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Not only does Obama make one bad mistake after another in office, he makes one bad mistake after another in other places as well—like bowing to a Saudi prince and now to Japanese Emperor Akihito—a bow which, by the way, was not reciprocated.  This is not a nod of respect, but a cowering gesture from a fool.  If he had a backbone, he wouldn’t be in this position…
The only bow I’d like to see him engaging in is taking a final bow as president.  With any luck, we’ll all be seeing him bending over and kissing his butt goodbye in 2012…
US President Barack Obama (L) bows as he shakes hands with Japanese Emperor Akihito (C) with Empress Michiko (R)
This gives new meaning to, "How low will he go?"  You will not see anyone else in this video bowing to Akihito…just Obama.  The president of Indonesia, Susilo Babbang Yudhoyono (November 27, 2006), didn’t even remove his hat for Akihito.  Neither did the president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai (February 21, 2003 and again in July 6, 2006). 
One thing’s for sure, the Obama administration can’t get Obama out of this gaffe as before by using the excuse that Obama’s tall so he had to "bend over to shake his hand".  All you have to do is look at the handshake between Akihito and the Prime Minister of Finland, Matti Vanhanen (at 0:56 in the video, which took place on June 10, 2008) who is much, much taller than Obama by any stretch of the word (no pun intended), which totally debunks that claim.  This shows Obama doesn’t see Akihito as his equal, but as his superior.  How’s that as a gesture from the leader of the free world?  Obama’s a better fit at a 3-ring circus—which is what he’s transforming the White House and America into.  You can put a clown in an expensive suit, but he’s still a clown, only I’m not laughing…

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