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If you think welfare fraud is out of control in the United States, look at what Australia had to deal with…
This is an Australian news video about Abdul Nacer Benbrika who was on welfare for 17 years while in Australia, never worked at all yet plotting terror attacks, and how immigration tried to remove him from the country—unsuccessfully, I might add



Here’s a little background info on the dirtbag aka Sheik Abu Bakr…

Think of how many other dirtbags are falling through the cracks, draining the economy and taking money that should be going to legal citizens.  One comes to mind—Obama’s half-wit, half-aunt, Zeituni Onyango who is still in the U.S. collecting welfare, is an illegal alien, was told repeatedly to leave the U.S., yet nobody has thrown her out of this country.  You might say that Onyango is no terrorist, but she is taking money that doesn’t belong to her.  She is living here illegally so she is breaking the law, yet the government does nothing.
Taxpayers in Australia funded this terrorist and his 7 kids for 17 years while he was planning attacks.  Makes your blood boil, doesn’t it?  Plan on this happening over here with the rampant Democratic welcome wagon for illegal immigrants and endless political correctness being strewn all over town, unless we stop them in 2010…
Islamic cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika wanted to kill 1000 Australians to please Allah
Natasha Robinson

A Melbourne court heard yesterday that a witness would reveal that Shane Kent, 29, received weapons and explosives training at the Taliban-run al-Faruq training camp for foreign jihadis in Afghanistan.

And at a meeting with bin Laden in the country, Mr Kent, from Meadow Heights in Melbourne’s north, allegedly committed to violent jihad. The alleged Melbourne terror cell’s spiritual leader, Mr Benbrika embraced Mr Kent as part of his clique, the court heard, saying: "He’s good, and he doesn’t talk too much."

Mr Benbrika encouraged his devotees to plan a large-scale terrorist attack, which police foiled during its "developmental stages", the court heard during the opening day of the committal hearing of 13 suspects yesterday.

"If you kill, we kill here 1000," Mr Benbrika allegedly said in a conversation covertly taped by police. "Because if you get large numbers here, the government will listen."

The court heard yesterday that the group was making plans for a backyard explosives laboratory, had held secret training camps and was found with an armoury of weapons and bomb-making manuals.

And some members of the alleged terror cell were anxious to carry out an attack.

According to the police surveillance, Abdulla Merhi, 21, said he "could wait months but not years" to carry out violent jihad.

"You shouldn’t kill just one, two or three," Mr Benbrika allegedly responded. "Do a big thing."

"Like Madrid?" Mr Merhi asked, to which Mr Benbrika allegedly replied: "That’s it."

Twelve of the accused – Mr Kent, Mr Merhi, Izzydeen Atik, Ahmed Raad, Bassam Raad, Ezzit Raad, Majed Raad, Amer Haddara, Aimen Joud, Fadal Sayadi, Hany Taha and Shoue Hammoud – are charged with being members of a terrorist organisation which Mr Benbrika is alleged to have directed.

They face a range of other charges including making funds available to a terrorist organisation, providing support to a terrorist organisation, and possessing a thing connected with a terrorist act.

Some of the charges carry a maximum prison term of 25 years.

Mr Benbrika is also charged with directing the activities of a terrorist organisation and recruiting a person to join a terrorist organisation.


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