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I’ve always said that this country rewards bad behavior, while punishing or ignoring good behavior, and this is a classic example…

Tiger Woods was previously nominated as a recipient of the highest Congressional award for a civilian by Democrat representative Joe Baca, in recognition of his “service to the nation in promoting excellence and good sportsmanship, and in breaking barriers with grace and dignity by showing that golf is a sport for all people.” Give me a minute while I vomit into my wastebasket.

Joe Baca wouldn’t recognize grace and dignity if it hit him in the face with a 9-iron. Of course, you all know what happened to Woods’ “pristine reputation”. With egg on his face, Baca was forced to recant his nomination and withdraw his petition by saying in a statement recently, “In light of the recent developments surrounding Tiger Woods and his family, I will not pursue legislation awarding him the Congressional Gold Medal this session.”

This session? Does that mean he’s leaving the door open for this petition down the road when the story has died down? Please! He doesn’t even know what the Congressional Gold Medal is awarded for. The Congressional Gold Medal is an award bestowed by Congress, along with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States. The decoration is awarded to an individual who performs an outstanding deed or act of service to the security, prosperity, and national interest of the United States. So Boca wants to give the Congressional Gold Medal to Woods just for being a black guy who plays golf, a sport that “used to be for white guys”. How despicable is that? That’s like awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to a white guy who plays basketball (which has grown to be a predominantly black sport) and is good at it. Just the nomination of Woods, even before it was recanted, cheapens this prestigious award as much as awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama for doing nothing. 

Why can’t they nominate someone who truly deserves it; someone who has shown year after year that they have earned it by their actions. I’d like to nominate Morrill Worcester, founder of Wreaths Across America. The volunteers who help him year after year should be commended for contributing their precious time to a very worthy cause. Volunteerism didn’t start with Obama, I assure you! If you don’t know who Morrill Worcester is, it’s because the media and the Democrats don’t sing his praises. He has given so much time and money on behalf of our fallen heroes in the military that they don’t want to call attention to it, but I will…

Every year since 1992, a wonderful man donates approximately 5,000 wreaths from his company, The Worcester Wreath Company, in Harrington, ME to our fallen heroes who are laid to rest at Arlington Cemetery. The owner, Morrill Worcester, not only provides the wreaths, but covers the trucking expenses as well. He’s been doing this for 16 years, with no fanfare. He’s a wonderful man who has been doing a wonderful thing for our fallen heroes. I’m sure the families of our fallen heroes also truly appreciate the outpouring of volunteers who go out there every year to ensure every hero has a beautiful Christmas wreath set upon their grave as a symbolic gesture to thank them for a job well done, and that they are not forgotten. Also, most years, groups of Maine school kids combine an educational trip to D.C. with this event to help out. Will Obama #1 or #2 shine a spotlight on these volunteers, adults and kids alike and thank them? Of course not! Anyway, making this story even more remarkable is the fact that Harrington is in one of the poorest parts in the state of Maine. All this recent volunteer rhetoric from Obama to “get out there and volunteer” has been out there for a long time before he was even born. As with most of the things he does, Obama’s “spotlight” on volunteerism was not necessary. He only wants to shine a spotlight on himself, as usual.

This would make such a great inspirational story at a time when we really need to hear it, but it’s absent from the news. Why do you think that is? Could it be that our government doesn’t want it known that this country and the people who inhabit it have been doing great things for their fellow man (and woman) without their help? It’s selfless gestures like this that warms my heart and makes me proud to be an American. It baffles me that people like these great people aren’t recognized, yet year after year, we see performers prance their awards for their faux talent at all these stupid award shows that I don’t waste my time watching. If only they had award shows that awarded real heroes who deserve it, then they would have a hit on their hands. I’m so sick and tired of these talentless, pampered pests getting the recognition that they don’t deserve when there are people like this who are Angels on earth. My only consolation is that we all reap what we sow, and I am content in knowing that these Angels will be rewarded come Judgment Day.

Here’s a video of a news story Charlie Gibson did on ABC that told of this phenomenal man’s selfless acts back in 2006. It’s time it was resurrected for all to see, and I’m proud to bring it to you now. Watch it and be proud of America and its charitable citizens. May God Bless Mr. Worcester and all the volunteers who help him in honoring our fallen heroes with this beautiful gesture year after year.

In America, we’ve proven time and time again that it isn’t big government that makes us great; it’s Americans who embrace freedom, who defend it at all costs and who will do everything possible in order to preserve it. We applaud our soldiers, we salute them and we thank them…



Rest easy, sleep well my brothers.

Know the line has held, your job is done.

Rest easy, sleep well.

Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held.

Peace, peace, and farewell…


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What a jaded person you must be to write the above. Just rejoice in this wonderfully generous gesture and don’t worry or speculate about what someone else is doing. And, yes, someone does need to keep reminding us to volunteer. So many great works don’t get done because there are not enough volunteers to “get ‘er done!”


You are entitled to your opinion, but I beg to differ, Veta…

I wrote this article as a tribute to a great man who has gone above and beyond to help our beloved fallen heroes. You say people need to be asked to volunteer? In my opinion, people should not need to be asked to volunteer. You missed the point my post was trying to get across, Veta. There are a lot of worthless idiots out there grandstanding while a great man like this remains in the shadows, who, by the way, was not asked to volunteer. He does this monumental deed at his own expense. He does it year after year out of the goodness of his heart. I merely cast a light on his generosity because a lot of people have never even heard of him. May I suggest you reread it with that in mind. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend…



That\’s a good question, Barbra, and that\’s why I brought this story to the forefront. Here is someone worthy for kids to emulate, not those cheap, dime-store knockoffs that people call "celebrities".


God bless you Merrill your my HERO


Merrill Worcester…Should be America\’s Hero


Why isn\’t this beautiful story put in the newspaper or on TV…What a shame


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