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You can’t tell me that they didn’t see this coming…

China will face a shortage of millions of brides in the coming years.  By 2020, estimates from studies claim that approximately 24 million Chinese males will be without an available Chinese female to marry.  Imagine how bad the dating scene will be for all those males in China!  Part of the reason for the bride shortage is the one-child policy implemented by China decades ago.  According to a CNN News report: "Sex-specific abortions have led to a large male population born since the 1980s."  The policy will continue for at least another decade.


Another reason China is finding that there are too many males there and not enough females is because they’re all over here!  I can’t tell you how many Chinese baby girls I see, adopted by lots of people I know and those I don’t know.  When I ask them about their adoption, I’m told that it’s far easier to adopt Chinese girls and that they’re almost giving them away.  Also that there’s less "red tape" in adopting foreign than adopting American babies.  How sad is that?  I recently read that a lot of Chinese baby girls were stolen from their parents and put up for adoption.  A multitude of Chinese baby girls have been abandoned, left to die, were aborted or adopted, and now China is reaping what they sowed… 

China’s Bride Shortage – 24 Million by 2020

China’s Bride Shortage is the Result of Gender Specific Abortion Fervor

Posted by Staff on Jan 12th, 2010


China’s bride shortage will be widely apparent in the year 2020. This is when approximately 24 million Chinese males will discover that they are without an available Chinese female to marry. The skewed birth rate has favored males over females for nearly 3 decades, stemming mainly from China’s adoption of the 1 child only policy that was designed to help hold the country’s burgeoning population in check.

For years Chinese women who were pregnant for the first time would have the option of aborting a female fetus prior to full term. Some Chinese mothers would have several abortions of females before they finally gave birth to their “1 child” who happened to be a boy. Others were forced to abort children because they had already reached their 1 child limit and there were reports that in some remote villages infant girls were even abandoned and left to perish. The results of these “specific gender” abortions are being blamed largely on the government. Still it was the decision of many first time parents to abort female babies so that they would have another chance to try for a son.

The options for the new generation of “bride-less” Chinese men are fairly limiting. If there are no available women in their age group to marry then the men will be forced to choose women who are far older than they are and some may attempt to marry young girls who are far younger.


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