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UPDATED:  Sunday, January 3, 2010 1:26 PM (My original post follows my updates)


Thanks to America’s Most Wanted and the sharp eyes of a viewer, this cowardly scumbag has finally been found in the Florida Keys.  The surviving family will never be able to enjoy Thanksgiving again, and for that, I hope they throw the book at this maggot…


Suspect nabbed in Thanksgiving slayings




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UPDATED:  Friday, December 4, 2009 1:34 PM


Police are still searching for this cowardly scumbag.  He was just featured on America’s Most Wanted so I hope this leads to a quick arrest…


America’s Most Wanted features Florida Fugitive Paul Michael Merhige (video, photos)


Hunt widens for Thanksgiving slayings suspect




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UPDATED:  Saturday, November 28, 2009 10:50 PM (My original post follows my update)


Here’s the latest on this story.  One of Merhige’s twin sisters was pregnant when she was killed.  May God rest this baby’s soul as well.  This is getting even more horrific as the details unfold…


Thanksgiving killer sought in Michigan 





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Police are looking for Paul Michael Merhige, a 35-year-old Florida man who they believe shot five family members, killing four of them, during a Thanksgiving Day dinner.  Merhige shot and killed his 6-year-old cousin, Makayla Sitton, his twin sisters, Carla and Lisa Merhige, both 33, and his 76-year-old aunt, Raymonde Joseph.  His brother-in-law, Patrick McKnight, survived gunshot wounds; his condition was not disclosed.  The so-called "Thanksgiving Massacre" took place at the Jupiter home of James Sitton, the father of Makayla Sitton. who died after being rushed to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach.  So far, police haven’t found a motive.


Six-year-old Makayla Sitton was supposed to be performing in the Nutcracker ballet at a local theatre tomorrow.  She won’t be able to live her life because some vicious pig killed her.  I wonder if Florida has the death penalty.  Don’t you think it’s time these massacre maniacs pay with their own lives!


The word "massacre" seems to be in the news a lot lately, along with escalating robberies and homicides.  What’s happening in this country?  I’m sure the state of our economy, with lost jobs, people losing homes, mounting bills, and not being able to take care of their families have a lot to do with it.  May God rest the four souls of this family who lost their lives to a madman.  My heart and prayers go out to them and to the person who was wounded during this not-so-Thanksgiving dinner.  Because of this madman, the rest of the family will think about this every time they try and sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner, and for that my heart goes out to them all.


This country and the people in it are in ruin, yet Obama parties on, totally oblivious to what’s happening around him—he’s much too involved with his own world to worry about the rest of us


Man sought after 5 shot in Florida

November 27, 2009 9:37 a.m. EST

Detectives in Jupiter, Florida, were looking for Paul Michael Merhige, 35, in connection with Thanksgiving night shootings.


McKayla Sitton, 6, was one of the four victims shot and killed Thursday night.


(CNN) — Police in southern Florida were searching Friday for a man in connection with the fatal shootings of four people and the wounding of another.

Detectives in Jupiter, Florida, were looking for Paul Michael Merhige, 35, said Jupiter Police Sgt. Scott Pascarella.

The victims were found Thursday night in a home in Jupiter, he said.

Merhige’s 33-year-old twin sisters, Carla and Lisa Merhige, and Ramon Joseph, 76, were fatally shot, Pascarella said. The suspect’s 6-year-old cousin, McKayla Sitton, died after being rushed to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach.

His brother-in-law Patrick McKnight survived gunshot wounds; his condition was not disclosed.

The shooting occurred about 10 p.m. Thursday. Pascarella said he did not know the motive.

Merhige was thought to have left the area in a blue 2007 Toyota Camry with Florida license plate number W42 7JT, the officer said.

The suspect has a Miami address and could be fleeing there, Pascarella said.

CNN’s Leslie Tripp contributed to this report.


CNN VIDEO:  Man sought after 5 shot in Florida




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Dear "No Name",This is America, and you\’re entitled to your opinion. Let me clarify mine…I didn\’t say this incident is Obama\’s fault so please don\’t go putting words in my mouth. I merely stated a fact—that this country is in ruin because of the steps Obama has taken (or has not taken). For example, instead of addressing the mounting casualties in our military, he puts them on the back burner in order to host or attend lavish parties. He put important military and economic issues aside while he flew to Copenhagen to lobby on behalf of Chicago for the 2016 Olympics bid—he could have let Obama #2 go there, but he wanted to be the one to preen like a peacock if Chicago was chosen. Obama put off talking with General McChrystal for many months, then gave him a few minutes of his time, and McChrystal had to fly out to meet with Obama! What do you think is happening to the morale of our soldiers knowing that Obama doesn\’t have their backs? How do you think they feel out there in the desert fighting terrorists and knowing that Obama pushed them aside so he could party? The deteriorating situation in Afghanistan needs to be resolved now before there are any more casualties, but Obama wanted to wait until after Thanksgiving. This is a heck of a lot more important than partying with politicians and celebrities, don\’t you think?People are starting to lash out because of the direction our economy and our country is heading. I\’m not saying it\’s all Obama\’s fault. Bush had a hand in it, too, but Bush had little say with a Democratic majority in Congress. This country has changed so drastically in the last 11 months for the worse, and you will see many more stories like this and stories related to poor health because for every action there\’s a reaction and many times those reactions can be catastrophe. Obama didn\’t cause situations like this, but he sure as heck is contributing to them. It\’s a fact that when the economy is bad, people are more likely to hurt—and kill—themselves and others. Every day, week and month that the current recession continues, and even deepens, more people die, get seriously injured physically, and suffer emotional hardships that can scar them for life, and their families suffer as well. You\’ll be seeing more bank robberies, people being robbed on the street, more burglaries because people are desperate. When policymakers in Washington debate how to fix the economy, they typically look at changes in figures like the unemployment rate, the stock market and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). There are other statistics that show the economy\’s ugly side—the toll that layoffs, foreclosures, evictions and dramatic drops in stock prices and retirement plans take on our daily lives. For example, there\’s a direct correlation between economic downturns and an increase in suicide and suicide attempts, heart attacks, domestic violence, child abuse, and murder. Before you go calling me an "idiot", educate yourself…


So, it\’s Obama\’s fault? You\’re an idiot.


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