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If Obama pushes this through, there will be such an outrage by American citizens, it’ll bring on a revolt.  This idiotic move will cause health care costs to surge into the stratosphere because the influx of illegal aliens into this country would quadruple knowing they’d get amnesty and free health care.  I don’t think Americans will allow this to happen.
With health care reform on the horizon and the end of Obama’s first year without a single accomplishment, the Democrats are desperate to pass this.  I’m thinking that the dinner crashers was nothing more than a diversion to divert attention away from what Obama is planning to do to us.  It wouldn’t surprise me…

Healthcare proposal provides backdoor amnesty for illegal immigrants

By Armstrong Williams 11/30/09 10:02 AM ET

President Obama’s national healthcare bill mandates that employers must provide health coverage to all employees. This proposal would seemingly include coverage for tens of millions of illegal immigrants.

This is an outrage. There are close to 60 million illegal immigrants in this country. Effectively forcing Americans to subsidize cradle-to-grave healthcare costs for these people would cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars annually, while further incentivizing illegal immigration.

This is a public policy nightmare. Moreover, it would do so at a time when nearly every American citizen is struggling for his or her economic well-being.

During his campaign run, Obama promised that his healthcare proposal would not benefit illegal aliens. Yet that is precisely what his current proposal would accomplish, by forcing employers to cover illegal citizens who obtained false identifying information.

This is no different than if President Obama levied an illegal alien health tax on the public. This cannot go unnoticed. In these difficult economic times, it is a slap in the face to American citizens to force them to underwrite healthcare for the illegal aliens who are taking their jobs.



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Hello, Captain Queege! First of all, his name has nothing to do with it. What has a lot to do with it is his hidden agenda that\’s not as transparent as his middle name. That\’s what worries me more. I agree with you that people need health care, but approximately 80% of Americans are happy with the health care they already have, which leaves only 20% who need it. Of that 20%, though, many are illegal aliens who shouldn\’t get free health care, but they already do. As a matter of fact, illegal aliens have been able to go to any Emergency Room in any hospital and receive free health care, which is where a lot of the health care debt stems from. If 80% of Americans like their health care, there is no need to overhaul the entire health care system. As I see it, Obama and the Democrats are pressing for a complete overhaul because they want total control over every aspect of our lives. It has nothing to do with our wellness. It has everything to do with governmental control and they will be able to call the shots as to who gets what, which will invite more corruption with our politicians. Say, for example, someone needs an organ transplant. There are people who will be put on a list, but if someone gives the government "pocket money", they will automatically get to the top of the list. That will be the name of the game, I assure you. If we think the health care system is corrupt now, wait until the Government takes over…corruption with abound! They\’re saying they want to stop the corruption with doctors, and that\’s all well and good, but they want a big chunk of that pie, and the only way to get it is by running the show themselves, which is their agendaAnother issue, among many more, is the fact that emploers will be heavily taxed and so will people who don\’t want health care. What will happen is that employers will opt out so employees will have no other choice but to take the public option, and people who don\’t want health care will pay the tax which will be cheaper for them in the long run. This has opened a Pandora\’s box just like when Bill Clinton was in office and Capital Hillary and Ted Kennedy tried to strong-arm us back then. Most Americans didn\’t want it then, and we don\’t want it now, but with Obama and the Democrats in the majority, we no longer have a voice. I could go on and on, but I\’ll stop here as I\’ve gone into greater detail in previous posts in my blog about this major catastrophe that\’s about to be forced upon us.America has the best health care in the world, and to hand it over to our government would be absolutely disasterous.


The guys midddle name is \’Hussain\’. It\’s not hard to figure this one out. You\’ve already been invaded! One thing I noticed about Obama. It always looks like he\’s going on vacation… I\’m in Canada but have American relatives; there\’s my dead Grandmother from New York. Well that\’s not impotent. The impotent thing is, Canada\’s health care system (Once one of the best in the world) is now going by way of the Dinosaur as well. I think everyone should be entitled to at least some form of free healthcare if ones government expects to maintain a capable work force. It would seem a form of social suicide; some say the falling of the American Empire. I personally suspect it nothing more than a mere bout of financial indigestion, complicated by a prolonged loss of oxygen, brain damage, and the grand illusion that more sick lungs somehow equates to a better healthcare system in the first place. First thing\’s first. The way I see it, if we don\’t save the planet first, what good would a good healthcare system be to anyone? And make no mistake, the planet is in trouble… SAVE THE POLAR BEAR! lol!


Tom, you are so right about exaggerations, but while 60 million may be a bit of a stretch, I don\’t think it\’s far from the truth. Do you really think that our government (census) will give an accurate illegal alien count in this country? They\’re not only coming from Mexico, they\’re coming in from all over the world, and they\’re all undocumented so they\’re under the radar. Look at the stats from five years ago: http://www.theamericanresistance.com/ref/illegal_alien_numbers.htmlI believe there are tens of millions more than our government is telling us because they don\’t want us getting up in arms over the influx of illegals that are draining our resources so they\’re trying to keep the count conservative. Their figures are modest in comparison to the real numbers. If Obama\’s health care goes through, there will be even more illegals wanting to get the free health care that awaits them, and with Obama\’s health care, they will get it legally while we wait for months along the sidelines.


Mr. Williams\’ estimate that there are 60 million illegal immigrants out of a population of 305 or so million doesn\’t ring true. Sometimes ones case isn\’t helped by exageration 🙂


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