seen the words "regular human being" in describing a politician, and I\’m hoping he\’s the real deal. They all spin to get elected, but his actions in the Senate will prove him to be a stand-up "regular guy" or a leech like the rest of them. We\’re not expecting miracles, just a voice for We The People. We\’ll all be watching when Mr. Brown Goes To Washington…


    I am still surprised he won. However, he talks more like a regular human being than in politico speak which is an advantage.


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