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Why aren’t countries sharing suspected terrorist lists with one another?  This radical terrorist was on Britain’s list, but not on the U.S. list.  He was on the U.S. Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) roster which is the least watched, but should have been put on the "No Fly" List.  Atta girl, Napolitano, you idiot!  Abdulmutallab’s recent stay in Yemen, combined with his father’s repeated warnings and the fact that he paid cash for a one-way ticket and didn’t check any luggage did not set off any alarms.  This should have been sufficient to "red flag" this terrorist or at least given a more thorough search of his person before he climbed into seat 19A aboard Flight 253.  According to Obama and the rest of the no-brains administration, that would have "offended" this terrorist".  We can’t have "racial profiling" in America now, can we, even if it means protecting hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent lives?  That’s why these terrorists are gaining a foothold into this country.  This is happening because they don’t fear Obama.  Look at how many terrorist attacks have taken place since he stole the White House…three!  We haven’t heard from Capital Hillary until recently.  She was oddly silent through all this.  Where has she been?  She’s been with her "people" to see what they could say to get her off the hook.  As far as the Obama administration is concerned, they feel that tea baggers and conservatives who speak out against them are more of a threat than these terrorists are!  That’s who we have running this country!  The Obama administration’s priorities are as screwed up as they are, and they’re way off base with every issue they tackle.  To think that they ran around like clueless idiots playing "pin the blame on the other guy" while Obama was sunning and funning in Hawaii is a disgrace to this country, especially to our military who are risking their lives every day in the fight against terrorism.  The problem is Obama and his left wingnuts think it is us who are the terrorists…
Monday, Dec. 28, 2009

Why Was the Accused Bomber Banned in Britain, Not the U.S.?

By Mark Thompson / Time Washington

Both the U.S. and Britain are key terrorism targets. Yet while the British barred Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab from their country, the U.S. simply added his name to a list of 550,000 names and let him board a flight filled with nearly 300 other people bound for Detroit. Why? The contrasting ways the two nations dealt with the 23-year-old Nigerian engineering student before he allegedly tried to blow a Northwest/Delta airliner out of the sky on Christmas Day will make it tougher for U.S. officials to maintain that their terrorist-watch program is operating smoothly and efficiently.

The British government placed Abdulmutallab on its watch list in May after he cited a nonexistent school in his application for a student visa. "If you are on our watch list, then you do not come into this country," Alan Johnson, Britain’s Home Secretary, told the BBC on Monday, Dec. 28. (See the Detroit terrorism suspect’s Nigeria connections.)

Abdulmutallab’s father, Alhaji Umar Mutallab, a former Nigerian Government Minister, had warned the U.S. government six weeks ago that his son, a devout Muslim, had dropped out of sight and appeared to be growing more radical. (Mutallab regularly travels to the U.S. for health checkups.) But in response to that warning, Washington simply added Abdulmutallab’s name to the more than half a million others on the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) roster, the least rigorous of its four watch lists. It basically serves as a repository of suspicious characters; the placement of him on that list required no further action unless additional information linking Abdulmutallab to terrorism surfaced. (See how the incident on Flight 253 fits al-Qaeda’s pattern.)

U.S. officials say they received no additional information on Abdulmutallab to warrant elevating him to the Terrorist Screening Database, the list of 400,000 individuals that is the government’s primary tool for monitoring possible terrorists. That list has two smaller categories: a selectee list of about 14,000 people who are permitted to fly only after getting more intrusive screening, and a no-fly list of 4,000.

The near miss aboard the Northwest/Delta flight highlights the difficulty in setting screening in the right places to catch would-be terrorists. Britain’s denial of entry to Abdulmutallab may in itself not have required the U.S. to be informed, British officials said. But even without that clue, Abdulmutallab’s recent stay in Yemen, combined with his father’s warning and the fact that he paid cash for a one-way ticket and didn’t check any luggage, should have been sufficient to set off alarm bells. Or at least a more thorough search before he climbed into seat 19A aboard Flight 253.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Monday that the lists’ logic needs to be reviewed, given Abdulmutallab’s ability to slip through the cracks. She made the TV rounds Monday to back away from her Sunday claim to ABC News that the "system has worked really very, very smoothly." On Monday, she told CBS that the government is "going back and saying, How can an individual who has now been put on the TIDE list … [have been] not elevated to have further screening or indeed be put on the no-fly list?"

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Yemen’s chaos aids evolution of al Qaeda cell


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