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UPDATED:  Tuesday, January 19, 2010 3:21 PM (My original post follows my update)


This is one election that will be going down in history along with the last one.  I’m just hoping that the results will have a better outcome.  It’s anyone’s guess who will be sitting in this much coveted seat as everyone has their own reason for who they’re going to vote for, and it could go either way.  Today, as Independents, my husband and I have cast our votes for Scott Brown.  We don’t like the fighting going on between the Republicans and Democrats.  That’s not what this country needs right now.  We need for them to put their own self interests aside and focus on what’s going to be for the good of this country.  If they can’t "play together nicely" then maybe what we need is another party if they’re going to act like spoiled children.  What we don’t need in Congress right now is a Democrat majority that is deliberately using that power to push their own selfish agendas onto the American people when most of us don’t want what they’re shoving down our throats.  When you get a majority of this magnitude and with this much power, they resort to bullying tactics because of that power.  Just like the bullies I fought against while growing up, and won I might add, I’m casting my vote against the bullies that we have in government right now.  They need to be taken down a few pegs.  They need to know that they are our servants, not our masters.  When you dilute their power with a bit of bipartisanship, you’ll receive better results.  Even though I’m an Independent, I would not cast my vote for the one running, Joe Kennedy, as I stated in my previous post below.  I’m surprised he didn’t back out, but if Coakley loses, the Democrats will probably blame Kennedy for taking away some of the votes away from her, and they’ll also use the old standby, "it’s because of Bush".  After all, Bush’s name is sprawled all over her flyers, and I find that pitiful and desperate.  If Brown loses, I’ll be absolutely shocked because of the anti-Obama conversations I’ve been hearing all year long.  I’m so looking forward to hearing the results.


There were quite a lot of people complaining about the non-stop campaign calls they’ve received from the Democrats.  I smiled and was glad we have an unlisted number.  One lady said that she hoped the weather wouldn’t be a deterrent for voters.  I told her a blizzard couldn’t keep me from the polls today, and a lot of people laughed and agreed with me.  If you look at the Democrat flyers, most of them have, in big bold letters, the following statement:  "If you need a ride to the polls, please call 800-485-0444".  They will do anything to force people to vote for a Rat.  My husband kiddingly said, "Let’s call them for a ride to vote for Brown".  I was tempted, but declined their ride.  After all, we’ve been taken for a ride by the Democrats here for way too long already.


I had a doctor’s appointment after voting, and a UPS driver came in to drop off some boxes at the doctor’s office.  I looked at him, and said, "Wow, you guys are getting a lot of unsolicited attention in this election with the ‘What can Brown do for you’ slogan, huh?"  He laughed.  Then I told him that I’m hoping Brown will be as dedicated as the UPS drivers have been, and he gave me a big smile and thanked me for the nice compliment and said he’s voting for Brown, too!  I wanted to ask him about the UPS charges against the Massachusetts Democratic Party for using their likeness and slogan, but thought against it.  These vicious pigs will stop at nothing to get the Massachusetts Senate Seat.  Didn’t hear about it?  The mailer asks "What can Brown do to you?"  It shows Scott Brown dressed up as a UPS driver and says, "He can reward corporations that ship your job overseas just like George W. Bush."  I have all the mailers and Bush’s name is all over them, with no mention as to what Coakley can do for you.  Here’s a little info on the subject and a picture of the mailer in question…


What can Scott Brown do for Dems? UPS ships off legal salvo


It occurred to me that the only people who have been boisterous in this race are the ones voting for Brown, probably because we’re proud to make a necessary change.  Most who are voting for Marth Vader have been somewhat silent.  Of the people who dare to say they’re voting for Marth Vader (or as Patrick Kennedy, D-RI, son of Ted Kennedy called her, "…my good friend, Marcia Coakley", a name he kept repeating), they claim they want to "continue with the Kennedy Dream".  Personally, I didn’t vote for the so-called Kennedy Dream that’s actually a nightmare, I voted for the American Dream, and that is for our freedom, not to be shackled by a radical, socialist-leaning, one-way government…





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A partisan snow bank shows its colors under a Massachusetts mailbox.


Candidates for the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by the death of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., from the left, Republican candidate Scott P. Brown, Democratic candidate Martha M. Coakley, and Joseph L. Kennedy, a Libertarian candidate running as an independent and who is no relation to the late senator, make last minute preparations before a debate is taped at television studios in Boston last month. 

This post is a little lengthy, but it’s worth the read…


As you may know, I’m an Independent who lives in Massachusetts.  All eyes will be on our state when we vote for the next Senator who will take the "Massachusetts Senate seat" (it’s not "Ted Kennedy’s seat") that was vacated when Ted Kennedy passed on.  On Tuesday, January 19, 2010, a special election will be held in Massachusetts to select a new U.S. Senator.  I’m sure the world is waiting with bated breath for the outcome.  The Democrats and mainstream media would have you believe Democrat Martha Coakley is the undisputed leader in the race, but the so-called ‘experts’ may be in for a bit of a surprise.  When Coakley first put her hat in the ring, the Democrats were smug enough to think she would be the winner hands-down since Kennedy, a Democrat, held onto that seat for 47 years.  The Democrats may be underestimating Massachusetts voters because not all of us support the Democrats.  Just because Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 3-1 margin here in Massachusetts, it doesn’t mean an automatic win for Coakley, so the Dems better not count their chickens before they’re hatched.  Voters not affiliated with any party constitute 51% of the registered voters so Scott Brown needs to receive the lion’s share of Independent voters.


It’s too bad that the cameras are only shining on two candidates, Scott Brown and Martha Coakley, because there’s a third candidate in this election, Joseph Kennedy, an Independent who is quick to state that he’s "no relation to ‘The Kennedys’ ".  Personally, I don’t like either the Democrats or the Republicans because both parties are always working against each other instead of in unison for the good of this great country, and I’m getting sick of their childish fighting.  Their leaderships got us into the mess we’re now in, with the Democrats mostly at fault, especially with the Obama error (as opposed to era).  I really didn’t want to vote for either party, but after carefully examining all of their bios, I really don’t believe that Kennedy, a fellow Independent, has what it takes to represent Massachusetts in the Senate.


I’m not voting for Kennedy, a Libertarian candidate who is currently VP of Information Technology at State Street Corporation in Boston.  He’s been there for 10 years.  He also worked as a consultant at Fidelity Investments for 3 years (1995-98) and after that, he was Head of Worldwide Internet Technology at Parexel International (1998-99).  If I wanted an IT person, Kennedy would get my vote.  I don’t believe he has what it takes to represent our best interests.  One other thing about his bio that bothered me a bit is that he worked at Parexel which is a partner to drug developers and medical device manufacturers looking to bring innovative new products to market, and since I’m not a big fan of big pharma, I believe that maybe they’d be lobbying to get some favors from him.  After witnessing first-hand all the supporters/lobbyists Obama is paying back, I have to step back and look at this as closely.


I don’t like this two-party system that we have in place and I also don’t like the lengthy terms they enjoy either—it gives them way too much time to get even more corrupt while in office.  We should have a third party or even a fourth to dilute the pot of corruption that has been stirring in our government for far too long, and these scumbags should have term limits on their seats so that they can’t rest on their laurels, and finally get off their rumps and do for the American people what they’re elected to do or we’ll throw them out.  I’m sure the American people are sick and tired of them taking care of themselves and their own self interests instead of our country’s best interests.


The reason I’m not voting for Martha Coakley is for many reasons.  She supports Obama’s socialist agenda, which is one reason.  The main reason I’m not voting for her may come as a shock to some of you who don’t know what happened in 2005 when she was Assistant DA.


Freedom-loving Americans from across our nation are rising up to support little-known Republican candidate Scott Brown.  In the days leading up to the election, Brown has advanced so much that some polls now actually show him within the margin of error.  With his rise in the polls came some very disturbing flyers that have been mailed, and I’ve received every one of them.   The worst one I received was today that reads "1,736 women were raped in Massachusetts in 2008.  Scott Brown wants hospitals to turn them away".  When you open the flyer, there’s this poor woman with her head hung down, sitting in a wheelchair.  Here’s what I received in the mail…


Dem Mail: Scott Brown Wants Hospitals To Turn Away All Rape Victims


I wanted to punch Coakley’s eyes out for the despicable attack ads I’ve been getting.  Much has been made of Scott Brown’s sponsorship of an amendment in 2005 that would have protected the religious freedom rights of emergency room doctors and nurses when it came to contraception for rape victims.  Some Catholic doctors and nurses, at Catholic hospitals, object to giving abortions.  Truth is, the amendment he sponsored did not pass, and he voted in favor of the original bill providing emergency care for rape victims anyway.  Shockingly, that fact is not in Coakley’s flyer.  She falsely talks about Brown not caring about rape victims and yet rape victim advocates come out of the woodwork to defend him.  If he didn’t have much of a record of support for rape victim advocacy, she might have gotten away with it.  Turns out he has a strong record.  


I’ll tell you, the Democrats have big brass balls to put those false flyers out there about rape victims when Coakley herself refused to help a 23-month old rape victim and her family confront and convict the rapist who happened to be the child’s uncle.  Coakley had all the facts and evidence, yet she dragged her heels.  This 23-month old child was raped with a hot curling iron by her uncle!  Ask yourself, if this were your child, would you vote to send Coakley to the Senate to represent us in Massachusetts?  Well, would you?!!!  Ironically, this happened during the same year as the Brown sponsorship of the rape amendment outlined in the Coakley flyer.  Didn’t hear about this story?  Of course not—she’s a Democrat, but I’ll tell you what happened…


I urge all Massachusetts voters to read this in its entirety, especially the e-mail (I’ve provided a link to this story and e-mail).  It will open your eyes to the Democratic tyranny that will take place if you let another Democrat over the Senate threshold.  When you read this, you will be so disgusted, you will not cast your vote for another Democrat again because not only did they all hide this vicious crime from the public and are now making Brown the Fall Guy, but they are repeatedly using false scare tactics, fabricating the truth to get our votes.  That’s how desperate they are to stay in power, and they will…if you let them!  I didn’t vote for Obama, I never voted for Ted Kennedy and I will not vote for Coakley either.  The people of Massachusetts kept Kennedy in office, and I don’t know why.  I hope they now see today’s Democrats for what they truly are—all for themselves and their special interest groups.  Another point I want to add is that Coakley didn’t want to prosecute the rapist who is a Somerville cop because his father is a powerful Union rep who had strong ties to her campaign.  How’s that for despicable?  I know this would have been plastered in flyers all over Massachusetts if this were a Republican—you know it, and I know it.  Do you want to see more of this in the Senate?  I strongly urge you to read this before you cast your vote on Tuesday.  As tasteless as it is that Coakley would stoop so low as to falsely paint Brown as a candidate who doesn’t care about rape victims, I find it absolutely appalling that she would not want to prosecute some guy who raped his 23-month-old niece with a hot curling iron simply because of his father’s political ties to her campaign.  If you want to cast your vote for the candidate who has the rape victims’ best interest at heart, I think you know your answer…


Coakley and the Curling-Iron Rapist, Part II: Why Did it Take So Long to Press Charges?


I’m so happy that Larry Frisoli, the lawyer who was determined to have this rapist put away, fought so hard for justice on behalf of that little girl and her family when Martha Coakley didn’t, even though it was her job to do so.  He also ran against Coakley in 2006, but lost.  Sadly, he passed on in 2008, but not before he put away Keith Winfield for life with the help of Coakley’s successor, Gerry Leone.  If Coakley loses to Brown on Tuesday, I’m sure Larry Frisoli will be celebrating along with us.  May God rest his soul.

If Scott Brown wins, it would provide the critical 41st vote in the Senate to break the Democrats’ filibuster-proof majority and stop the unprecedented assault on our personal liberties that is now taking place in Congress.  Scott Brown has pledged to vote against the government takeover of our health care system and is also opposed to cap-and-trade.  The political elite should not underestimate the resilience of the American people to defend our liberty from a tyrannical government.  Most politicians are all talk, and once they’re in, their hidden agendas rear their ugly heads.  My husband and I are casting our votes for Scott Brown because he seems to be the lesser of three evils here, and with all due respect to Scott Brown, we’re hoping that he’s not going to be another Obama, and that he will stand by his words and promises to the American people.


I’ve noticed "Scott Brown for U.S. Senate" signs all over the place in front of lots of homes here in Massachusetts—which is not the norm.  It would surprise the heck out of me if Coakley gets in because nobody I know is voting for that trashbag.  It’s going to be interesting to see how this election plays out.  If it plays out the way we hope it will (that Coakley loses), watch the Democrats go into a frenzy because they would lose their power votes in the Senate and the Republicans would be able to filibuster.  They must be panicking because they sent out Bill Clinton and now Obama is coming to Massachusetts later today (Sunday) to rally for Coakley.  It’s still not motivating her popularity among voters, even when the tasteless TV ad of Ted Kennedy’s wife tells voters to vote for Coakley "in honor of her husband".  How low can the Democrats go?  My only hope is Obama gets the same results as he got when he rallied for the Olympics on behalf of Chicago, his talk at the Climate Conference and when he tried to get Rep. Jon Corzine reelected in New Jerseyhe failed on all counts.


My husband and I are enthusiastically voting for Brown.  I hope the people of Massachusetts will make the same decision so we can all get the opportunity to see what Brown can do for us, and like UPS, Brown better deliver or he’ll face the ire of the American people like the current administration is.  If Brown wins, the Democrats will be "seeing red" in a blue state.  It may, however, not be all sunshine and flowers for the GOP, especially if seating Brown becomes the last opportunity the Republicans have to stop the health care bill.  William Galvin, who as Massachusetts’ secretary of state is the official in charge of certifying the election results, made the papers recently when he reminded us that state law requires town and city clerks to wait at least 10 days for absentee ballots to arrive before they can certify the local results and that they have to wait five more days to file the returns with his office. This means Brown, even if he wins a clear victory, will not be seated right away, in sharp contrast to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s rush to swear in two new Democrats elected just before the House voted on the health care bill last fall.  You know Pelosi will do whatever it takes to push Obama’s health care bill through.


Another problem the GOP faces in its race against the clock is the issue of a clean victory.  The statutory timetable Galvin outlined assumes everything else goes smoothly and that no one challenges the election results in court.  As the Wall Street Journal‘s John Fund has pointed out on more than one occasion, the provisions of the Help America Vote Act and other election law reforms enacted after 2000’s presidential long count facilitate the bringing of suits that challenge election results, especially when plaintiffs are willing to claim someone was disenfranchised.  You know the Democrats will protest the results if it’s not in their favor.

Any delay may help Reid and Pelosi get a health care bill to Obama’s desk if Reid’s 60-vote coalition holds together, something that is not at all certain at this point, but delay, while a potential political ally, is not necessarily a long-term friend.  There is a downside, one that should be obvious to the Democrats but which may be obscured by the heat and smoke of the health care battle: Any effort to keep Brown out of the Senate if he is the winner next Tuesday will look, especially to the Independents who are deserting the Democrats in droves, like cheating, and that would have profoundly negative consequences for the Democrats in November.

The story follows the picture and video below… 




Voter ire evident in Mass. Senate contest

Analysis: Special election result could foreshadow Dem losses in November
The Associated Press
updated 2:18 p.m. ET, Sat., Jan. 16, 2010

WASHINGTON – The ill winds of an angry electorate are blowing against Democrats, the warning signs clear in a closer-than-expected Massachusetts Senate race that may doom President Barack Obama’s health care agenda and foreshadow the party’s election prospects this fall.

Anti-incumbent, anti-establishment sentiment is rampant. Independents are leaving Obama. Republicans are energized. Democrats are subdued. None of it bodes well for the party in power.

"It’s going to be a hard November for Democrats," Howard Dean, the Democratic Party chairman in the 2006 and 2008 elections when the party took control of the White House and Congress, told The Associated Press in an interview. "Our base is demoralized."

While he praised Obama as a good president, Dean said the Democrat hasn’t turned out to be the "change agent" the party thought it elected, and voters who supported Democrats in back-to-back elections now are turned off. Said Dean: "They really thought the revolution was at hand but it wasn’t, and now they’re getting the back of the hand."

Just how much voters have soured since Obama took over a country in chaos is reflected in the president’s late-game decision to rush to Massachusetts on Sunday to try to stave off an extraordinary Republican upset in the race for a Senate seat held by Democrats for more than half a century.

Obama faced a no-win situation as he pondered whether to campaign with Democrat Martha Coakley. Had he decided against going, he would have enraged the base and been blamed if she lost. But a Coakley defeat following a presidential visit would be embarrassing, raising questions about Obama’s popularity and political muscle.

Once heavily favored to cruise to victory, Coakley is in a tight fight with Republican Scott Brown, a little-known state senator, for the race to fill the seat left vacant when Sen. Edward M. Kennedy died.

Losing the race would cost the Democrats their 60-vote coalition in the Senate. The president has been relying on that big edge to stop Republican filibusters and pass not only his health care overhaul but also the rest of his legislative agenda heading into the first elections since he took office.

A Suffolk University poll released late Thursday showed Brown with 50 percent of the vote and Coakley with 46 percent. The survey indicated that Brown’s supporters — a mix of disaffected Democrats, a large number of Republicans and a majority of independents — are far more enthusiastic than Coakley’s backers.

Voters are down on Washington. They are deeply divided over the health care plan in Congress and a majority thinks the country is on the wrong track. Nearly all remain anxious about the prolonged recession even though there are signs of recovery. Only about half approve of Obama’s job performance. Excessive spending and big government irk them. They’ve lost faith in institutions.

It was that same brew that helped Republican Chris Christie topple Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine in New Jersey, and Republican Bob McDonnell overtake Democrat Creigh Deeds in Virginia. Those victories coupled with Tuesday’s vote in Massachusetts have Republicans and Democrats alike predicting a good GOP year in 2010 and a tough one for Democrats.

Democrats are likely to be punished more because they hold power. But the GOP also is feeling the effects, as seen in the "tea party" movement whose followers are challenging establishment candidates in primaries nationwide.

"Washington is just not in touch," Dean said. And now, he said, the tables have turned: "Republicans are unified against Democrats the way we were against them when Bush was president."

In the country at large, a new Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor survey found that the public’s yearslong shift against institutions is in overdrive, fueling anti-establishment sentiment. It also showed that Obama has lost his luster — his job performance rating is at 47 percent — amid a belief that his administration’s response to the recession has favored the wealthy and powerful over the middle class and average families.

The survey showed that people have little trust in any institution. They gave bottom-barrel ratings to government, major corporations, and financial entities. Many people say the country is heading the wrong way, levels similar to those during the George W. Bush years.

A warning to Democrats
All that adds up to a warning for Democratic candidates — for politicians of any stripes, for that matter.

Passing Obama’s legislative priorities would become much more difficult with fewer seats. If Coakley does poorly but ekes out a victory, moderate Democrats in Congress may think twice about falling in lockstep behind the White House.

The public’s mood also could scare off establishment Democrats considering entering races, such as Beau Biden for Delaware’s open Senate seat, or cause vulnerable Democratic incumbents, including Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, to retire.

Brown, a little-known Republican state senator with a limited record who had never before run statewide, shed his party markings and downplayed his conservative credentials throughout the monthlong campaign. He spent weeks campaigning not just against Coakley but against Capitol Hill.

He cast himself as a man of the people, fighting for them: "It’s not the Kennedy seat. And it’s not the Democrats’ seat. It’s the people’s seat."

Coakley, the state’s attorney general, comes right out of the establishment and has embraced her stature within the party. She has run a Rose Garden strategy, largely shunned retail politics, and dashed to Washington for an oh-so-insider fundraiser.

Now, with the race tight in its final days, Coakley’s trying to appeal to an anti-Washington, pro-populism electorate by seizing the fight-for-the-little-guy mantle in hopes of thwarting a Republican victory. The White House and Coakley are hammering Brown for opposing Obama’s just-announced plan to tax large Wall Street firms.

"I’m standing with Main Street on this one. Scott Brown stands with Wall Street," Coakley charged.

"There’s only one candidate in this race who’s a tax cutter — and it’s not Martha Coakley," countered Brown, unwilling to cede his advantage among the angry electorate.




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I agree with you, Tom, and that\’s why we\’re giving Brown a chance. I\’d rather have 4 choices from a pie than only 2. Just as we diversity our portfolio to gain a much better profit in stocks and bonds, we would fare better by having more of a selection when it comes to government parties. You might also find it interesting that when my husband and I were out and about today, there are more "signs" that more Massachusetts voters may be feeling the same as we do. We saw a multitude of "Brown" signs and only a few "Coakley signs. At one intersection we passed, there were a small crown of people holding Brown signs, waving to people driving by, and I can\’t tell you how many people (my husband and I included) beeped our horns, smiled at them and gave them all a sign of our own, the "thumbs up". It was almost as if they were holding signs that read "Honk if you\’re disgusted with the government we now have". Truly remarkable, and we thought we were alone in this Democratic state! This is not what we expected in Massachusetts. I\’m telling you, if Coakley wins, it will be because the Democrats bribed their way to the top and rigged the voting system. I can\’t wait to vote on Tuesday!!! Looks to me like there\’s a climate change in Massachusetts, but it\’s not the "change" that the Democrats are hoping for. Obama\’s here lobbying for Coakley, and I\’m sure he\’ll be filling our ears with false accusations against Brown and everyone else who doesn\’t sway to his left way of thinking. He and the other radicals in our government will learn soon enough that the American people are stronger and smarter than they all give us credit for. All we want is for them to do what\’s right, not what\’s far left…


Interesting. No matter how you feel about politics, you might concur with me that Divided government is the best government as shown by the second Clinton term. Divided government is the only true "checks and balances". We need to get back to divided govenment and electing Brown would be a good start.


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