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More black-on-white crime that you won’t hear about on the news (story follows my post)…
Police believe a series of violent attacks in downtown Denver between July 17 and September 20 of this year were motivated by racial hatred of white people by black suspects.  Arrest warrants have been issued to nearly 36 black gang members accused in a series of attacks in the LoDo area involving numerous victims, some of whom were beaten severely and seriously injured.  Arrest affidavits realeased by the Denver Police Department show a pattern of racially charged statements by the attackers preceding most of the attacks.  According to the documents, the suspects told police they specifically targeted white men, they called “crackers”.  They would approach a victim saying things like “it smells like white people” and “I hate (expletive) white people.”  Can you imagine if white people were screaming these hateful words against blacks and targeting them for attacks?  We’d have another racial war on our hands!  The suspects told police they felt two black gangs “owned” sections of LoDo near The Bash nightclub and wanted to beat up white men in that area to teach them not to come downtown unless they “brought their friends for protection”.  Many of the suspects were blunt in their motivations when they were interviewed by detectives.

The suspects told police the beatings were part of gang initiations and that gang members could gain status by “beating up white dudes.”  How senseless is this?  Other motives were money and robbery.  The suspects allegedly stole cash, credit cards and cell phones, and they told police they robbed white people because the victims “had a lot of money”—maybe because they worked for it!  You have useless scumbags like this who don’t want to work for what they get.  They’d rather viciously attack white people.  There are many blacks who have a lot more than a lot of white people, but they’re not a target because they’re…black, so this truly is a racial crime against whites and Hispanics.  Many of the attacks were caught on downtown surveillance cameras.  In some cases, it appears the suspects knew the cameras were there, but these scumbags didn’t care.  They were all acting like the animals that they are.  Police made the arrests following a lengthy undercover operation.
Take a look at these three videos.  Some gang members are actually selling the footage for profit, and are using these videos as training tapes.  This sounds an awful lot like domestic black terrorism to me!  Seeing is believing, but there is no outrage because it’s against whites, not blacks (story follows)…
Black people are the ones who cry racism more than any other race, even if it’s not the case, and here we have a prime example of the worst kind of racial hatred, and they are silent!  Now is the time for white people to get the same justice that blacks get when they are subjected to racial attacks.  What disturbs me is the fact that there was absolutely no effort to alert white residents to the unusual nature of these violent crimes, or the fact that these attacks were racially motivated, which they are.  This won’t be broadcasted nationally because it’s not “politically correct” to do so.  Can you imagine the rage coming from the black community if white males were targeting blacks?  Jesse Jackass and Al Crapton would be calling for them to be put to death.  There would be a million blacks marching against white people, rioting in the streets like a bunch of rabid animals.  Weird that there is no outrage from the black population about this hatred.  They above everyone else knows how dispicable these crimes are.  You won’t have Obama calling out that these blacks “acted stupidly” because it’s against “white folks”.  I’ve said it time and time again in my posts…It’s incidents like this that is fueling racial tension.  I hope and pray that it doesn’t lead to a racial war between blacks and whites.  Beasts like these are giving honest, hardworking blacks a bad name, and I can’t understand why there is not more outrage over incidents like this.  I’m sure there are more, but they’re underreported, unlike white-on-black crime, which is, in many times, blown way out of proportion.
If Obama was smart, he’d do something to stop this before it gets more out of control.  He should get on the tube and voice his outrage at this type of behavior, but he’s only boisterous if it’s against a fellow black.  Seems they’re only motivated if it’s against their own kind.  If you’re white, you aren’t allowed to defend your own race.  That’s only “a black thing”.  How sad for the United States of America in the year 2009 that we still have incidents like this that sets us back 50 years.  Slavery officially ended 144 years ago in 1865, and instead of celebrating that, blacks are keeping themselves as slaves of the past…how sad for them and their families.  Things will never change if beasts like these don’t evolve into caring, responsible human beings, and because of their violent actions, they need to be held accountable, and be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  Speaking of law, now we can try out our new Hate Crime Legislation.  Wonder if it will be implemented since the victims are white…
Racial terror in Denver that won’t make national news
By Michelle Malkin  •  November 24, 2009 10:31 AM

Chilling details are emerging in the local Colorado press about violent black gangs who have been targeting white victims for months:

The Denver Police Department announced today that they have made 32 arrests during a sweep to end a four-month spree of what police said were racially motivated assaults and robberies in downtown Denver, including the LoDo entertainment district.

A task force comprised of the Denver Police, FBI and the Denver District Attorney’s Office investigated 26 incidents in which groups of black males verbally harassed and then assaulted white or Hispanic males, according to Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman.

Many of the victims were robbed after being assaulted.

Although police knew what was going on, citizens were left in the dark.

More dangerously blind diversity-mongering at work? Fear of litigation or accusations of profiling by the usual mau-mauers?

You decide:

Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman said that groups of young black males from the Rollin’ 60s Crips and the Black Gangster Disciples gangs approached single white or Latino men late at night and struck them in the head, often after berating them and calling attention to their race, but sometimes attacking without warning.

Victims in the LoDo and 16th Street Mall attacks suffered broken noses and shattered eye sockets, among other head injuries. Sometimes wallets and other small items were stolen.

“We have seen coordinated efforts before, but not by this large of a group,” Whitman said as the arrests were announced Friday.

Yet no concerted effort was made to alert residents to the unusual nature of these violent crimes, or their apparent racial motivation.

Police say there may have been 26 such attacks, almost all against white males, but investigators stress there could be other victims and more are coming forward. A few are women.

Monday, police spokesman Sonny Jackson told us all but one of the 35 suspects are now in jail, each on a $1 million bond due to the racial bias involved. The mostly young men and teenage boys are charged with aggravated assault, aggravated robbery and bias-motivated crimes.

The situation was so grave even the FBI got involved.

Who knew? Certainly not the young white and Latino men who were at risk of being attacked.

Though Denver Police issued a warning on Sept. 3 that they were aware of “a pattern of assaults and robberies,” they simply said “single males” should be on the lookout.

Jackson said that at the time, police weren’t yet aware of the full scope and biased nature of the attacks. Once the warning went out and police heightened their presence, he said, the attacks “dried up.”

Therefore, Jackson told us, it was unnecessary to issue a more explicit warning, even as investigators learned the more menacing aspects of the crimes.

Jackson said keeping the warning broad should have been enough. “We didn’t want anyone to take their guard down,” Jackson said.

But if police know that a particular segment of the population is being targeted, don’t they have a responsibility to give potential victims a specific warning?

Looks like yet another case of “If you see something, say something — unless it’s politically incorrect.”


Oh, and you know if the races were reversed that p.c. panderer AG Eric Holder would be flying to Denver right now (with race demagogue Al Sharpton in tow) to hold a press conference and vow to ensure the safety of the Mile High City’s residents.

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